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Summary: Isabella is a troubled teen with self-destructive behaviors sent to live with her father in Forks, WA. Will Edward be the one to help her, save her from this downward spiral? Or will his actions push her closer to the edge? AH/OOC, B/E.

Recommended songs for this chapter: Armor for Sleep- "Awkward Last Words"; 30 Seconds to Mars- "Attack"; 10 years- "So Long, Goodbye"; Slipknot- "Snuff"


To ricochet is to rebound, bounce or skip off a surface. Ricochets present unpredictable and serious danger of causing collateral damage to bystanders or even oneself.

"Bella," Edward gasped. "Please. Just come back away from the ledge."

I ignored him, smiling as I heard the waves crashing below me. The wind blew my hair around, whipping me in the face. It was refreshing to have the mist cover my skin. My lungs and chest expanded with fresh air, leaving me feeling like I was on top of the world.

"I understand that you're upset, and—"

"You don't understand a single thing, Edward," I snapped, finally turning to face him. I knew this move only intensified his worries. "You can't save me. I can't be fixed. I've told you this before."

"Kate can help you. I'm sure my dad would—"

I felt the rage inside me bubbling up. "You're not listening to me!" I screamed. "I'm not good for you. For anyone."

"I love you so much, Isabella. So please, don't do this. For me? Please?"

"I don't care if you love me. You don't even really know me. I hate you, Edward! I just want you to go away."

"You and I both know that's not true." He gave me a grim smile, rubbing his arm awkwardly.

I looked to the beautiful man before me. There was no way I'd ever be able to compare to him — I was too average looking. On top of that, he and I both knew there was something wrong with me. Not that I could tell anyone what it was; not that I would. He deserved so much better than me. The only thing I could offer was irrational and unpredictable behavior…

"I'll destroy you if I haven't already," I said softly and sadly, taking a few steps toward him. "I don't want to do that to you, which is why you need to leave. Get as far away as possible."

"You could never destroy me, Isabella," he replied, walking the rest of the way to me.

He grabbed my face tenderly. I clenched my eyes shut tightly, so many feelings overwhelming me as he pressed his lips to my forehead. I tried to process his words, his feelings for me. I wanted to believe what he said.

I couldn't.

Anger at myself, and him as well, coursed through me. I pushed him away with my good hand. I would not allow him to distract me anymore.

"It's like I'm holding a gun, Edward. One pull of the trigger and it could mean the end of someone's life…"

"What are you going on about? You're not making any sense, Isabella," he said in confusion.

"I'm like the bullet in the gun. All I'll ever do is hurt you."

"What you're doing right now is the only thing that could hurt me."

I cringed in response and turned. I walked back to my original spot at the ledge.

"I'm really no good for you. No one. Not even my own family. I'm just a toxic, horrible person."

Without giving him time to respond, I took a deep breath and flung myself toward the raging waters. My scream was not out of fear, but excitement of falling. I could barely hear my name being yelled as I plummeted. I didn't feel the cold until I hit the surface. I gasped in shock at the freezing temperatures, losing my breath before I was lost in the riptide.

Swimming had never been my forte, but I did know enough that it was dangerous being caught in the riptide like I was. Even strong swimmers could lose the battle. I knew if I swam against the tide, I'd drown. My only option left was to swim parallel and eventually make it to safety. Though I accepted I was going to drown, my natural instinct to bring oxygen back into my lungs made me fight my way to the surface.

I was being tossed around in the tide, unable to find my way. Why couldn't I find the cool air that had the oxygen I needed? Why did Edward care so much? And why did that make me so angry?

Giving up, I let myself become the rag doll the riptide was trying to make me be. I felt regret build up for doing this to Edward. He didn't deserve it, any of the shit I put him through. If only Renee hadn't sent me away…