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This story takes place after Leader-sama decided to split zetsu into 2 different people white zetsu and black zetsu . Also Tobi usually gets people for both zetsu's to eat.

"So what do we do now im bored and hungry and tobi's out on a mission so he cant get us dinner." Black Zetsu complained from the desk he was sitting at.

"I don't know what makes you think I would know if you don't. White Zetsu said from the bed that they both shared.

"Maybe we could ask leader-san for a mission?"

"Now tell me why the hell would he give us a mission if he said we weren't to go outside of base for 3 WEEKS!!!" Black Zetsu yelled as he jumped onto the other side of the bed that white zetsu was on.

"Well im sorry I was just thinking of ideas there's no need to yell at me." White Zetsu said as he sighed.

"Yeah your right there was no need to yell at you im sorry ." he said as e climbed over the side of the bed to hug his other half.

"Why did he make it so we couldn't get out of base for 3 weeks? Its not really fair to us."

" He's our leader theres nothing we can do about it ,love." Black Zetsu sighed as he kissed white zetsu

"Its not fair though were people two were going to want to get out I still don't get why he wont let us out Of base."

"well ,love since we've been separated not only you but me and you have been a lot weaker than we were before he's kind of just trying to protect us love." He said as he kissed his lover on the lips.

"Mmmmm stop we cant do this right now ." white Zetsu said as he pulled away from the kiss.

"Of course we can do this now theres nothing stopping us and the only one in base is leader-sama." He murmured as he kissed down his lovers neck.

"Mphf fine but if someone walks In on us im going to kill you.


Black zetsu started stripping off his lovers dark green shirt and kissing down the length of his chest.

"nnnnnnnnnnnnn!" "aww some ones a little horny."

Black zetsu pulled down white zetsu's pants down over his hips exposing his prize.

But of course some one just had to ruin their fun.

Right as Black Zetsu pulled down his lovers pants Kisame decided this time would be a good time to walk in.

"Hey guys I just wanted to let you know Leader-- WOAH WHAT THE HELL!" Kisame yelled as he turned away.

Saddly for Balck Zetsu , White Zetsu decided he would just try to coveer himself up but only ended up throwing his lover over off their bed.

"OW What the- WOAH Kisame what are you doing here.!!!!!"

"Um I was sent to tell you that leader wanted you but I think I might of interrupted something."

"Ah Kisame-san you weren't interrupting anything . Does leader-sama want us both or just Blackie?"

"Just um black zetsu ."

* Sigh* Fine ill be right back love *kisses his lips* .

Black Zetsu walks out the door and walks to leaders office.

--Leaders office --

"Ah Black Zetsu I have a mission for you."

"I thought I wasn't aloud to leave base for 3 weeks?'

"Yes but I need you to go on this mission its to scout out one of orochimarus bases."

"Sweet ill go and get White Zetsu and you can give us the-

"White zetsu isn't going with you he's staying here for a while."

"Why isn't he going with me I need him he's my other half I cant just leave him here."

"He's to weak to go on this mission he needs to get a little stronger before he can go on missions by himself or with anyone."

"Fine ill go get ready."

--Back in Zetsu's room--

" So when do we head out to go on the mission."

" You aren't going with me on this mission leader says that you have to get a little stronger before you can get out of the base and on some missions."

"oh well you go ahead and do your mission ill be here then see you when you get back." "Love you *kisses his lips* see you when you get back."

" Bye love *kisses him*

*walks out the door of the base to head out on his mission.

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