Jerome brought his cane around in a ringing crack across the back of Will's shoulders. With a cry of pain and shock, Will staggered forward as Bryn now brought his cane around and hit him across the side. By then Alda had regained his feet, furious with the way Will had evaded him, and he struck Will across the point of the shoulder.

The pain was excruciating and, with a sob of agony, Will dropped to his knees. As if on cue the three BattleSchool apprentices crowded forward, trapping him as they raised the heavy canes.

Will choked out a feeble scream as the canes came down upon him in various places, the most painful being the one that cracked across his back. The beating was merciless and Will, knowing the reason for this brutal attack, wished that Horace had saved him from the wild boar instead of the other way around.

A hand gripping his brown hair caused him to moan in pain, Alda laughed.

"Looks like the Ranger baby needs a worse punishment. I don't see any tears."

Will watched him in horror as Bryn held up his cane and offered to give the Ranger apprentice the worst beating of his life.

"No, that won't be necessary," Alda replied simply, smirking when he looked to the other boy, Jerome. "I have a better idea."

Jerome raised an eyebrow as well as Bryn, "And what would that be?" Bryn asked.

"You'll see." Alda said, his smirk widening.

Will already had a bad feeling about this, if he had just listened to his instincts like Halt always told him to do then maybe he could've avoided this. But it was too late now. He was caught, and at these boys mercy.

A cold hand sliding up the front of his shirt made him start violently, Alda's hand buried deep into his brown hair kept him in painful check. "Now, now Ranger baby, don't go making this harder for us or we'll make sure you experience so much pain you'll be begging for death." Alda warned, his words dripping like poison from his sharp tongue. Bryn and Jerome nodded, grins spreading out onto their faces as they watched Will writhe against Alda, the boys free hand feeling underneath his shirt in a way that was most uncomfortable.

Will gasped and sucked in a breath, Alda's calloused fingers had found his left nipple and were fondling it almost painfully, tweaking and pinching it to make it hard. When he had finished the left his hand snaked onto the right, giving it nearly the same treatment.

"Pull his shirt up," Alda growled, staring right at Jerome who nodded and with little care yanked Will's shirt up to his neck so Alda could lean forward and take the hardening nub into his mouth, tongue dancing across the pink bit of skin, sucking. Will shivered, arching away from the other boy, but Alda followed, nipping the nub in his mouth as punishment for Will's disobedience.

The Ranger apprentice whimpered, biting his lip and feeling some fear as he watched Jerome who was before him. The boy had developed what Will knew was an erection, he could see it making a tent in his standard BattleSchool clothes and a thought suddenly passed through his head. Alda's punishment wasn't going to just be some creepy advances that led to nipple sucking or unwanted touching on Will's part. Alda had something else on his mind.

Alda's lips suddenly pulled back and Will groaned softly when the cold air hit his exposed hard, wet nipples.

"See boys," smirked Alda, "he can be tamed."

Will scowled and bared his teeth as he snarled at the three, "You're all just a bunch of cowards, ganging up to attack another apprentice like this, when Sir Rodney finds out he'll banish-"

Alda cut Will off, "Rodney won't be finding out about this," he chuckled, beckoning Bryn over to were Jerome was, "no, Sir Rodney will know nothing about this just as no one but us will know about it. You see I have a little plan that will keep you from talking. It would be truly embarrassing and degrading not only to you but to you're puny master Halt as well if anyone were to find out that you were ruthlessly beaten and raped. Don't you think so?"

Will heard Jerome, Bryn and Alda laugh as the cruel boys words hit him. His brown eyes grew wide and he surged forward, ignoring the biting pain of his hair being pulled as he struggled. A punch to the gut stole his breath from him and Will slumped immediately, gasping for air as Bryn started to manhandle him.

He felt like he was drowning in a sea of bodies. Will was pressed tight, and nearly flush against Bryn who held his arms now while Jerome stripped him of his Ranger cloak, shirt and trousers, Alda looking on seeming pleased. After a few minutes of stripping the Ranger of his clothes, Alda called a stop.

"Enough, I believe he is ready the way he is. I won't bother to prepare him like someone else might," he looked Will in the eyes and winked, mouthing 'Halt' before he continued, "I want it to truly look like he was brutalized by some wandering criminal or thief."

Will shook his head, "No," he breathed as Alda drew close behind him and he struggled, Bryn tightened his grip and Will was forced to press even closer to Bryn. Clumsy fingers took his underpants off swiftly and Will shivered violently as the cold assaulted his backside, seems as the rest of him was pressed firmly to Bryn.

"Hold him tight Bryn." Alda growled, noting how Jerome seemed to almost be drooling at the sight of the Ranger boys naked ass presented before them. "I don't want him struggling too much."

He heard the shuffle of clothing and then he felt something hot and hard probing his hole, teasing the tight ring of muscle. Without much warning, other than two hands roughly gripping his hips, Alda pushed deep within him. A scream tore out of Will's throat and tears instantly pushed past his eyelashes to dance down his cheeks. Alda didn't give Will a minute to adjust as he started a quick pace of thrusts, tearing the small boys body apart.

"Ranger's are very small," Bryn commented randomly, he had only been thinking of that because he was holding Will well off the snowy ground as Alda pounded into the small body before him. Lithe, fit, deliciously innocent and a virgin Bryn mused silently, feeling himself getting hard from the apprentices on-going violation. He chuckled inwardly when he saw Jerome was having the same feelings as him and obviously Alda. He hoped there would be enough of the Ranger to go around once Alda was finished with him.

Will was shivering violently and his hands clutched at Bryn's chest, it being the only thing he could grasp, or cry into for that matter. "Pl-please," he begged, setting watery brown eyes on Bryn's stern face, "s-stop thi-is… I-i can't t-take it… n-no more!" To Will's dismay Bryn looked away, his gaze still passive and uncaring. He groaned and screamed as Alda's thrusts became even harder, he could hear the smack of Alda's skin against his as the older boy ground himself in deep once more then came. Hot liquid poured into him and he shook in slight shock when Alda pulled out and wiped some of the trailing cum on his back.

"Hmm," Alda murmured after pushing his cock back into his pants, "I didn't make him bleed, heh, go figure, guess you were right Jerome, you are bigger than me."

Jerome stepped forward, nodding and smirking, "If you want Alda I'll gladly make him bleed for you."

Alda seemed to ponder that for a moment, "Okay, but we need to be leaving soon, so make this quick and you're next Bryn."

Will felt sick as he listened to their conversation, he didn't have the voice to plea anymore, it was cracked and hoarse from screaming and groaning. Bryn's grip on him tightened and Will couldn't help but brace as Jerome's massive dick pushed into him, he felt even worse pain than before and wailed a broken scream.

Jerome was quick, far faster than Alda had been and Will wished he could just pass out and not feel the pain, or the blood and cum seeping from his entrance and dripping out into the snow below him. He was sweating heavily when Jerome finished and he trembled as he felt a giant load of seed spill into him, making his torn muscles ache and sting. Hell, his whole body ached.

"Good, now hurry up Bryn, Rodney will be missing us soon," Alda said in a snake-like tone. Bryn couldn't contain himself when he finally got his chance.

He sheathed himself immediately and proceeded to fuck the living daylights out of the small Ranger in his arms, literally. By the time he was finished Will was half conscious in his arms, blood loss and the cold causing the apprentices state.

They sloppily put Will's clothes back onto him then left him in the clearing where they had found, and engaged, him before running off into the woods and back to where they were suppose to be. Sir Rodney wouldn't even had noticed them gone.

He laid in the cold snow, trembling constantly as the minutes past by. Will groggily wondered if Halt was back from the Castle yet, he mentally doubted it. The sly Ranger would have noticed by now that something was wrong. The tears that had been on Will's face were now gone, leaving little trails of frozen along his cheeks. He couldn't walk, of that Will was sure so is only hope was that Halt would come out and call him back to the small cabin they stayed in. Will's world seemed to dim and his eyelashes fluttered before everything went black.

"Will!" A familiar voice said, thick with shock. Will could just barely hear the voice again calling his name. "Will!"

Something was touching him, rubbing his arms and cupping his face, he panicked, crying out as he blindly thrashed away from the person, but whoever it was embraced him in a warm hug. At first he thought it was Bryn's hard chest but then as he snuggled closer to the warmth he felt the texture of a Ranger's cloak and smelt the comforting musky yet oddly fresh scent of Halt.

"H-..alt." he uttered, throat sore and used.

"Yes, it's me Will."

Will could easily imagine Halt's comforting face lingering over him, those mysterious eyes sparkling with concern, the thought comforted him and he grasped onto Halt's cloak with his numb hands. He felt pain while doing so and guessed Bryn had left some fierce bruises on his upper arms.

"Hold still," Halt said and Will obeyed, he felt Halt gather his legs and then stand. It was amazing how Halt, being the size he was, could easily carry Will as if he was no more than a little child. Halt was swift as he carried Will into the warmth of the fire heated cabin. Instead of laying Will on his usual bed Halt headed straight for his own bed. He laid his apprentice on the bed and pulled the Ranger cloak off him. The clothes Will was were wet from the snow and Halt made quick work of them. Bruises were everywhere on the small frail body before him and he couldn't help but feel some pity towards Will as he looked up and noticed the boys hurt expression.

"Will, I need to know what happened, who did this to you."

Shaking his head ever so slightly, Will turned away, shaking as he fought against the on coming tears that wanted to spill in front of his teacher and friend.

"Will, please," Halt coaxed gently. He knew being stern with the boy wouldn't get him anywhere, he needed to take the kind approach to finding out what happened to his apprentice.

Will sniffled and slowly turned over. Halt's breath caught in his throat at the sight of Will's teary eyes, they displayed so much hurt and betrayal. Then Will started to talk.

"Batt-leSchool apprentices.." He managed to croak, "Th-ree of th-them.. they attacked m-me…" Will trailed off and Halt's gaze flickered over his bruised body, landing on the bloodied underpants he wore.

"There is blood." Halt stated. Allowing Will to fill him in on the blood when he was ready.

Will took some deep breaths then shut his eyes, "T-they touched me H-alt."

There were a thousand alarm bells going off in Halt's mind as Will told him these BattleSchool students had touched him. It was all he needed to know. They had raped Will and left him out there in a state of shock, in the cold where he probably would've died if he hadn't found him. Halt felt a boiling rage start to build up within him. How dare three BattleSchool apprentices do this to a lone ranger, even if Will was still learning.

Will choked on a sob and Halt was jolted from his thoughts. His apprentice looked so tired and he still shook some. Cleaning him up could happen later on, after Will was in a more stable state.

He pulled a thick blanket out, one he usually kept hidden away unless it was a really cold winter, and drew it over the small form of his brutalized apprentice.

Leaning over he brushed away some of Will's brown hair from his face.

"Sleep, all will be well soon. I promise." He murmured softly.

Will nodded and felt himself warming up underneath the heavy down blanket. As his mind started to go blank he felt Halt's warm breath cascading over his face before soft lips surrounded by rough growing stubble pressed against his forehead.

"Sleep well," Halt murmured, repeating himself, "I promise they will pay."

A/N: This randomly came to me and it's pretty much based around that encounter Will has with Bryn, Alda and Jerome. It's like what would have happened (in my mind) if Horace and Halt hadn't been there to save him.

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