The Lion and the Serpent

I - Shattered

The ground was cold and damp, yet he found comfort in it, little though it was. His eyes were closed, his throat tight with tears, which he refused to shed. He wouldn't cry; he will not weep. Eventhough the world had turned to hell. Eventhough, he wanted to die.


"Has he spoken yet?" Black eyes usually calm, seldom filled with distraught, stared with great worry and trepidation at Rowena as their owner awaited an answer to her question which though simple in form had desperation etched in every whispered syllable.

Those eyes closed when Rowena remained silent, only gently shaking her head. After a few moments, they both looked to the door, beside of which they were standing in wait. It had been locked and barred since early morn.

"Where is Salazar?" Asked Rowena after another too tense a moment had passed.

"I don't know," said Helga with a bothered exhalation. "I lost him. He was driving his horse so hard, I fear the poor beast will collapse before they reach wherever Salazar is heading to." It said much that Helga pitied Salazar's Thestral. She very rarely cared for any animal of any sort.

"I have never seen him so angry before," added Helga after some hesitation.

"I have," murmured Rowena. When Helga inquired for details, she declined to reveal them. The experience she had referred to was so little compared to what Godric had gone through.

Salazar had been present to protect her.

Godric had been alone.


To be continued.