A/N: Love to reviewers

And my darling Countess Black, whose help is invaluable.

This series of oneshots is based around the children's song 'You are my Sunshine'

I have been so fortunate to have people in my life who were--and are--my sunshine. This is for all of them.


Draco cringes as the thunder peals remorselessly overhead, holding Basil tightly against him. The dragon snuggles into Draco's chest and Draco pats his back to put him to sleep. "It's all right, Basil, I'm here. It can't hurt you. Take your nap like a good little dragon."

Basil says he doesn't need a nap because he isn't sleepy. Draco frowns. "Yes, you do. I know what's best for you."

Basil pouts and Draco decided to ignore it, though if this behavior continues Basil will find himself in bed early, and with no pudding. He hates to be stern, but he has to do what's best for Basil. Draco begins to sway a little, humming tunelessly.

Is Draco very sure the thunder can't get in? Suppose it should want to eat little dragons?

"No, silly, of course it can't. And anyway, I always protect you, don't I?"

Basil yawns and nods. Father should be home soon, shouldn't he?

Draco considers. "I think so. We've been here a long time."

Basil doesn't answer. He's snoring softly. Draco nods to himself, satisfied. "Told you so. Needed a nap."

There's a pop in the atrium and then the door opens. Draco jumps up, squealing with glee, careful not to jostle Basil. He's only a very little dragon, after all, and needs his sleep.

"Father! Father! You're home!"

Lucius smiles and swings his son up, kissing his cheeks and settling the little fellow on his hip. Draco's clutching his favorite toy, frowning solemnly down at it. "What did you do today, Draco?"

"Drew a picture, and played with my ball. Basil's been very naughty, Father."


"He wouldn't nap."

"Hmm, that's too bad. What did you do?"

"I told him he had to listen. Now he's asleep."

"A happy ending, then. Let's go and find Mother, shall we?" Draco nods, burying his head in his father's neck. "Basil doesn't like the thunder, Father."

Lucius knows another little boy who's scared of thunder but doesn't say anything. "It was very brave of Basil to stay out here, wasn't it, when the thunder was overhead?"

Draco considers. "We wanted to see you."

Lucius smiles. "The feeling is mutual."

"Mutual?" Narcissa steps into the anteroom, face glowing with pleasure. Lucius feels the day's tensions draining away.

"It means that inside it is sunny even when it rains."