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"Edward, you would be wise to stay your tongue." Carlisle said softly, his tone icy.

I looked into his face, my eyes full of challenge. "I don't give a damn what you think I would be wise to do."

We had been arguing for a while now, any caution I had was lost long ago. Apparently, also gone was my common sense. But I didn't care at the moment.

Carlisle had left me in a foul mood after he had denied my request of a lone hunt that morning. When he came home, he found my rotten mood had escalated rather than dissipating while he worked. Much to his astonishment, I simply went off. I was tired of being trapped in this damn house all day and night. I was tired of being constantly monitored like a damn child. And I was tired of being told to be patient. Carlisle had stayed calm as I ranted at him. However, I could see it was beginning to wear on him, a hairline fracture forming in his resolve. Speaking of cracking resolve…

His eyes flashed at my retort. "That foul mouth of yours is going to put you in a position I feel you may regret."

I snorted, brushing of his threat.

Carlisle crossed his arms, shaking his head at my petulance. "I am sorry that you feel I am being unreasonable with you Edward, but you are simply not ready to go out on your own. It takes time to hone your control, and you are still young in this life. You must be patient."

There it was… that word again. I don't know what had gotten into me, but I swear I saw red. With lightening moves I picked up a glass bowl from the table to my right, throwing it forcefully to the floor. It shattered with a loud crash, tiny glass fragments sprinkling the floor. The broken glass was like a physical metaphor for the remains of Carlisle's patience.

"Dam–" Carlisle was in front of me in an instant, a tight hold on my arm. One look at his face had the rest of my words catching in my throat, effectively ending the argument. I felt the fight drop out of me, joining the pieces of glass on the floor.

"That is quite enough." His voice was low, dangerous. "I have tried to be reasonable with you Edward, believing that perhaps you might come to your senses and stop throwing a child's temper tantrum. I suppose I was mistaken." He was angry, but it was a calm anger… somehow it seemed worse than if he were screaming at me. "Would you care to finish what you were about to say?"

I shook my head, eyes wide. "I thought not." Keeping a firm grip on my arm he led me to my room. My mind raced as I followed him along. I couldn't pick out what Carlisle intended to do. I was in a lot of trouble, and I had no idea what was going to happen.

Once inside he shot me a stern look. Are you going to behave yourself if I let you go? I nodded. He studied my face for a moment, then released his grip, moving to shut the door. He turned to face me, once again crossing his arms.

He motioned to the bed with a slight nod. Have a seat Edward.

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