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For What It's Worth

Chapter One: There's Something Happening Here

"Erasa! Erasa!" whispered everyone's favorite half saiyan.

"What's up cutie?" answered the bubbly blonde.

"How long 'till lunch?" whined Gohan.

"Gohan, it's only second period!" exclaimed Erasa.

He grinned sheepishly as his stomach growled, "I know but I'm really hungry."

"Geez brains! How do you put down all that food and still stay scrawny, huh?"

"Uhh, fast metabolism?" said Gohan quickly, a little too quickly, placing his hand behind his head in the typical Son fashion.

Erasa turned back to her doodling, obviously accepting the story; Sharpener raised an eyebrow before leaning back in his chair again; but the dark haired girl sitting in between the two blonds glared daggers at the young hero.

Gohan gulped, 'Man, if looks could kill, she'd be more dangerous than Cell!'

"Ahem!" the teacher announced from the front of the class, "Really! If you children can't control yourselves now, how are you going manage on an extended field trip?"

At those words the class, who had been collectively day dreaming up to that point snapped to full attention.

"Excuse me sir, but did you just say something about an extended field trip?" asked a girl near the front.

The teacher nodded, "Yes Miss Blake in fact I did. As you know, here at OHS we strive for academic excellence. It has been decided that the best way for this technological science class to learn is hands-on. So, we will therefore be going on a month long field trip."

'Hands on studies in tech science? If he says we are going to Capsule Corp I swear I'll blow up the planet.'

A boy at the back raised his hand, "Sir, where will be going?"

The teacher smiled, "Ahh. That is a surprise: one that you will find out bright and early tomorrow when we leave."

That statement caused a small uproar, "WE'RE LEAVING WHEN!?!?!?!?!" everyone yelled together.

"Tomorrow at six-thirty. Don't worry, packets were sent home to your parents several weeks ago detailing the trip. They all sent back your permission slips as well. We asked them not to say anything so as not to ruin the surprise."

Gohan suddenly remembered something. About five weeks ago they had received a letter from Orange Star High for his mom and when he had asked her about it she just smiled and said, "Parent stuff," he had immediately dismissed it from his mind.

Gohan gulped, 'How am I supposed to keep my powers secret all day every day for a month? I can barely manage eight hours a day five days a week!'

Just then the bell rang, "I shall see you all tomorrow morning at six thirty! Bring your suitcases!"

"Wow! A mystery trip! For a whole month! Won't that be awesome guys!" chirped Erasa happily as the foursome was walking down the hall to lunch later that day. It was their first chance to talk about it.

"Yeah, real super. A whole month with Sharpener, just what I want!' said Videl sarcastically.

Sharpener snorted, "It'll probably be some stupid trip to a nerd fest or something only Brains here would enjoy!"

"I don't know. I heard from Jill that we are going to-" Erasa lowered her voice and the other three leaned in instinctively. "CAPSULE CORPORATION!" she squealed causing the other three to leap back in shock, rubbing their ears.

It took a few moments before what she said sunk in, eliciting three different responses: a groan, a squeal and a raised eyebrow. (Guess who did what? I'll give you hint. Videl NEVER squeals. Period.)

'Why me?' thought Gohan desperately as the others chatted away.

The alarm clock went off waaaaaay too early the next morning. Gohan had gone straight home from school the previous day and lay in his room repeating, 'Why me?' over and over again. He had only come out for meals and barely spoke when his mother asked him if he was excited about the trip.

And now it was time to leave. Gohan sighed and looked around his room, this was the last time he'd be here for a whole month.

He went downstairs for breakfast and managed to eat the entire meal without tasting anything. It was during the meal that he noticed a curious silence, "Mom?"

"Yes dear?" asked Chi-Chi looking up from her own meal.

"Where's Goten?"

"Oh, he went over to Trunks'."

"Oh, I wanted to tell him goodbye…" said the teenager.

Chi-Chi smiled, "Don't worry about it dear. You should head out. You don't want to be late.'

Gohan sighed and stood up, "Yes ma'am. Oh, by the way have you seen my luggage capsule? I left it in my room last night and now I can't find it."

"It's on the end table beside the door sweetie. I repacked it last night. If it were up to you, you wouldn't bring anything but a gi. Just like your father," just then she burst into tears, "My baby boy is growing up so fast! You'll probably come home with a girlfriend! WAAHH! Or worse a WIFE!!! WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!"

Gohan sweat dropped, "Mom, it's pretty unlikely that I'll come home married. There are only two girls that have any interest in me. One isn't my type AT ALL and the other I'm pretty sure just wants to beat me up," he said scratching the back of his head with a confused look on his face. 'I wonder why…'

This only caused Chi-Chi to cry louder, something about, "that's how it always starts."

Gohan just shrugged and said a quick goodbye before grabbing his capsule and blasting off towards school. He had just taken off when he remembered to press the red button on his Transformation Watch, as he had christened it.

He made it to school with about a minute to spare. He slid into his seat just as the teacher walked into the room.

"Ahh, I'm glad to see you all made it! Wide eyed and bushy-tailed as well!" Gohan looked around. Everyone except Erasa looked half dead. The girl seemed to have limitless energy. Gohan silently prayed she never met Goten and Trunks.

One guy a couple rows in front of Gohan was leaning on the girl next to him's shoulder and drooling. The class was anything but awake.

Erasa's hand shot up into the air, "Excuse me! Mr. Brown, sir, you still haven't told us where we are going! Is it true we are going to The Capsule Corporation?"

Mr. Brown chuckled, "You are right." Everyone gasped in excitement, "I haven't told you where we are going," Everyone groaned, "and no we are not going to Capsule Corp. Close though," he said with a wink, "I'll allow the sponsors to explain. Ahh! Here they are now!"

At that exact moment a certain blue haired heiress entered the room followed closely by an imposing figure with a permanent scowl, a lavender haired boy trying to imitate his father and---

"Goten?!?" said Gohan in surprise.

The youngest son of Goku smiled his father's trademark grin and waved.

Erasa and Sharpener looked at him curiously and Videl sharply, "You know them?" she said quietly.

Gohan just nodded as Bulma began to speak.

"Hiya everyone! I'm Bulma Briefs and this is my husband, Vegeta, our son, Trunks, and his best friend, Goten," As soon as Bulma said her name everyone began to chat excitedly. This was THE Bulma Briefs, the owner of Capsule Corporation.

"I am sponsoring this trip as well as chaperoning!"

"And just where are we going?" asked a boy in the front who was avidly staring at Bulma's chest. Vegeta growled at him causing his eyes to snap to Bulma's face very quickly. Bulma just smiled, pleased that teenagers still found her attractive.

"We," she said, "are going to another planet!"

"WHAT?!?" the entire class yelled together, none as loud as Gohan. The others just attributed this to his being a nerd and therefore more excited than them. Not true. Gohan's first thought was of Namek. 'If we go to New Namek then Frieza is sure to come up! And when someone asks about it they'll just tell them the truth. Oh man!'

Bulma smiled, "Perhaps I should explain. About three months ago I was looking at the sky with our new Super Telescope and saw a planet. Now this might not sound that interesting to you but this planet was not recorded ANYWHERE! Not once! My husband knows more about planets than I do but he refused to even look," she threw a dangerous look at the Saiyan Prince, "claiming I was 'just too stupid to have seen it before'. Anyway, I decided the best way to learn about it would be to go there. And since OSH had contacted me a few days before that about doing some kind of field trip I came up with the idea to go on an expedition to this 'new' planet. Whadda'ya think?" she said excitedly.

"What about aliens? What kind of protection do we have?" asked one of the really nerdy nerds from the back. You know the one's that watch anime and write fan fiction, the REAL nerds.

Vegeta snorted, "I am all the protection you need," he said arrogantly. Everyone looked at him disbelievingly (except Gohan).

"Yeah! And me Trunks and Big Brother will help too!" said a little orange blur as he ran around the youngest Briefs. The class chuckled at the adorable child.

"Yes, well some of the parents didn't seem to accept that," said Bulma, causing Vegeta to mumble something under his breath about 'pathetic humans', "so we were forced to get another sponsor. He should be here soon…" she said with a grimace.

'Oh no! She can't mean him!' thought Gohan desperately.

"The clown is right outside the door, woman," growled Vegeta.

"Oh he is? Would you care to join?" Bulma said, addressing the second part to the door.

"OF COURSE!" came the reply. Videl and Gohan groaned as everyone else in the class began to cheer. The door opened and in walked none other than Hercule Satan, the 'Man Who Defeated Cell'.

The thought, 'Could this trip get any worse?' ran through two minds at the same time.


"Anyway," Bulma all but yelled over the cheering, "I have some last minute inspections to perform on the ship before we take off. Since I'll be doing that and my dear husband refuses to help, Gohan will brief you on the basics of the ship."

"But Bulma, I don't know anything about the ship!" protested the young demi-saiyan while everyone else looked at him disbelievingly.

"Of course you do! It's the same as the one you helped me build after the Ce--"

Vegeta coughed and Bulma blinked realizing that she was about to say the Cell games. She cleared her throat before continuing, "After Goten was born."

Gohan sighed and nodded glumly. He stood up and made his way toward the front while the class whispered excitedly, "He's on a first name basis with Bulma Briefs!" squealed Erasa excitedly, while Sharpener just sat there in stunned silence, and Videl tried to fit this new piece into the puzzle that was Gohan.

'He lives five hours away yet manages to get to school and home every day without a jet or car; he doesn't like my dad by his reaction earlier; he knows Bulma Briefs; and he's hiding something. I don't know what but I will find out!'

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