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It was finally the day they were counting down to: Friday. Throughout that week they had made comments to each other, and not so subtly been "caught" staring at the other.

On Wednesday, House had been talking, while Cameron was diligently taking notes and Thirteen was staring into space. "Lesbian!" He yelled. Both women turned and looked at him. Cameron had jumped before looking annoyed, where Thirteen just looked annoyed. "Interesting." He had replied to their reactions…the fact that Cameron actually looked up to answer.

However, on this day, they were going to be completely obvious. Partly because it was going to be fun, and partly to go ahead and be done with their game. House was hot on their not so secretive trail. They were actually surprised he hadn't said anything yet. They knew that he had more than enough evidence to call them out, but they also knew that he liked to mess with people's minds. Without saying anything, he was driving them up the wall a little. And, they were already making the boys cray cray, so to him it must've been a win-win.

That morning was probably the most glorious morning in the world. The lovely ladies had woken up late—very late. They both had about five missed calls from the team, that was perfectly equipped to handle nothing by the way, and were told to get in ASAP. They were also told that there wasn't a case, and House just wanted everyone there.

Thirteen looked over at Cameron, who was staring at her cell then flipping it shut repeatedly. She smirked, "Go take a shower; I know you're about to die from not being at work…"

Cameron looked up, and over to her, "Really?" She asked with pleading eyes.

"Don't make me race you." Thirteen looked at her as she just stood there. She then made to move, but Cameron jumped up and ran to the shower.

After the water was turned on she came back to the doorway, "You know, your shower's kind of big…I think I need some company…" She crossed her arms.

Thirteen laughed, "Well…when you come up with an answer, let me know." She sat up in the bed and grabbed the remote.

"BABY!" Cameron whined over to the bed. She ripped the remote from Thirteen's hands and straddled her in one swift motion, "That was an offer, and you should know that I don't give out offers like this very often." She gave Remy their first mind-numbing kiss of the morning. "You know, it's really too bad you declined…" She got off the bed and headed toward the bathroom.

"I didn't decline!" Remy made to jump off the bed in her excitement—this morning sex thing that Cameron liked so much? Yeah, she was beginning to figure out why that was—but, since she was in such an enlivened hurry, she didn't notice her feet getting caught in the top sheet. As she leapt from the bed, gravity made its presence known and she landed with a thud on the floor. That was far from stopping her, "I didn't decline!" She yelled again as she popped herself up.

Cameron had heard the thud and turned around, and right as she was about to get into the shower, Remy came in. "What was that noise?" She was scanning the taller woman with curiosity.

"I fell out of the bed. I didn't decline." There wasn't a breath between her sentences. Cameron started silently laughing. "What?" She asked as she walked toward her.

"You fell out of the bed?" Cameron bit her lips to keep from guffawing, and she put one hand on Remy's cheek and the other around her shoulder.

"Yes, but that's not the point." She said as she picked her up and brought her into the shower, "The point is that I didn't decline." She kissed her fervently.

They took a much longer shower than they would have in the time span of taking two separate ones. "Babe, you ready?" Thirteen asked walking to the door.

"Yeah!" Cameron said in a huff. She walked out of the bedroom with shoes, her purse and her vest in her hands. "Do you mind driving?" She walked to the door.

Thirteen held up her keys attached to her slacks—what a BAMF!—and motioned to the open door, "Let's go."

By the time they had walked inside the hospital, Cameron had situated herself and looked classy as ever. Thirteen looked all calm and chill like she always did. But, then they got into the elevator…it was completely empty.

The music had taken over, and tension was thick in the air, "So…ever done it in an elevator before?" Thirteen asked as she crossed her arms and looked up at the numbers.

Cameron had already done the same, "Nope."

"You want to find out if it's fun?" She kept her head up, but looked at Cameron's reaction.

Cameron uncrossed her arms and coughed slightly as she looked at the floor. She stepped forward and pushed the emergency stop button, "Yup." She said in the same casual tone.

An unknown, but rather short amount of time later, Cameron and Thirteen were redressing, "I can't believe we just did that." Cameron said as she grabbed her bra and started putting it on, "Oh, this is yours…" She moved to give it to her.

"So it is. I was wondering why I felt a little off."

They rearranged themselves, and when they felt the looked presentable, the pushed the button again, allowing the cab to continue its path. Cameron looked over at her girlfriend, and noticed some hairs astray. She moved them back and when Thirteen looked to thank her, she had to do the same. This made them look at each other with big grins.

To be honest, they really weren't that late. It was about 11 when they walked into the offices. It was that they weren't there first that threw everyone off. As they walked in they were laughing and their arms were linked.

This caused the men to look at them with wonderment, "What? So, because she's bi we can't link our arms? Well that's just too damn bad for you." Cameron said sarcastically.

"No, of course you can. You are woman, hear you roar." Taub said staring at them, the immediately looking at his file of nothing.

Cameron smirked and walked over to the coffee machine—girl needed coffee after her morning activities… it made her happy.

"Oh, don't bother. We're out of coffee…" Chase before she even made it halfway there.

"What? How?" She turned around to face them, "There was like…half a can in there yesterday." She crossed her arms and looked at them perplexed.

"Foreman dropped it one the floor." Chase replied. Cameron raise her eyebrows.

"Only because the wombat ran into me as I was trying to measure." Foreman defended himself.

Cameron snorted with laugher, "That's fine, I'll just go get some downstairs. Rem?" She looked at Thirteen, "You want anything?"

"Mmm, yeah. A blueberry scone and some decaf would be nice." Cameron nodded and left the room. "What? Because she's straight she can't call me Rem? It's my name…" She stared at them in much the same manner that Cameron had earlier.

"It's the first syllable of your name." Chase said as he and Thirteen took seats at the table, "See, first it's your first name, then the first syllable and well, before you know it it's pumpkin and muffin and honey and sugar and anything really that's sweet and you can eat…" He stared at Thirteen, "Are you ready for that?"

"What I'm ready for is for you to get your mind out of the gutter, Sparky. All that you're doing is assuming, and you know what they say when people assume." Where the hell is she? Thirteen was starting to get antsy.

Cameron came back a good ten minutes later. It was perfect because by this time all of the men had gone off to get their clinic hours in, something the women had done much earlier in the week. "Where the hell have you been? God dammit and the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit, whatever we're supposed to call him now. Can't even keep track, son of a bitch. God dammit. Ponchos pilot at the last supper, son of a bitch! " Thirteen took her scone and coffee from Cameron who was towering above her. If she were to have thought about it, Thirteen would have realized that was in a very vulnerable position: her legs propped up on the table, and she was leaning back in her chair…oh well.

"Well, Kathy Griffin, I had to wait in line behind the freaking Duggar's, I swear to God!" Thirteen smiled and leaned up, letting Cameron know that she wanted a kiss. Cameron complied, "Seriously!" She sat down next to her, "This family had like 3500 kids and their cousins…I was surprised that I could find what I needed…"

"3500, Babe? Really?" She was smirking at her girlfriend.

"Yes…3500." They had a staring contest with each other. This little contest got so intense that Thirteen put her feet down and leaned forward on her chair.

"What's going on?" Foreman asked as he and Taub walked in.

They both turned to them, "What? So because we're grown women we can't have staring contests?"

Both of the men in the room looked at the lovely ladies, then to each other and repeated this a couple times, "What the hell is going on with you two?" Foreman asked rather bluntly.

"Alright fine! You caught us! Cameron and I are having an affair! She's pregnant with Chase's baby, and we're going to leave this damn state and raise it like it never had a sperm donor to begin with! Is that what you wanted to hear?" Thirteen spoke dramatically.

Taud stared at her and smirked with a bit of a chuckle. Foreman raised his eyebrows, and tried to keep from laughing, "Now, what's really going on?" this time, he looked at Cameron.

"Okay, fine. Everything she said is true, minus the child and the leaving the state part. We go to her house every night and pork until the early hours. Then we wake up and have morning sex like I like to have, and we still manage to be the first ones here every morning." Cameron said exasperated.

"You wouldn't do that…not after Chase. I can't see you getting involved at the office anymore…and you're straight."

Cameron touched her nose, "Precisely." She whispered. "So why does something have to be going on?"

House had been hiding in his office the entire morning; he had seen everything. He had seen when the elevator had stopped, he had scene them come out of that very elevator about twenty minutes later, he had seen them come in with their arms linked, he had seen the way Cameron looked at Thirteen before she went downstairs, and best of all, he had seen the cute little couple kiss and the staring there afterwards. This is a fantastic day… He thought.

He walked into the main office, "Foreman, Taub, go find Chase then go find a case…that last part is the first part minus the H." He smiled at himself.

Taub and Foreman rolled their eyes before they left.

"So, when should I be expecting my Christmas card? Late November, or early December? I hope that you two are kissing under the mistletoe for it either way. Granted, for you two there doesn't have to be any mistletoe at all…" He looked above where Thirteen was sitting.

"House—" They both started, but were cut off.

"I know…So don't pretend that you're not together. I want pictures of your sexcapades. You have a week for that."

"Yeah, we'll get right on that." Thirteen replied sarcastically.

"House, don't say anything to the boys." Cameron gave him her subtle puppy dog face.

"And why should I give in to this request?" He turned to her.

"Because I'm your favorite…" That didn't work, although it did look like he was thinking of considering that fact, " And because this evening before everyone left we were going to make out on the table. Since you know, you could have a camera ready and take as many pictures as you like…for yours and Wilson's eyes only of course."

"Of course." She shrugged, then he mulled it over, "Alright, you win…only because I get to take pictures." He stood and left the office.

"I'm sorry, we were going to make out on the table?" Thirteen turned to Cameron, "That's the first I have heard of this…"

"Well, I made it up, he was going to give us away…but, I mean…we get to make out on the table." She gave her a seductive grin. "That'll be fun."

Thirteen had made her way to the cafeteria first for lunch, and had taken a small table by the window. She was staring out at the butterfly garden, not really looking at anything in particular.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Cameron was standing next to Remy with her tray in her hands.

Thirteen looked up and smiled, "Is that all you're worth? A penny?" She asked. He hand had automatically moved from the table and started stroking the back of Cameron's thigh.

This made Cameron smile, "So what were you thinking about that involved me?" She set her tray down and sat across from her.

"Oh," Thirteen put her arms above her head and leaned backwards, stretching. "Just about this evening, and how I wouldn't mind it being more than just making out…" She grinned as she flopped her arms back on the table.

Foreman and Chase were out of earshot, but they totally saw what Thirteen did. "What was that? With the thigh and the caressing?" Chase was a little pissed.

"Well, it looked like my ex-girlfriend has a bit of a crush on your ex-wife. Who, by the way, doesn't seem at all shocked or uncomfortable… I'd say she might even reciprocate." Foreman was still looking at them.

"Oh, yeah? And what makes you say that?" Chase crossed his arms, staring at Foreman.

"Oh…" He pointed at the women, "Just the fact that Cameron's playing footsie with Thirteen is a big giveaway…" Foreman stood up from their table. "Face it Chase, you are the Ross to her Carol."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Chase stood up too.

"She's gay…or at the very least bisexual…She left you for a woman!" Foreman laughed as he walked away. Chase stood there staring at them a while longer.

Taub had been on the phone arguing with his wife, yet again, when he looked over and saw Cameron and Thirteen at a table by the window. Then, he saw Cameron and Thirteen at a table by the window. "Oh my God!" His jaw dropped, "No! Honey not you! Not you, I swear! I just saw Thirteen and Cameron kiss…Yes, they're the women on the team…Yes, she was married to him, that's why I said what I said!"

Throughout the last few hours of the day, everyone had gone off to do their own thing. Cameron went to the lab, Foreman went to neurology, Chase went to watch a surgery, Thirteen went to the gym in the hospital before joining Cameron, and Taub stayed in the office. House lurked around, he ventured through everywhere checking where his team was, annoying Cuddy and Wilson…the usual.

It was around four thirty that everyone migrated back to the main office. House was sitting in his chair, putting the battery in the camcorder he had gotten a hold of. He had a smirk on his face as he watched them in his darkened office…it might have been because he had asked Cuddy and Wilson to come in for a conference, then again, it might not have been for that reason.

Taub was folding the paper he was reading when Foreman came in. "Hey Foreman, are you doing anything tonight?"

"Uh, I'm not sure why?" He asked as he walked over to his desk to get his coat and briefcase.

"I was going to get a drink…"

Foreman thought about his day, and how his ex-girlfriend had replaced him with small, innocent Cameron. "Yeah, I could go for a drink."

"Oh, me too. I need to pass out as quickly as possible…pretend that this day didn't happen." Chase came into the room. It was at this point that House turned his camera on; he stayed in his office, just until the women arrived.

"Dude you're lookin' rough." Foreman looked at him laughing at first, but he became sympathetic.

"Yes, well. It's not everyday that you find out that your ex-wife is gay…" Chase rubbed his face, then looked at Foreman. "How is this not effecting you at all? The other one's your ex…"

"Well, I already knew she was attracted to women…it was..part of my attraction to her." Foreman stated arrogantly.

"So the fact that she's a hell of a lot happier with my ex-wife doesn't effect you at all?"

Foreman stared at him for a second with realization. "She's not happier with her…" He stared at Chase a bit longer, but was distracted when a certain blonde and brunette that had pretty much been the topic of conversation for the past couple weeks entered.

They were gossiping and talking animatedly, not paying attention to anyone else. Thirteen sat on the table and Cameron sat in the chair that Thirteen's feet weren't occupying. "How can you still be on that? That happened like six years ago! And it didn't even happen to you! It happened to Jennifer Aniston…last time I checked, your name was not Jennifer…" Thirteen said rolling her eyes.

"So! I can still pick a side which is obviously not the same side you're on…" She crossed her arms, "How can you have taken Angelina's side! I mean, come on! You picked the scary, crazy girl over Rachel from Friends!"

"No." Thirteen put a finger up, "I picked neither side because I love Friends, but Angelina's a fucking amazing actor!"

"Yeah, Lara Croft Tomb Raider was fan-fucking-tastic."

"Bad example! Try 'The Changling', 'Girl, Interrupted', Oh! 'Gia'…you know the movies that she's been nominated for—and won. Jennifer Aniston won an Emmy yes, but after that…she's just been doing romantic comedies, which I love." She took Cameron's hand and caressed it. "I just…don't see the point in picking sides in a battle that I in no way have influence over, and is just dramatized by the media."

"We're still not watching 'Taking Lives.'" Cameron stood up and took her hand from Thirteen's grasp and put it around her shoulders.

"Why? We watched that God forsaken dumbass horror movie! Why can't we watch a kickass suspenseful movie? I tell you when all the scary parts are coming…" Thirteen put her hands around Cameron's waist, and nipped at Cameron's neck.

House had his camera and was filming the entire thing, and the other boys were just standing there staring. Their jaws were slack and they couldn't not watch what was unfolding.

"You promise?" Cameron asked, exposing her neck to her girlfriend a bit more.

"Uh huh." Remy whispered in her ear before she nipped at her lobe, "And I'll hold you close through the whole movie." The were staring into each others eyes, just centimeters apart.

"Well, okay. We can try a real scary movie…" Cameron pulled her closer.

Thirteen smiled in victory before she leaned in all the way and kissed her.

"Oh yeah!" House said excitedly as he walked around the table to get a close up of them.

This was when they "realized" that there were other people in the room, "House I said a camera not a camcorder." Cameron said indignantly and out of breath.

"Sorry, Cam, I just heard the cam part…haha!" He shoved the camcorder in their faces, "Come on! We had an agreement! On the table, and lose the shirts!"

Thirteen scooted further onto the table so that the backs of her knees were touching the edge; Cameron climbed astride Thirteen and they lay down on the table. They both looked at their ex's "Sorry." They both said.

"She's just that much better than you." Thirteen grinned at Foreman. All he could do was stare.

"Cameron, what the bloody hell?" Chase stepped towards them.

Cameron looked up at him, and all Thirteen could see was her neck. "Chase…I've been in love with her for a while…No." She stopped herself, "I don't have anything to explain to yooo-oh-u."

Thirteen had flipped them over and had latched on to her neck. She then pulled away quickly to look at him herself, "Jealous?" She asked with a little too much pride and arrogance…oh well, it suited her fantastically. She leant back down to Cameron and kissed her.

"What the hell is this?" Cuddy walked in with Wilson on her heals. "Ladies, I've already asked you once…I'm going to have to suspend you through Wednesday. Maybe by then you will have cooled off." She gave them a smirk.

Thirteen had sprang from Cameron as soon as that authoritative voice had spoken its first syllable. She was taken the punishment in and only had one question, "Paid?"

Cuddy looked at her, "Of course." She shrugged as she turned to look at House, "What the hell are you doing?" She walked over to him and looked at the camcorder in his hands.

"I was just wondering what it felt like to be a camera man on reality TV…it's awesome!" He said as he stopped the recording and started showing it to her.

She appeared to be interested because she leaned in to start watching closely. This was when she confiscated the camera. She walked over to the younger women and gave it to them, "Drs. Cameron and Hadley, do with this what you will. If you're ready to leave, I will be more than happy to walk you out."

Thirteen took the camera and put it in Cameron's purse. She then took out her keys and clipped them onto her slacks. She had been looking at House with a shit eating grin the entire time. "It's funny how the infinite messer has become the messy despite the fact that he thought he was still the messer, huh?"

House stared at her with surprise…and was that pride? "Well, it looks like the grasshopper has had enough patience to become the master…"

Thirteen grinned at him again before she put her arm around Cameron and they were escorted out by Cuddy, "See you Wednesday!" She waved a hand back.

All of the men had no idea what to do; they just stood there staring at open space, then to each other. "So, how about that drink?" House said, surprisingly social. The rest of them nodded and followed the women's path.

As the women got to the elevator and were heading down, Cameron spoke first. "Thanks Cuddy."

"Anything for love…" She smiled, then sobered quickly, "Even if it's not my own…"

They both chuckled slightly, "Well, our love appreciates it, and we'll be ready to babysit anytime…" Thirteen said with gratitude.

"You bet your asses you are." She answered as they made their way to the parking lot.

"God, I cannot believe that we pulled that off. And I definitely cannot believe that you confiscated the camera!" Cameron spoke, still in awe with their production.

"You asked me to…"

"Yes, but I didn't think he'd let you get close enough to take it from him…" She shook her head.

"Yeah I could understand that, but I can play him a little bit…" Cuddy replied.

"Well, thanks again, Cuddy." They said at the same time.

"You're welcome, I'll see you Wednesday." She turned to go back in the hospital.

When they got home, they settled in for a movie and a long weekend, "Do we really have to watch this?" Cameron asked.

"Oh, come on! It's not like it's going to be scary! We already watched that one, Baby." Thirteen as she hooked the camcorder up to the TV and put 'Taking Lives' back in it's place.

"I can't believe we're going to watch it…" Cameron snuggled into Thirteen and vice versa.

"Just once, then we're gonna delete it, I promise." She pushed play on the camcorder.

"Wow, he was recording before we even came in…" Thirteen said as they watching the screen.

"Oh! There we are! And there he limps!" Cameron got excited and pointed at the screen.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're very photogenic?" Thirteen didn't take her eyes from the screen.

"Me? Look at you! With your…everything." Cameron sighed her last word.

"I'm sayin'." Thirteen pulled Cameron closer. "Aaaaand, there we go!"

"Oh God!" Cameron said and covered her eyes, "Tell me when it's over."

"Huh," Remy cocked her head to the side, "Oh…oh my. Jesus, Cuddy interrupt! Interrupt us dammit! Oh, finally! It's over babe…why do men think that's hot? We did not look very pretty…" Thirteen looked at Cameron as she stood up.

"So it's agreed that we'll never make a sex tape?" Cameron asked as she stretched.

"Yes." Thirteen said, "But…we can make sex whenever we want…I think right now's a good time."

Cameron nodded, "Yeah, that does sound like a good idea." She said walking to the bedroom door, "You coming?" She turned and looked at her again.

"Yes, you're in my fucking bedroom. What do you think?" She followed her lover into the room. Whoa! Major de ja vu!

Cameron laughed as they made their way to the bed. Coming back was the best plan I have ever had.

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