This had started out as a little one-shot, but thanks to the review I extended it. There is one version where Rachel ends up with the other guy (aka A Few Small Bruises Nathan Style), but here is the version where our favorite bad boy gets the girl. The first chapter is the same as is the first part of the second chapter, but then it switches to what will be the Puck version. The idea for this was originally from Maria Mena's A Few Small Bruises. Kinda dark. Takes place after Sectionals.

Sorry for the delay in getting it up. It has been so crazy at work I've had to bring some stuff home to work on. Since when is there homework for work? I thought I was through with that when I was through with school!

Out here on the ledge
I'm not far away from stepping off
I've finally picked out my cloud
It's the one over there
Surrounded by all that air

Rachel thought that after their win at Sectionals things would get better. So, she almost screwed it up when she told Finn who the true baby daddy was, but she killed with that ballad so that had to more than make up for it. But here it was, two weeks had passed and if anything, things were worse than before. There was a constant tension at the practices. Finn stayed over to one side of the room and wouldn't really talk to anyone, leaving the minute that practice was done. Inside of the choir room everyone more or less treated Rachel as a part of the team, but outside, they treated her as if she didn't exist, and that was on a good day. It wasn't like it was before. She was still getting her daily slushy facials, pornographic pictures of her were on all the walls in the bathroom, and her house was being egged every Thursday night. But she used to have some sort of semblance of an acquaintance with the other Glee club members; now, she didn't even have that.

Mr. Schue had them practicing double what they used to in an attempt to try to get them ready for the upcoming Regionals and it was beginning to take its toll on Rachel. She was having trouble fitting in her dance classes, voice lessons, and keeping her straight A's with her advanced schedule. Add in the fact that she had been trying to dig up as much as she could on their competition (okay so it may have been a little closer to stalking), and her plate was way beyond being full. She hated to resort to it, but it was the only thing left that she knew would help her through, so she took a little trip to the drug store to pick up some "Vitamin D". She hated the slightly jittery feeling that she sometimes got, but she was able to get through the week without feeling like she was on the edge of exhaustion. She was slightly paranoid about being caught, so she would rotate the various drug stores that she would go to. It was on her trip to the Walgreen's one town over that she ran into him. Just as she reached out a hand to grab two packages she heard him.

"Getting a cold? Maybe you should start bundling up when you go on your little spying expeditions. Hell, you could go all out and get a nice black trench coat. And if you promise to come and visit me with nothing on underneath it, I'll promise to give up all the goods, on Vocal Adrenaline that is."

"Hello Nathan. I feel a little congestion coming on and wanted to nip it in the bud before it grows into an unsightly head cold. With Regionals coming up I can't chance illness, especially since McKinley will be beating Vocal Adrenaline. I'd hate to fell like crap during our victory party."

"So you'd actually be invited to the victory party? As I hear it your school and team don't think too highly of you. Shocked? Come on Rachel, you honestly didn't think that you were the only one checking out the competition now did you? After all, it was pretty much your ballad that won you guys Sectionals. Not like you had that much competition-juvies and deaf kids, now there's some serious rivalry." Rachel felt her face heat under his criticism. "Now if you want to see how real winners should be treated, I can show you. That is, if you aren't too sick to come out tonight?" He turned and sauntered off. He was about to turn at the end of the isle when Rachel finally found her voice.


"I'll text you the address later."

"Wait. Let me give you my number."

"No need to. Like I said, you weren't the only one checking up on the competition."

You reached out your hand
And said I understand
So why not come down

As Rachel stepped from her car she adjusted her dress. She still held a bit of a grudge against Kurt for the stunt he tried to pull with slutting her up for Finn, but at least he talked her into buying this killer black dress. She teamed it with a pair of red Jimmy Choos her dads had brought home from one of their trips to New York. As she walked across the street she could feel the bass from the house start to enter her body. She looked around for a familiar face and wasn't surprised when she didn't see one since she was a town over. She made her way into the kitchen where the keg was to grab a drink-she really hated the way that beer tasted, but right now she needed a bit of liquid courage to loosen her up. As she grabbed for a red cup she could feel him step up behind her.

"Glad that you're feeling better. Although I was kind of hoping that you would show up in a trench coat tonight."

"Hate to disappoint Nathan, but the trench coat is at the cleaners so you'll just have to settle for second best."

"Oh, believe me, there is nothing settling about that dress. Come on, let's dance." The thought of dancing with him completely sober absolutely freaked her out. The first time she had heard him sing she felt that thrill go through her body, and each time she has seen him, talked to him, or even thought about him since then she wants to shiver as her blood speeds through her veins.

"Wait, I was just about to grab a drink." Nathan turned around and grabbed a shot off the island and handed in to her. She threw it back and handed him the empty glass as she felt her body begin to warm. He smiled down at her before grabbing her hand and leading her into the next room. She had no clue what song was playing, she couldn't concentrate enough to actually listen to it. She just let the beat invade her body as she leaned back against his chest. She felt his hands on her hips, his thumbs running circle on her hips before he bent down to kiss her shoulder. She gasped and let her head fall to his shoulder to give him more room to explore. As he made his way up to her earlobe he gave her a gentle nibble and smiled when he hear her groan. Using his hands on her hips, he turned her around to face him before bending down to seize her lips in a searing kiss.

When he broke off the kiss she whimpered at the loss of contact. He bent down to whisper in her ear.

"Want to go up to my room?"

"This is your house."


"Then let's go." Rachel had no clue what made her agree. She had only had one shot, and despite the fact that she was a total lightweight, she wasn't that big of a lightweight to blame this decision on the alcohol. As Nathan closed his door behind them he could sense her indecision.

"We can just go back out to the party if you want. I actually didn't invite you here for this. Totally hoped for it, but was not expecting it. So what do you want?"

Rachel took a deep breath before looking into his eyes. "I want you to make me forget." He gently moved the hair away from her face before capturing her lips in a toe-curling kiss. He reached around her back to find the zipper of her dress. As he found it he broke the kiss to look into her eyes as he slowly pulled the zipper down, watching for any sign that she didn't want this. He let out an appreciative growl as her dress fell down and he caught sight of her in nothing but her red and black lingerie and Jimmy Choos.

Rachel used the break to unbutton his shirt and drag it off of him. She let her hands graze down his chest to grab the bottom of his white T-shirt and dragged if up and off. She explored his chest with her hands and lips before he tilted her chin up to kiss her. He let his hands wander up his back where he unclasped her bra. She dropped her arms to let it fall off before reaching for the buttons on his jeans. As they both continued stripping one another down, Nathan walked Rachel back until the back of her knees hit the bed and they both tumbled down.

Rachel awoke the next morning wrapped in warmth. It took her a minute to fully wake up and realize where exactly she was. She glanced over her shoulder to see Nathan still sleeping and thanked God for small miracles-she wasn't sure if she was quite ready for the morning after. She gently slipped out of bed and pulled her bra and panties back on. As she looked around his room for her dress she heard him moving in the bed.

"Come back to bed."

"I can't, I have to go. Practice starts in less than an hour."

"I can't believe they are making you guys practice on Saturdays. Our coach is completely psycho, but he gives us the weekend off."

"Mr. Schue's stepped it up trying to get us ready to kill you guys."

"And you really think that's going to happen?"

"Of course. Haven't you heard of McKinley's secret weapon? A little slice of perfection that goes by the name of Rachel Berry."

"I've even tasted it." Rachel found her dress right next to his jeans. She pulled up her dress before tossing him his pants. He pulled his pants on as he got out of bed and grabbed her shoe that had slipped under the bed. Before handing her the shoe he bent down and kissed her.

"Stalk me later?" Rachel grabbed her shoe from him and placed her hand on his shoulder to balance as she pulled it on.

"Just as soon as I get my trench coat back from the cleaners." Rachel smiled up at him and he bent down to capture her lips in a searing kiss before she finally took a step back.

"I really have to go. I'm going to be late as it is."

Nathan walked Rachel out to her car before kissing her one last time. Driving back to Lima, Rachel opened up her glove compartment to pull out a box of decongestants. She was going to need all the help that she could get to get through the day.

As Rachel pulled in ten minutes late she noticed that every other vehicle of the Glee club members were already parked in the lot, except for Mr. Schue. She let out a breath at the little break before getting out of her car and speed walking towards the choir room. Just as she got to the door she could hear the Cheerios talking. She can't tell if it's Quinn or Santana, they're both big enough bitches to actually say out loud that she's just a waste of skin and that if it weren't for her singing, everyone here would be better off without Man Hands.

She drops her hand back down to her side and runs to the nearest bathroom were she losses whatever is left in her stomach from last night. She washes out her mouth and contemplates just going home and screwing all of them. As she steps out of the bathroom she sees Mr. Schue walking down the hall and all thoughts of her fleeing are just hopeful desires. She follows him into the room and takes a seat as far from the Cheerios as she can get, just going through the motions to get through the practice. As soon as Mr. Schue released them she grabbed her bag and hightailed it out of there, putting as much distance between her and everyone else as possible.

As soon as she got home she raced up the stairs, stripping off her skirt and sweater vest as she made her way into her bathroom. She cranked the shower on as hot as it could go before stepping into the shower and sticking her face into the spray. She didn't feel any pain from the scalding water, just as she didn't feel any of the tears streaming down her face. She lifted her shampoo bottle and grabbed the razor blade she kept under it. She lifted her leg up on to the bench and sliced the steel once, twice, three times high up on her thigh before she finally felt the pressure on her chest begin to ease up enough to take a slight breath. She had managed to go the past four days without needing to cut, but hearing them talk about her earlier pushed her a little further than she could handle. She took a few more slices before setting the blade back down and rinsing off the blood. The sobs began to rack her body and she fell down to the floor, curling up into a ball as she let it all out. She was so sick of it she just wanted it to all go away.

Well except for a few small bruises, cuts, and scars well I'm fine
Except for a few small bruises, cuts, and scars well I'm fine

With only a week left until Regionals, Mr. Schue stepped up practices even more, causing Rachel to up her little "Vitamin D" dosage even more. She began cutting religiously every night in an attempt to deal with everything she was feeling from being around the other members so much more. But none of it was enough. Vocal Adrenaline took first and New Directions took third. Although Rachel wasn't completely saddened at the end of the day-her and Nathan shared plenty of lust-filled looks throughout the day. It was on the bus ride home that she received the text from him telling her to come over to his house again tonight for another party. She thought about not showing up, after all why would a member of New Directions go to a Vocal Adrenaline victory party. But then she realized that she wasn't really a member of New Directions anyways, especially now that the season was over.

Which is why she again found herself walking into a party at Nathan's house, this time actually being greeted by a few of the people there. When she walked into the living room she found Nathan sitting in an overstuffed chair. He reached out his hand for her and pulled her down into his lap. She relaxed against his chest as he circled her with his arms and placed a kiss where her neck and shoulder meet. After everyone had left the party, Nathan took Rachel's hand and led her to his room.

As they were laying in his bed he dragged his hands up her bare legs and over her hips, noticing the slight wince that she had made. A few of the cuts she had made that afternoon were a little raw, but she was hoping that he would never notice anything if she just made sure that the lights were off in his room. But he was more perceptive than she gave him credit for. He reached over to his bedside table to turn on a light.

"What the hell?"

"It's nothing, just cut myself shaving this week. Just stay away from my hip on that side."

"Rachel, this isn't just a cut from shaving. Why?"

"It's just…sometimes I need…I can't really explain it. Don't worry, I'm fine. It's nothing."

"Rachel, this isn't nothing and it's not fine." He looked into her face to see tears silently cascading down her cheeks. "Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. I just hate the fact that you feel that you need to do this."

"Sometimes I just can't handle it. And I know how weak and stupid that sounds, but I don't know how to put it any other way. It's just that everything adds up and I feel like there is so much pressure in my chest that I can't even breathe and the only way to lessen the pain is to cut. And I know how crazy that may sound, but that's just the way that I feel."

"It doesn't have to be that way. When you feel that pressure find me, call me, talk to me. Just please, stop hurting yourself. You are too good for this."

"Then how come I always feel if I'm never good enough?"

"You are more than good enough." He wrapped his arms around her as she laid her head on his chest. They fell asleep wrapped up in one another, and for the first time in a long time, Rachel slept soundly.

Thank you for asking
I'm so glad we had this moment here
I know they think I'm crazy
But everything I am is what I was taught to be