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This is my peace offering since I only have about 30 minutes of writing time a day for the next few weeks and nothing is getting updated. But I am determined to keep this as drabbles between 100 and 300 words so whenever something pops into my head I'll post it here. Sorry about that but I am literally in school from 9am till midnight as I'm preparing for a competition so this is all I have time for. If you like this I'll take my half hour a day and try and post over the course of the next few weeks. If there's no interest, that's cool too, I'll get my BB fix some other way :) Enjoy!

When He's Gone

The bones were not sufficiently clean, the platform wasn't sufficiently sterile, and the lack of focus was unacceptable.

Dr. Temperance Brennan completed her tirade in the cool, unemotional tones she had perfected since adolescence before snapping off her latex gloves and heading back to her office.

Vincent's pale face had lost even more color with each icily delivered word, but Cam, Hodgins, and Angela merely listened impassively and exhaled in relief when she walked away.

"Dear god," Cam moaned piteously. "She has been unbearable this week." Looking up as if seeking divine help, she wondered, "When the hell is Booth getting back?"

It was Angela who muttered the answer everyone else was thinking.

"Not soon enough."