Pairing: Darc/Kharg

Warnings: Mild YAOI and twincest...don't like, don't read.

Summery: Darc wants to play and isn't taking no for an answer.

A.N. Just a little light-hearted drabble written as a christmas present for Chaos_Silk (sorry it's late!!). Prompt: 'twins, chains and smut'.

Disclaimer: The boys do not belong to me, I make no profit from this.

A deep feeling of unease began to spread through Kharg's body as he took in the devious-looking smirk that was currently painted across his brother's face. Warily lowering the book he had been reading, the former prince turned his full attention to the half-Drakyr.

'Darc...what is it?' Kharg questioned cautiously, not entirely sure that he wanted to know the answer.

'I thought maybe we could play a little game,' the other male replied, the grin on his face growing wide enough to reveal the pointed tips of his canines.

'Hmm,' the blond twin intoned with uncertainty, 'What kind of game?'

'One that involves these...' Darc responded, ruby eyes glittering dangerously as he pulled his clawed hand from behind his back.

'Darc, no,' Kharg sighed, his hand quickly moving to cover his face in a gesture of exasperation, 'whatever you're planning to do with those, you can forget it. Where did you even find them?'

'In your dungeon, downstairs,' the darker male replied as he took a step closer to the bed, the sound of the chains he had found dragging across the floor behind him causing an involuntary shudder to run the length of the blond male's spine.

'We don't have a dungeon. I think you mean the cellar...though I have no idea what those were doing down there.'

'Maybe they belonged to Nafia,' Darc shrugged.

'Now you're just talking nonsense,' Kharg retorted, turning quickly away from the darker male in the hope that he wouldn't notice the faint pink blush that crept insidiously across his cheeks on hearing his brother's words, 'put them back where you found them and stop messing around.'

Resolutely ignoring his twin, Kharg picked up his book and continued reading, coming to the conclusion that if he ignored Darc for long enough he would eventually give up and go away.

However, moments later the former prince gasped in surprise as the book was torn roughly from his hands, causing a resounding crash as it hit the opposite wall. He barely had time to register what was happening as Darc grabbed both his wrists and pulled them up above his head. Swiftly straddling him, the half-Drakyr leaned over until their faces were mere millimetres apart, his breath feeling hot against the lighter male's skin.

'Get off me!' Kharg cried angrily, beginning to struggle beneath his brother's grasp.

'I don't think so...I'm not going to take no for an answer,' the half-Drakyr grinned.

Just as the blond was opening his mouth to protest, Darc wrapped his free hand possessively around his jaw and pulled him upwards into a fierce, breath-halting kiss. It was only a moment before Kharg's struggles ceased and, with a soft moan of pleasure, began kissing back.

As Darc began to pull away, leaving the lighter male panting softly as the anger he had been feeling just moments before transmuted into desire, Kharg felt something cold and metallic snap around his wrists. His dark gaze travelled swiftly upwards until it came to rest on his twin's triumphant face.

'Now about that game...,' Darc murmured, his hands running confidently across his brother's chest.

As much as he wanted to protest, the best Kharg could manage was a throaty moan as the darker male's fingers found the waist-band of his shorts and began to pull them away. Closing his eyes in anticipation, the former prince allowed himself to relax and waited for the games to begin.