Angel sat beside his bed, watching as Connor lay, sleeping soundly, beneath the covers. Both of the teenager's arms lay on top of the covers, bandaged heavily at the wrists. Fred had determined that the wounds would not need stiches, or hospital treatment, as that had stopped bleeding by the time Angel had gotten Connor to the Hyperion.

Connor still looked too pale, in Angel's opinion, and if it wasn't for the steady thumping of Connor's heart that he could hear, and the steady rise and fall of his son's chest as Connor breathed, Angel would have been convinced that his son was dead, or worse, a vampire.

Slowly, carefully, Angel took hold of Connors hand, running his thumb over Connor's slightly cut and bruised knuckles. Gunn had taken one look at Connor's hands and said that 'Connor had obviously lashed out at something hard recently, probably a wall or door.'

Angel had been inclined to agree with Gunn, who had left the hotel, along with Wesley to go to Connor's apartment and check it out for any belongings, or anything that the teenager might want.

It was nearing midday when Connor stirred, groaning and whimpering slightly. Angel carefully stroked Connor's forehead, brushing his hair back off his face.

"Con, c'mon, time to wake up."

"Angel?" Connor whispered, opening his eyes blearily.

"Yeah, that's right Connor. I'm here, its okay."

"Where am I?"

"In my room at the Hyperion."


Angel paused before answering; deciding that honesty was the best way to go.

"Because I was scared. I was so scared I was going to loose you, and I don't think I can keep fighting if I lost you." Angel spoke, and he knew Connor believed him

"You managed before me."

"I don't know how."

"How badly am I hurt?" Connor asked, changing the subject.

"The cuts on your wrists, which Fred thinks will heal fine, considering your enhanced healing, and some bruised ribs, from when you hit the wall when I grabbed you. You lost a lot of blood though. You're lucky."

"I'm sorry, Dad." Connor whispered.

"For what, Connor?"

"For sending you down in that box and leaving you, for being such a brat ever since I got here, for, for scaring you last night. I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, Connor. I forgive you, we all do. Cordy, Wes, Gunn, Fred, and Me. They're all so worried about you, and they're sorry about how they treated you. I am too. I'm so sorry Connor."

"You don't have anything to be sorry for, Dad." Connor had a small smile on his face, which Angel replied with one of his own. The vampire moved up onto the bed so he was sitting beside Connor, looking down at his son.

"I love you. Dad." Connor whispered, his blue eyes locked onto Angel's brown ones.

"I love you too, Connor."

Connor smiled at Angel's words, before closing his eyes and falling asleep again. Angel watched his son sleeping, before he lay down beside him, wrapping an arm over Connor's body, and surrendering to his weariness.


Cordy sat up on her desk in they foyer, while tho ethers sat on the couches.

"I wonder how Connor's doing" Fred mentioned.

"I don't know, I haven't heard any yelling though, that's always a good sign." Gunn joked. Wes and Cordy smiled, but were too worried about Connor to laugh. The silence was broken when Lorne came in.

"Who hasn't been yelling?" he asked, obviously catching Gunn's comment.

"Angel and Connor. They're upstairs."

"Angel brought Connor home last night."

"Then why do you look like someone's died. I don't think that they'll have killed each other. Angelcakes cares too much about Connor."

None of Angel's gang said anything, none of them wanting to be the one who told the empathy demon about Connor's suicide attempt. Wes finally took a breath.

"Last light, Angel went out looking for Connor. He tracked him down to the rooftop of a building not far from here. Connor had slit his wrists pretty bad, and, well, He tried to jump off the roof."

"Angel caught him, and when Connor passed out from blood loss, Angel brought him back here." Gunn continued for Wes when the Englishman choked up

"He looked so weak and sick" Cordy whimpered, dabbing at her eyes with a tissue.

"He looked so young," Fred sobbed.

Lorne was in shock. He couldn't believe it. Connor, although not the most cheerful of teenagers, had never seemed the sort to try to end his own life. It was proof of how much his time away from Angel, and his gang, had changed the boy.

"I'm going up to speak to Angel," Lorne said. Cordelia hopped off her desk, tossing her tissue into the bin.

"I'll come with you; I want to see how they're holding up."

"Me too" Fred chimed in. Wes and Gunn got up as well, and together they went up the stairs.

Cordelia was the first to come level with Angel's door. She tapped on it lightly.

"Angel" she whispered. When there was no response, she pushed the door open, and then she smiled.

Connor and Angel were lying on the bed together, Angel's arm draped over Connor protectively. Connor had nestled right up against Angel's broad chest, and had his finger's curled around Angel's shirt. Connor had nestled his head into the crook of angel's neck, and had a small smile on his face as he slept, as did Angel.

"Does anyone have a camera?" Cordelia asked as she and the other's watched on, smiling joyfully.

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