Cry4theDevil here.

It's shocking how many reviews this story has gotten (29 is a lot for me) and I love the feedback, whether good or bad, and the favourites, and alerts but unfortunately I have something that isn't easy to say.

This story is stuck. It's been, what... over a year since I started it? And try and try again I cannot get past chapter three. I believe this is from lack of interest and inspiration for the story. Numerous times I've tried to muscle out another chapter but each time I fail. Many times I've thought about deleting the whole fic but tried to keep positive thinking perhaps I might suddenly get inspiration or plot ideas (as when I started this there was really no plot past the rape).

I'm ashamed to say all that but even more ashamed to admit this story is less than perfect, in fact less than acceptable to have been posted on fanfiction. My standards and writing skill has gone up since I began this and now I see no way to continue this unless I rewrote the whole thing.

It pains me to inform all those who reviewed/faved/alerted that I cannot continue this story and believe me I've tried. It also saddens me to admit that it took me a year to finally realize that.

Inspiration willing, I may someday be able to finish or rewrite it.

I hope you can all forgive me D:

Humbled and defeated,