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For What It's Worth

Chapter Three

There's a Man With a Gun Over There

They had finally cleared the atmosphere and everyone began to chat happily over the meal. Except, of course, the saiyans who were inhaling everything in sight.

The buzz of conversation died as everyone had stopped to watch the four saiyan eat with looks of wonder and disgust on their faces. Most of them had seen Gohan eat but this was ridiculous!

After several minutes, the saiyan seemed satisfied and dispersed. Vegeta headed straight for the gravity room; Trunks whispered something in Goten's ear causing the younger to grin and nod happily, before they too disappeared; and Gohan wandered away towards the other end of the large room where the controls were located.

The conversation soon picked back up. Everyone was busy talking excitedly about their first trip into space. Gohan meanwhile was thinking about his own first time. The two could hardly be more different.

Last time he, Bulma and Krillen had been alone on an alien space ship racing towards a planet they weren't even sure still had inhabitants in order to try to bring their friends who had died fighting the saiyans back to life. That trip had set so many events into motion. The fight with Frieza; Vegeta joining the Z-Fighters; Piccolo's fusion with Nail; and most importantly his fathers becoming the first Super Saiyan in a thousand years which ultimately led to Gohan's becoming a Super Saiyan and sub sequentially a Super Saiyan Two allowing him to defeat Cell, which allowed Hercule Satan (who was now informing a group of wannabe fighters just how he'd defeat any aliens that tried to attack them. "One karate chop straight to the neck from the Champ and those aliens will be down for the count! Oh Yeah!") to take the credit, making him famous and allowing Videl to start fighting crime in the city.

Amazing how the arrival of the saiyans had been a catalyst for such change in his life and the lives of so many others, whether they knew it or not.

Speaking of saiyans…

"Can I get everyone's attention please?" called Mr. Brown. When no one showed signs of quitting, he blew long and hard on a whistle. Everyone cringed, quieted and looked at the teacher. He smirked. "I'll have to thank Coach Creed for giving me that. Anyway, since this is a school trip, we will be forced to learn on it." Everyone groaned. The man smiled apologetically. "I know, I know. We won't have to do too many actual sit down lessons, they will vary. Today for example we will be watching a documentary."

One boy raised his hand. Mr. Brown gestured for him to ask away. "What is the documentary over sir?"

Mr. Brown smiled again. "Aliens of course!"

Everyone began to chat excitedly again.

Gohan just smiled inwardly. 'Oh, this ought to be good! I bet Vegeta will get a great kick out of it!'

Mr. Brown approached the large screen that took up an entire wall of the main room. He gestured for everyone to sit down while he slid the VHS tape into the VCR player. The screen buzzed for a second before going black.

The lights dimmed down as Bulma sat down at the back of audience with the two chibis. She had found attempting to break into the girls room in order to freeze their bra's. She was pretty sure whose idea that was especially since Goten thought bra was a girl. 'Hmmm, that's not a bad name for a girl… Bra, Bra Briefs... definitely has promise.' She thought to herself with a smile.

The video ran some brief credits showing nothing interesting other than the fact it had been published two years ago. The screen lit up as it what appeared to be the ruins of a city. It stopped on a man who bore a remarkable resemblance to Mr. Satan except for his darker skin and outfit.

"Hello." said the man. "I am King Chappa, former World Martial Arts Champion. Today we are going to take a look at a subject that has often been over looked in our society. Extraterrestrial beings, or aliens, and their interactions with this planet. Now there have been several instances in history that have implied extraterrestrial involvement, for example the attack of the Demon King Piccolo. But we had little real evidence of aliens until eleven years ago."

Gohan leaned forward at that. 'Eleven years ago? That means thirteen since this came out two years ago… That would be around the time that-' his eyes got big and he groaned as he realized just what their proof was going to be. The groan caused Videl, Sharpener, Erasa and Bulma to look at him oddly. He made eye contact with Bulma. He darted his eyes towards the gravity room where Vegeta was. Bulma looked at him totally lost.

"This proof," continued King Chappa, "Came in the form of the destruction of East City." Bulma's eyes got wide and her mouth opened in a perfect O.

"What you are about to see is real footage, taken only moments before the third largest city in the world, disappeared."

Gohan swallowed. He knew what was coming next.

The image of King Chappa was replaced by footage that had obviously been taken from a security camera. It was a typical day, cars zipped by on the road, people pushed past on the sidewalks.

Then all of the sudden two bright lights appeared in the sky, heading straight towards the crowded streets. All along the sidewalks, people began to stop and point. The lights got closer and closer until they became two grayish-white balls with a circle of red glass like an eye shining in the sun.

The saiyan space pods, as Gohan knew them to be, collided with the busy street creating two large craters.

Everyone on the street had ceased moving and were now staring into the craters until ever so slowly two figures floated out of them.

The two men stopped about even with the security camera, which was fastened to the side of a skyscraper. The appeared to converse for a few seconds before the much larger of the two smirked evilly and gestured up with two fingers. There was a sudden flash of light and the transmission turned to static.

Gohan was silently praying that everyone had been so busy watching Nappa that they had failed to recognize Vegeta. Unfortunately, his prayer went unanswered.

Erasa leaned towards Videl. "Psst! Did anyone else think that little one looked freakishly like that Vegeta guy?"

"You know I thought the same thing!" replied Sharpner.

Videl nodded. "Me too..."

"Weird!' said Erasa before returning her attention to the TV.

The static had been replaced by another shot of King Chappa, this time standing in a barren wasteland.

"The destruction of East City places second in the most deaths caused by a single being, barely beating out King Piccolo's reign of terror. It would have stayed first had Cell not come along four years later. This was, unfortunately, only the first time these monsters attacked. A few hours later the larger of the two completely decimated the King's entire military, much the same as Cell did years later. These aliens were stopped here, on the very spot I stand, thanks to an elite team known only as 'Earths Special Forces' led by a man named Yajirobe before they could strike a third time however.

The scene faded out and was replaced by footage of a short, fat samurai stuffing his face while reporters swarmed around him.

The girls, including Bulma let out a collective 'Ewwww'. Gohan just groaned, he remembered his mother and Bulma telling him about this.

"Who are the other members of your team?" asked a man near the front.

Yajirobe stopped and scratched his chin. "You've probably heard of them. You might have even seen them in action at the World Martial Arts Tournament. First there's Goku and then there's Yamcha and Krillin."

He was cut off by another reporter, "You know Goku?"

"Know him? I'm his trainer!" Gohan barely held in a chuckle.

"Yeah Goku is definitely our best man. That is if he makes it back in time." said the fat man before diving into another plate of food.

The scene faded out and King Chappa returned, still standing on the site of the battle. "From this interview we learned much. We learned the names of the members of this elite team called 'The Earth's Special Forces'. First off, we have Yamcha, sometimes called Yamcha the Bandit. Yamcha is best known as a three-time quarter finalist in the WMAT as well as being considered the greatest baseball player of all time.

Second we have Krillen, a former monk of Orin temple turned student of the Turtle Hermit. He made it to the semi-finals of the WMAT once and the quarterfinals twice.

Tien Shinhan, a former champion and his companion, Chiaotzu who are the last known students of The Crane Master are also assumed members of the team.

And of course Son Goku, the, at the time, Champion of the World. Goku is extremely powerful, take it from someone who has fought him. Some say that he is as strong, if not stronger than our savior Hercule Satan." This statement was met with a large laugh from Mr. Satan. "Yeah right! I know all about that phony! He's nothing but a magician and a trickster! I could beat him with two hands behind my back blindfolded! If he's so strong why hasn't he been at the World Martial Arts Tournament in twenty years, huh?"

Bulma, never known for keeping her temper in check, couldn't help but defend the fallen hero. "Hey! Thats my best friend you're talking about! And for your information he happens to be dead! So why don't you shut your damn mouth you moron!"

Hercule backed away from the blue-haired woman's angry glare. "I uh had no idea he had passed on! My ap-pologies ma'am!"

Bulma just snorted and told Mr. Brown to resume the movie which he had paused when the yelling began. The man, eager to stay on her good side, quickly complied.

King Chappa continued his roster. "They were joined by two unnamed individuals at the sight of the battle. One of these nameless fighters greatly resembles King Piccolo and the other appears to be no more than a child, believed to be the son of either Goku or Yamcha."

Gohan and Bulma blanched and Vegeta (who had secretly joined them some moments ago when he heard 'the woman' yelling) laughed out loud. Everyone cast him a curious look before returning their attention to the screen.

"I'm going to warn; what you are about to see is rather graphic. It is actual footage from the front lines. Using technological advances we have managed to clarify the picture a great deal and even enhance the sound so we can hear what these mysterious fighters were speaking about."

Everyone leaned forward in anticipation except Gohan, who had shrunk back as far as possible. Sharpener of course noticed this and took it as a chance to take a jab at the class nerd.

"Awww, don't worry Nerd-Boy, I'm sure you'll hold down your lunch just fine."

Gohan glanced over at Sharpener. "Uhh, yeah, sure! Thats it, I'm just not used to violent images!" he said quickly scratching his head nervously. He swallowed and turned back toward the TV.

Bulma noticed the look of pain and sadness in his eyes. She remembered what it was like, sitting there watching as all her friends were killed, powerless. She could only imagine how hard it must have been for a child, barely more than a toddler really, to have seen it first hand.

The screen showed the two aliens standing behind five small green men who looked like the stereotypical 'little green men' aliens that the class had always heard about. They were facing six fighters all but one of whom appeared human, even if one was dressed like a clown. The earthlings were busy congratulating the tall, three eyed man identified as Tien Shinhan by a small caption across the bottom of the screen. He had apparently defeated another of the green man in combat.

Yamcha stepped forward.

The small bald man, Krillin the screen said, tried to convince him to allow him to go next. Yamcha just smiled roguishly at his small friend. He opened his mouth to speak but all that came out was static. King Chappa's voice came on over the picture. "For some reason our technology was unable to enhance these few sentences. We have no idea why and we apologize for the inconvenience."

Yamcha turned back towards the invaders. "Beside, I'm really eager to show these creeps what we are all about here on this planet."

The aliens chuckled and told one of the Saibamen, as Gohan knew them to be, to fight the enthusiastic bandit.

The video had been slowed down immensely so as to be visible to the human video but it was no less intense for it. The students watched in awe as Yamcha battled the alien fiercely and cheered just as fiercely when it appeared he had beaten the monster. He turned his back to the little beast and smirked arrogantly. Gohan wondered how his friend could have made such an amateurish mistake as to turn his back on the enemy.

Videl however noticed something else. "Wait, is that thing still moving?" The words had barely left her mouth when the creature lept from the ground and locked it's arms and legs around Yamcha. With a yell and a flash, the Saibaman was gone and Yamcha lay on the ground smoking and very much dead.

"What no way!" said Sharpener. Erasa was crying into his shoulder.

Videl noticed that Gohan appeared very upset as well. Her eyes narrowed. "Believed to be the son of Goku." she mentally repeated King Chappa's words. "And if Son Goku IS Gohan's father that means that Gohan is that kid!" She looked at his large dark eyes full of sadness and his messy hair. The resemblance was definitely there.

"It's horrible to watch, huh Gohan?" inquired Videl. She hated to do this especially if that really was him... He nodded sadly.

"But it must have been even worse to have been there and not been able to save him." The look of pain and guilt that crossed Gohan's face was almost as good as proof. Almost, but Videl wanted solid evidence. 'Maybe one of the other's will let his name slip...'

The class watched in awe as Krilli\en single handedly destroyed the other Saibamen ( Mr. Satan going on and on about tricks until Vegeta growled at him to shut his 'pathetic mouth'.)

They watched as one by one the other fighters fell, as Chiaotzu blew himself up in vain and Tien spent his life energy trying to avenge his fallen friend, until there were only three left. Krillen, the green man identified as Piccolo and the as of yet unnamed boy.

They watched the three of them plotting. They got ready to put their plan into action.

The large bald alien attacked. Piccolo met him head on in the air and knocked him quickly to Krillen below him who kicked him towards the small boy.

The boy raised his hands to blast the alien but he froze. The green man above him shouted. "NOW GO-"

But his words were cut off, as was the video as large blast struck the ship causing the ship to shake.

A voice came over the speakers. "Do not attempt to defend yourselves. We are coming aboard and if you fight we will kill you."

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