Is He Gay, Straight, or Taken?

If there was one thing you never question the almighty Kyoya Ootori about, it was his sexuality.

Haruhi Fujioka was a level headed girl. She was blunt, straight to the point, and could throw whatever you thought a girl was suppose to be out the window. Starting for one, if something bothered her, she would immediately tell you so. She wouldn't beat around the bush and consider your feelings.

So, even possessing the knowledge of all of this, what had came out of said girl's mouth still completely threw Kyoya Ootori off guard.

"Kyoya, are you gay?"

She looked so innocent, you would think she had asked something more appropriate such as, "Do you think it would rain today?" Ah, but alas, that was not what she had asked, much to Kyoya's chagrin.

He cleared his throat, closing the folder he had been looking at. "Pardon?" He asked coolly as if he didn't want to do something very ungentlemanly at that moment.

Nervously, she started fiddling with her thumbs, "Well, Kyoya, I was just wondering if you were...Gay." The look slowly darkening his face made Haruhi flinch. She sputtered, "I-I don't mean like what the Twins do, I just mean it doesn't look like you like girls in general. The most I've seen you do for your customers is flash a smile and offer merchandise."

This time, Kyoya did not grace her with a reply. He merely tucked the folder underneath his arm and crossed his arms. The atmosphere around them dropped a few degrees. Haruhi could practically feel the Shadow King emerging. Quickly, she grabbed her bag, hands up in front of her as if they would protect her from Kyoya's glare, "Ack! I'm sorry, forget I said anything! Oh look at the time, there's a sale at the market today, I best be going now, bye Kyoya!" She rushed for the door and got the hell out of there, not daring to look back. Not that she had to, she could feel the Shadow King's stare piercing her back as she fled.

Haruhi collapsed onto her futon later that day, trying to not replay that afternoon scene in her head. What the hell possessed her to ask Kyoya that? Kyoya, of all people! She groaned and buried her face into her pillow.

If she were to be honest with herself, she would accept that the question had been running through her mind for a long while. It was bothering her for some strange reason, if Kyoya wasn't interested in girls or not. From his reaction, he seemed offended (and pissed), but that's usually what people feel if you ask if they're gay, right...?

Frustrated, she hugged the pillow closer. If she weren't in denial she would also admit to noticing how he treated his customers. All smiles and compliments, but never showing genuine affection like how Tamaki woos his 'princesses' with his cheesy lines and touches. If you look enough, you would notice the artificial shine to Kyoya's smiles, quite different from the blond King of the Host Club. Kyoya, she noticed, did not put his heart into it.

You could defiantly tell, if you pay attention, that the way Kyoya entertains his customers seemed a little off from the rest of the club members, there was no sweet talk involved or any signs of affection. Which led her to thinking, was it because he just wasn't interested in girls..?

Haruhi frantically shook her head, now she was just being stupid. There must have been something in the tea Hikaru had given her after business hours, what else could explain her unusual behavior? Haruhi sat up, her hands balled up in fists. There was no time to mope around, anyways! There was homework to do, the laundry to bring in, and dinner to be started. Tomorrow she would just have to apologize formally to Kyoya and that would be that.

"Gay?" Kyoya scoffed, throwing his pillow against the headboard. He kicked off his indoor slippers and crawled onto his bed. "She thinks I'm gay?" He repeated as he transferred the laptop from the nightstand to his lap. There was still some work that had to be done, it being a Thursday and all.

As the machine powered on, he couldn't help but glare indignantly at the wall across from him. "How can she possibly think I'm gay? Did she already forget that incident at the summer house? I'm sure I've made my sexuality very clear." He tsk'd and began pounding the keys, making a firm decision to think about the matter no more. It was stupid and childish and did not deserve his attention.

However, no more then three minutes passed before he felt the urge to chuck his laptop at the wall. He hissed in frustration and ran a hand through his hair. Why was he getting so rilled up on this? Haruhi was one to make careless comments, for example that one remark about Hikaru being a tad meaner then Kaoru which started the whole 'fight' where neither talked to the other and caused a giant complication for the Host Club. Not to mention the many times she stepped on the land mine that was Tamaki's ego, but that was an all too easy feat. So why did this seem to piss him off so much? He should be able to just brush off such a comment.

He started jamming the buttons on his keyboard, hoping to get some sort of satisfaction from abusing the defenseless computer. All he got was an error message and a headache.

At last giving up on getting any work done, he placed the laptop safely back onto the nightstand and fell back against the headboard. He crossed his arms behind his head and stared at the ceiling. A plan was already forming in his head.

The next day, Haruhi was running down the hallway, fifteen minutes late. Last night, it was impossible to get any sleep. Her mind had been filled with anxiety on what exactly the Shadow King had planned for her the following day. Knowing Kyoya, he wasn't going to leave such a stupid question alone. She had to lean on the wall for support at the thought of an even bigger debt then the one she already had.

If she ever found out what the Twins spiked her tea with, she swore to God she would murder them. Her plots for homicide, unfortunately, were soon interrupted by the last warning bell. She swore under her breath and ran the rest of the way to her classroom.

During break, Hikaru and Kaoru were hanging over Haruhi like usual. Today they wanted to show her this little robot action figure they ate twelve boxes of cereal for. "Isn't it cool, Haruhi? It shoots lasers, watch!" Hikaru said in awe, pressing the little button on the back of it so the plastic projectile would land on her desk. Kaoru laughed, removing the toy from his brother's grasp,"You should have seen Hikaru wolfing down the cereal for this thing! You'd have think he was Tamaki with commoner snacks!"

At the comparison, Hikaru pouted, a little red, "H-hey, don't be so mean Kaoru. I wanted the toy to play with you!" His brother smirked for a half second, knowing the real reason he wanted to change the subject in front of Haruhi, but he was still game in playing along.

Kaoru held his brother's face in his hands, a sorrowful smile replacing his smirk. "Oh I'm sorry Hikaru, I didn't mean it! I swear! You know you don't need a toy if you want to play with me..." He said softly, eliciting fan girlish screams from a nearby crowd of Host Club regulars.

Both Twins failed to notice that Haruhi was fast asleep during the whole act. It wasn't until they snapped out of it did Kaoru noticed that her head was slightly slumped forward. Worried, he gently shook her shoulder, "Haruhi? Are you okay? When did you go to bed last night?"

Hikaru was on her other side, not daring to touch her, but still equally concerned. "Really! It's not like our Haru-chan to fall asleep in class,"

Slowly, Haruhi came to, her eyes fluttering a little open. "It's both your faults..." She mumbled. The two brothers exchanged looks of confusion, but let her continue, "Putting something..Funny in my tea...I wouldn't have asked..."

"Asked what?" They asked in unison, their interests perked.

To their disappointment, she slumped forward again. Her eyes were closed again though, when she finally answered them. "...Asked if Kyoya was gay..." She muttered distantly before a soft snore could be heard. A few moments passed before the Twins had to walk away back to their desks before they woke up poor Haruhi again.

Once they thought they were a safe distance away, they broke out into snickers.

"Kyoya?" They laughed, "Gay?" It was hard to keep their voices down because they knew if something like that was heard, people would get ideas and then there would be consequences (even the Twins knew when to fear the Shadow King).

In between breaths Kaoru huffed, "Well, of course he's gay,"

"He's the mother of the family!" Hikaru finished, causing them both to break out in hoots of laughter. Oh, if Kyoya knew they were talking about him like this, he would absolutely kill them.

In another building far from the Twins, Kyoya suddenly sneezed. He sniffed, it must be nearing allergy season.

By the time after school came around, Haruhi already felt pushed to her limit. Through all her classes, she had desperately tried staying awake. The downfall however, was that she was so worked up on remaining conscious that she completely missed whatever the teacher was saying. So as she sat there, entertaining customers, she was actually fretting in the inside.

What was she to study tonight? Did she miss anything important? Test dates? Oh Dear Mother in Heaven, the mess she had gotten herself into! She might end up getting kicked out of Ouran if her grades started slipping...

"Haruhi?" The girl in front of her asked, having noticed she had been ignored.

Snapping back into reality, Haruhi perked up, "Oh, I'm really sorry. Last night I had stayed up a little too late." Well, more like haven't gone to bed at all, but she didn't need to know that.

The girl shook her head, sipping at her tea, "That's no good Haruhi! You need to catch up on your sleep. It's no fun if you're falling asleep on me," She giggled into her hand, "But you looked so cute, so I don't mind!"

Haruhi laughed as well, smiling as she thanked her for her kindness. That's right. Now was not the time to drift off. Her debt would increase even more if she was caught slacking off. She mentally cringed at that. At the mention of debt, her thoughts returned to Kyoya.

It took all of her will power not to look at him and instead, concentrate on getting through her queue of customers.

Finally, when the day was done, the other Host Club members were leaning over the sleeping figure of Haruhi. All except for Kyoya who was sitting at a table across the room, calculating the Club's profit for the day.

"Haru-chan is sleepy today! Is there a test she's studying for?" Hunny asked with bright childish cuteness.

Kaoru shook his head and shrugged, "Not until next week and it's on stuff we already know. She's been half asleep through all her classes today..." His voice dwindled, a thought occurring to him.

"What? My daughter hasn't been getting enough sleep? Preposterous! Unacceptable!" Tamaki sputtered out, making a big fuss, "Then that must mean she misses daddy! Yes, she must need daddy close to sleep at night. Tonight I will come home with here!" He snapped his fingers, making it definite.

However, Hikaru had something to say about that, he grabbed Tamaki by the shoulder before he lunged at the helpless girl, "No, my lord! You stay away from Haruhi. If you were in her bed, she wouldn't sleep at all! Kaoru, help me escort the foolish lord home." With that, his brother and himself stomped out of the club room, dragging an objecting Tamaki in tow.

After the Twins and their King had left, Hunny turned to Mori. "Hikaru is still jealous of Tama-chan, isn't he?" He asked, playing with the ear of his bun-bun. The other man only grunted in response, glancing vaguely at Kyoya. It was more then enough of an answer for Hunny.

Grabbing Mori by the hand, the little blond started for the exit. He bid farewell to Kyoya before the two of them disappeared behind the doorway.

As soon as the door closed, Haruhi blinked. She yawned, rubbing the sleep away from her eyes. Huh, that's funny. She thought when she noticed that she was still at school, I distinctly remember going home.

Stretching, she looked around. "Where is everyone?" The words were out of her mouth before she realized how silly it was to ask such a question aloud when there was clearly no one around.

"They all went home." A familiar voice said from behind, too close for her comfort.

Her head whipped around, looking like a deer caught in headlights, "K-Kyoya!"

He chuckled dryly at her reaction, "Good morning, Sleeping Beauty." Surprisingly, Haruhi turned a light shade of pink.

"A-about y-yesterday, I'm sorry...I-I didn't mean...The Twins...T-The tea.." Haruhi stuttered, trying to get straight to the point. In the back of her mind she vaguely noted how close his face was and how much warmer it was getting. Oh, what was happening to her?

Before she could continue trying to form a decent sentence (which was failing utterly miserably if she should say so herself), Kyoya placed a single finger on her lips, effectively silencing her. "Haruhi," He started, "I propose a dinner for just the two of us this weekend. What do you say?"