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Larten was asleep in his coffin, or at least everyone lese thought he was asleep. In truth he was laying perfectly still, lost in thought. His trials started tomorrow, and he was, quiet frankly, nervous as hell. Gavner had started his three days ago, and he would be performing his trial at the same time as Larten. Arra was starting hers tomorrow, same as Larten. He felt as nervous for them as always, but when he thought of taking them himself he almost blacked out from stress.

What trial would he get? Would it be difficult? Would Seba be able to help him with it? All these questions flew through his mind, one after the other. The pounded in his skull like tiny hammers, driving him insane. He needed sleep, he knew that, but he couldn't make himself sleep, it was just to stressful.

Finally, after over a hour of fretting he got up to take a walk. He decided that it would be beneficial to get a drink. He walked by the Halls of Sport, marveling at how quite the normally boisterous rooms were. As he approached the Hall of Kheldon Lurt, he took a few seconds to study the door.

It helped to clear his mind, and he turned the knob then pushed the door open. Like the rest of Vampire mountain the room was silent. It was odd, being alone in such a normally busy room. It was odd not to see vampires, eating, drinking, and yelling at each other at all the tables. It was like a ghost town.

He moved back to the storeroom to where the cups and kegs of water were held. Pouring himself a glass, he glanced around. They really need to fix the stone in here. It's all cracked.

"Larten?" A loud gasp from behind him, caused him to spit his water out, all over his red button-up shirt and crimson pajama pants.

"Huh?" He spun around to the shocked face of Arra Sails, laughing at his ridiculous spit-take. "Did you need something?"

"No. I was just surprised to see you here, that's all." She answered before stepping forward and grabbing herself a glass of water, "What are you doing down here anyway?"

"I couldn't sleep." He said simply, refilling his glass. "What about you?"

"Same here," She answered, downing her water in one gulp.

"Are you nervous about your trials?" He asked.

"Yes. You?"

"Of course I am." He answered. For some reason he felt embarrassment burn his ears and cheeks, turning them red. "Who wouldn't be?"

"An idiot," she laughed and he couldn't help but join in. He felt suddenly guilty for being so worried about his trials, the thought of her failing her trials was unthinkable. He shuddered at the thought.

"What's wrong?" she looked confused. Hadn't he just been laughing?

"I'm just worried about tomorrow."

"You'll do fine."

"That's not what I meant. I'm not just worried about me."

"Gavner then?" she asked. Why did this have to be so difficult? Couldn't she understand about how he felt.

"No, he'll' be fine." He locked eyes with her, hoping she would get the message written in them.

"I agree. Then who is it Larten? I want to know." She retorted, still not understanding.

He couldn't find the words to answer her question, it was just to difficult. "L-," Her sentence was cut short as He pressed his lips to her. She was shocked, but happy at the same time. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, deepening their kiss.

"I'll be fine," she whispered, before pulling him into another kiss.