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I couldn't believe I had forgotten! How could I have forgotten my own father? I had been home for almost a week and I hadn't even visited him. As soon as we made it home I jumped into my Mercedes and left. As I drove off I could see a shocked Edward in my rearview mirror.

It seemed like the longest car ride ever, even though I had to be at least thirty miles per hour over the speed limit. When I finally reached the gate I parked my car and got out. It took me a while but I found him. As I knelt beside his grave I knew that if I could I would cry.

"I am so sorry Charlie." I whispered to his tombstone. "I am the worst daughter ever; I can't believe I haven't visited you yet."

I sat there for a long time just thinking about how it had happened…

It was a rainy day (as usual) in Alaska. The Denali's were out hunting, and we Cullens were just hanging around the house. Alice and I were redecorating the living room… well more like Alice decorating and me watching. All of a sudden Alice became very still. I could tell it was a vision, I didn't think too much of it, since she has them all the time. That was until Edward came to stand in the doorway with a worried expression.

"Charlie," was all he whispered.

I, of course, became frantic with worry at the thought of Charlie in any sort of danger.

"What about Charlie?" I almost screamed at them.

"Bella you need to get home now, Charlie is dying," Alice told me in a shocked tone.

I had made it home in time for Renesmee and I to say good bye.

We had a large funeral, the entire town showed up to mourn their great police chief.

I sat in front of his grave for hours until noise from behind surprised me. It was Edward.

"I am a horrible person Edward!"

"No your not, Charlie would have wanted you to get your life set up before you visited him."

"I still feel awful."

"Bella honey come with me it is time to come home, every one is getting worried."

"But Charlie."

"You can visit him tomorrow if you would like."

I let Edward help me up and put me in the car. I still felt guilty for forgetting him but Edward was right, I would visit him tomorrow, and every other day as long as I was in Forks.

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