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"C…Cccar..il..lisle!!!" I sobbed.

He spun quickly to look at me, a heartbroken expression still plaguing his features. I heard what he was thinking then, as he turned toward me. The idea of leaving me alone was killing him... but it was what he thought I wanted, and he would do anything for me, no matter what it cost him.

Needing the comfort as much as he, I threw myself at him, wrapping my arms tightly around him, and burying my face into his shoulder. I sobbed harder as I felt his arms come around me, hugging me securely to him. He silently thanked God that I came to him for the comfort he so longed to give.

"I'm s…s..sor..rry!!!" I cried clinging to him as if he'd disappear should I let go.

"Shhhhh." He whispered soothingly, swaying me slightly from side to side. "I know. It is alright, Edward. Shhh now. It is all over."

"I di…did… nn..not mean it!! I did nn..not mmme…eaan it!!!"

"Ok now… Shhhhh. Take deep breathes Edward. Relax. It is alright. Try and calm yourself."

Slowly he moved me, still clinging to him tightly, over to the bed. In a quick move, I found myself seated on his lap, my sore backside carefully hanging off his knees. He continued to rock me slowly.

"It is alright Edward." He murmured.

"Nooooo… nooo…" I moaned, shaking my head. It wasn't alright. He was still hurting from my angry words…. And so was I.

Confused, he placed his hand lovingly on the back of my head as he rocked, trying to console me. We sat for a moment in silence broken only by my crying. I tried to calm down, but all I could think of was what I had said, and I couldn't stop.

"Car…il..lisle…" I mumbled into his neck, the best I could through my cries and hitching breathes.

"Hmmm?" He responded absently.

"I… I… di..did n…n..not mean it."

"What did you not mean Edward?" He asked softly, still rocking, fingers still running through my hair soothingly.

"I… d..do!! Y..you…. y…ou… are!"

He pulled me back from him a bit, with effort, to look into my face. Hmmm? I am what?

"M..my f…fa..father!" I cried burying my face back into the crook of his neck, sobs renewed.

The reaction was instantaneous. Joy just began radiating from him; so much so, I could almost feel the heat of it on my skin. He hugged me to him even tighter, mumbling my son, again and again into my hair as I cried myself out into his shoulder.

"It is alright Edward. You are forgiven. I love you. Shhhhh now… I've got you my son. I'm here." He murmured as I slowly calmed down.

He continued to sway us slowly, still bursting with happiness, and the guilt that had lain so heavy on my heart lifted.

"I'm sorry." I mumbled when I had finally gotten control of myself.

"I know. It is over now." He replied softly. The ease of his forgiveness amazed me. "I love you son. I am sorry I had to punish you. It was very difficult for me to do so."

"I know. I love you too."

He simply beamed at me. He would never tire of hearing me say it.

He reached out and ruffled my hair. "No more tantrums alright? And you will pay for that crystal bowl from your book money."

I groaned. That was an expensive bowl. I wouldn't be able to get new books for a while.

As if he could read my mind, he chuckled. "The classics never get old, Edward. That is why they are classics. I am sure you can manage."

He stood us up then, and handed me my trousers from the floor.

Having forgotten my lack of them, I attempted to get them on quickly in my embarrassment. Unfortunately, in my haste I had neglected to be wary of my very sore bottom. I yelped loudly in protest of them, hands quickly moving back to attempt to rub away some of the burn.

Carlisle chuckled again softly, before shooting me a serious look. "I do not want to have to do this again anytime soon. Try and control that temper of yours, yes?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Now, if you get yourself ready, I will take you for that hunt you wanted to go on. After you clean up the glass from the family room floor."

"Yes sir."

He smiled and ruffled my hair again. Remember not to wear your good clothes out. I nodded, and after giving my shoulder a reassuring squeeze, he left the room.

I immediately changed into some hunting clothes. I was still a messy hunter. Carlisle assured me I would get better and cleaner at it eventually, but for now I just wore secondhand clothes that were ok to ruin. It takes practice, he had said.

Even though I was careful of my backside this time, I winced slightly when I pulled on the worn trousers.

After I dressed I made my way downstairs to clean up my mess. As I swept up the shattered remains of the bowl, pausing every now and then to rub my smarting bottom, I thought of what Carlisle had said and had to agree. I certainly didn't want to find myself over his lap again anytime soon.


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