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Bella´s POV
"Mom look what uncle Jasper and auntie Alice gave me!" I saw Renesmee running over to me where I was standing next to Edward, watching as our daughter opened up her birthday presents. It was her first birthday ever and nearly a year had passed by since I lost my sister, and defeated my father and his brothers in the process.

"It's wonderful Neisse but shouldn´t you thank Jazz and Alice?" I said after I had inspected the necklace she held in her hand. It was a golden heart with the Cullen crest engraved with tiny diamonds. Obviously Alice had decided not to listen when I told her not to go overboard; Nessie was after all just one year old even if she looked like ten. Her extreme growth sprout had finally stopped and even though she still grew faster than any other child it wouldn´t be so noticeable any longer, not that we had been worried.

Just a few hours after Aro had been defeated Alice and Jasper had, to our surprise and joy, returned and with them they had brought a dhampier, just like Neisse, and his aunt.

Everyone had been very shocked but suddenly we knew why Alice left us in our time of need and there were no hurt feelings. We had also learned what we had to expect in Neisse's future and the relief we all had felt when we learned that Nessie wouldn´t die young had been so strong that Jasper nearly fainted. That Emmett still teased him for.

After the battle it had taken some time before everyone left our home and during that time nearly everyone had left me alone. They had understood that it had been my time to grieve over my sister death. I still had a hole in my heart and each time I thought of Maria it would begin to hurt and each time, just like now, Jasper would look at me with worry in his eyes. In the beginning he had been afraid of the immense pain I sometimes felt, but I had talked to him about it and he had dropped the subject. Well at least to some degree.

Edward who noticed Jasper´s glance looked down at me and gave me small kiss on my forehead; it eased the pain a little. He knew. He always did. Part of it was because I hadn´t allowed him to give me my heart back, but mostly because of the love and bond we shared.

My heart he now kept it in a chain around his neck and sometimes I would see him staring worriedly at the small crack which had appeared after my sister's death and now was visible.

"Mom, could we go visit Mia now?" My daughter suddenly said from the place where she sat on Jacob´s back looking at me with a beaming smile. I smiled right back.

"Of course honey." I said before we all, together, walked towards the meadow which now was full of so many painful memories. Still it warmed me more than anything when I saw my family together. Nessie was riding piggy back on Jacob as he and Emmett once again was telling the other some lame joke, both of them laughing. Rosalie and Leah (who to all of our surprise had found each other!) who walked behind them were rolling their eyes at the "boys", showing the rest of the world how silly they thought their husband and friend were. Seth was walking next to Carlisle and Esme while Alice and Jasper was closest to me and Edward. Everyone spoke and laughed, getting along like a real family. They were all happy and so was I.

When we reached the meadow the light and happy mood was replaced by light sorrow. Nessie jumped down from Jacob´s back and was the first to reach the tree we had planted on the spot where my sister had died. Just like my daughter it had grown with an amazing speed and was already higher than many of its neighbors. Its pink flowers were beginning to fall off as the tree was preparing itself for the winter and when a small breeze came through the meadow the air was filled with pink little petals. It had become a tradition for our family to return to this place when we felt that there was something we wanted to share with our lost family member or when we needed someone to talk to.

"Hi Auntie Mia!" My daughter began. "Today it is my birthday and I just wanted to come here and thank you for what you did for our family, your family. We all miss you, mom more than anyone." She looked at me for a second when she said that and then she turned her eyes back to tree.

"But I think she is okay, she comes out here and talks to you a lot, but I am not going to ask you what she says since I think that is private. Although I know that she usually comes out here to calm down when uncle Em is getting on her nerves." Emmett chuckled at that. "I just wanted you to know that we are okay and that I miss you. Love you auntie Mia!" My daughter said and kissed the tree before she started walking back to us, but before she reached us her eyes locked on something behind us and she froze, eyes turning big. Before anyone else even had time to react I had turned around in an attacking position and took in the scene before me. At the edge of the woods stood a hooded figure holding a golden egg in its hands and on his cloak there was a small pattern of flowers woven into the fabric. I remembered that pattern and it caused me to relax in the same moment as the rest of my family tensed, showing how much faster my reflexes really were.

"Calm down, he is a friend." I said looking at the figure with a smile on my face.

"But Bella, I can´t see him." Alice said next to me sounding worried and for a second I looked at her.

"Sure you can Alice, but my friend here likes to mix with others past. Am I not right Xin Szu?" I said directing the last part to the vampire I knew was standing before us. The figure sighed before it reached up and allowed its hood to fall from its head. Before us stood a middle aged Asian man with black hair, in which you could see a few sliver strings. He had read eyes, his skin was not as white as our own and he was not much taller than me. But he still had the same presence as all ancient vampires had.

"You caught me young Bella," His accent was thick even after all these years "and I apologize to you, young Alice, for worrying you, but I wanted my arrival to be a surprise to my old friend." He had closed the distance between us as he spoke and now he took Alice's hand in his own, pulled it up to his lips and gave it a light kiss. He then let go of her hand and gave Alice such a warm smile that she had no other choice than to smile back at him with the same warmth and a slightly dazed look.

Jasper on the other hand was staring at Xin Szu with such a dark look in his eyes it caused me to giggle. Xin had always been a ladies' man and he sure had the looks to pull it off. The worst part was that he knew he had the looks at well.

"So I am an old friend, but still I am young?" I asked Xin, still amused with the effect he had on my sister. I had never been affected by his charm as all other women, including vampires, and sometimes I had questioned if he didn´t have more than one power.

"Just an expression dear Bella" Xin said his eyes sparkling "and I must say you look even lovelier than last time I saw you." He reached out his hand and I gladly took it. Then he spun me around before he spun me right into his arms, causing me to laugh and giving him a big hug. I could sense that Edward wasn't bothered, not much at least, but it had always been obvious to others around us that there was nothing more than deep friendship in mine and Xin's relationship.

"And I can see that your sister's attempt to change you worked, you have grown up." His statement shocked me a little.

"You knew about my change?" I asked and he nodded.

"Yes I met Mia a few years ago and we talked about a lot of things." He said his eyes glancing towards the tree. He already knew. "And that conversation is actually the reason I am here. I have gift to your daughter from your sister." He said and I didn´t even ask him how Mia could have known about Nessie even before we did, she had always been a mystery to everyone and sometimes even to herself. Instead I just looked at my daughter with a small smile and she carefully left Jacob´s side and walked over to the ancient vampire. I could see that Jacob didn´t like it, but one look from me and he relaxed.

"What´s your name young one?" Xin asked my daughter.


"And how old are you?" At this Nessie rolled her eyes.

"I am one." I saw the shocked look in Xin´s eyes before he wished my daughter a happy birthday and gave her the golden egg. She stared at it for a second, confused, before she politely thanked Xin for the present and continued inspecting the egg. The egg surely was beautiful, but I could see the doubting look in her eyes which was sheared with the rest of my family. Not even I knew what it was, but I didn´t like the smug look in Xin´s eyes when he winked at me. Then I noticed something, a small crack which had appeared on the egg.

"Xin is that a…" I never had the time to finish before the small crack I had seen suddenly grew in size and it sounded as if something hard was hitting against the inside of the egg. Nessie dropped it and in a second Edward was at her side glaring at Xin who was still looking at me. Once on the ground the egg cracked in two and a small creature fell out. A baby dragon!

It was golden with wings nearly as big as its own body. The small dragon gave up a little squeak when it tried taking a step forward and fell on the ground in a failed attempt. Before Edward had time to react our daughter had left his side picking up the tiny dragon her arms. Surprised it opened its eyes which were like golden deep pools and suddenly the dragon looked much older than it really was, just like I did. The eyes focused on my daughter before the dragon gave up content little squeak and made itself comfortable in her arms, staring at the rest of our family with curiosity.

"You have got to be kidding with me" I finally managed to say and Xin looked as if he was trying very hard not to laugh.

"Actually I am not, your sister told me that your daughter probably one day would want a pet and since it would be hard for her to have a normal pet Maria thought a dragon would be perfect."

"She is going to be enormous." I said still wondering how I was going to tell my daughter that she couldn't keep her new friend, because they were obviously already bonding. When Emmett had tried to touch the dragon it had turned around and bit his finger, hard, and when it finally had let go you could see the trace of tiny sharp teethes. For those who knew it, it wasn't a surprise that dragon's could hurt vampires. Their skin was even harder then ours and their claws and teeth stronger and sharper than any other material known on earth.

The little dragon had though accepted both Jacob and Edward and it already looked with Nessie with adoring eyes. The worst part was that my daughter was staring back at the tiny dragon with the same look in her eyes.

"Not really." Xin said. "She is a miniature type of dragon and will only be the size of a small horse."

"Really, then there is no problem." The sarcasm in my voice was clear and Xin chuckled a little.

"You really think Mia would give you daughter a present she couldn´t handle?" He asked and I knew he was right. She wouldn´t have given Nessie anything she couldn´t handle, and why don't allow an extraordinary child to have an extraordinary pet?

"You are right." I said "So how long will you be staying?"

"Not for long." Xin said and I felt how my face fell. "But not because I don´t want to, but because there is someone I want you to meet and she couldn´t come with me this time." The look on his face had become adoringly and I reached forward to give him a hug and a kiss on his cheek before he left, telling him I was looking forward to his next visit. I was the only one who noticed him leaving and turned back to my daughter which now was surrounded by our family. The tiny dragon was once again on the ground now managing to walk a few steps, but it was still squeaking now and then. Then it scrunched its nose together and sneezed which caused a few flames to escape its mouth. I had to admit it looked absolutely adorable.

"Okay everyone listen up" I said and everyone looked at me, even the small dragon. To all of our surprise it hurried over the ground when it heard my voice, suddenly being able to run on its little legs, and sat down at my feat, looking up at me with big begging eyes. I was the first one except my daughter it had wanted contact with willingly and all the others stared at the little creature. With a small sigh I bent down and lifted up the tiny dragon in hands to eye level. I stared into its warm golden eyes and saw traces of my own staring back at me. With a sigh I cradled the tiny dragon in my arms as it laid its head over my joined hands. So now I had become the dragon mom… great.

"First of all I have something very important to ask Nessie. What are you going to name your new friend?"

"You mean I can keep her?" My daughters face beamed with joy and excitement.

"Yes you can, but you will have take care of her each day, every week and year is that clear?" My daughter nodded eagerly, her bronze looks dancing around her head. "The discipline part I will take care of." I said smiling at Nessie. No one else would be able to train the little monster now when it saw me as it´s mother anyway.

"Then I name her… Solar, after the sun since she shines like the sun. Do you like that?" Nessie asked the dragon in my arms and Solar seemed to consider her new name before she gave a small squeak in approval and reached out one of her claws in a demanding way towards my daughter as she tried to get out of my arms, causing everyone to laugh. With a smile I allowed Nessie to take her new friend.

We stayed in the meadow for a few more minutes and before we left, Nessie once again ran forward to my sister's memorial tree, thanking it for her present. I asked Edward to stay behind with me and when everyone had left I looked at the tree myself before I walked forward and sank to my knees in front of it.

"I just wanted you to know that I am thankful for what you did. I am thankful for that you thought about what would become of us even after your death and I am thankful for that you were ready to give your life so we could live. Aro is dead; they found his burning remains a few days ago. I don´t know who killed him but I don´t care either, all I hope is that you are happy and that you have found Nate again. Something tells me that you have. I love you." With those words I kissed the tree, just like my daughter had done, and walked over to Edward who laid his arm around my shoulders.

"Do you ever..." he trailed off looking at my sister's tree and I knew what he meant.

"No, I never wish I had followed her. You, our daughter and our family are my world and I wouldn´t trade that for anything. Ever!" I reached up and kissed him lightly as I felt how the fire which always burned in me when we touched grew in power just like the kiss. There was no way in a million years I would give this up, not being with the man I loved more than anything was an unbearable thought. Then suddenly the anxious voice of Emmett was heard, interrupting us.

"Uhm Bella, how old is dragons when they start flying?" Amused Edward smiled at me as I laughed loudly. Holding hands we both ran towards our family and our future.

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