Chapter 22


John yawned a bit, when he felt the sunlight on his face, "Good morning hun. Are you finally awake too?", the human heard the lovely voice of his vixen, "And I thought you didn't drink anything. You shouldn't do that, if you don't get along with the aftermath.".

The human heard the squeaking of a window and felt a sudden wind flurry rolling over his skin, 'Wait a second… my skin?'
He looked down at himself. From the tip of his toes to his naval he was covered in a thick, white blanket. His chest was undraped and so felt his body underneath the cover.

He laid in a king-sized bed. The walls of the room, he was inside, were pure white and the floor was seemingly made of one piece of marble.
In front of the bed stood a wooden dresser, with a big lying bouquet and a positioned card at its side.

His back hurt a bit and when he turned around he saw that the also snow-white pillow he had rested his upper body on was stained with blood, "What the…!?".
He heard Sefilia giggle a bit, "Sorry. I couldn't hold myself back. Well you neither…", she again giggled slightly.

John looked into the bright light, where he could hear Sefilias voice. His sight slowly went clear, when he saw her.
The beautiful, blue vixen was barely covered by the silken and slightly see-through curtains. She just had opened the window and the slightly cold breeze that came into the room let her hair dance in the air.

First her gaze was dreamy looking outside, but she felt his looks and turned around to him.
She slowly walked to him, leaving the only cover she had aside and presenting herself and her body as god had given it to her.
The roundings and curves that made his body flame with heat.

The vixen shook her perfectly round hips, with every step she made in such an ensnaring way as nobody else the human had ever seen did, her tail and flat stomach always shaking with the same exotic rhythm that made his heart jump.

Her ample breasts jiggled erotically with every step she did and even jumped a little, when she stopped at his side, put her hands on her hips and exposed her moistened womanhood right at the height of his eyes, "Do you like, what you see big boy?", she asked with a teasing voice looking down to John.
After a moment she sat down at the end of the bed, slightly giggling, making her chest jump again a bit. Now he also saw her mark, glowing bright in the sunlight.

There was only one question running through the head of the confused human, 'What kind of a fucking blackout is this!?'.
Everything was so clear, but then again, 'Were they really married? How was he able to forget something that important?', he thought, when he looked at the bed he was lying on and the bouquet in front of him.

"Do you really don't remember what happened last night?", the vixen cooed erotically, "What a bummer."

During his thoughts the human had drifted off and now again came back to the here and now.
Sefilia had changed her seating position and now waited on all fours at the end of the bed, eating him up with her eyes, "I guess I have to put even more afford in the coming event that you will never dare to forget a single part of it for the rest of your life.", she purred.
The human was more than paralyzed by the sight he got.

She slowly started to crawl up to him, letting her hips and erotic breasts swing a little bit, with every movement she did.
The lust drunken vixen stopped, when she had reached his upper body and wrapped one of her arms around his neck, pulling him in for a deep, wet kiss and pressing their naked bodies together.

Their tongues wrestled a long and wet fight, until she removed hers again.

"I don't know, if you're fully awake yet, but I think your friend already is.", her other hand had slowly moved down his chest, feeling every abb of her well trained mate.
But she didn't stop, when she came to an end, no, she moved even lower, until her fingers found hold on his already slightly swollen member.
"Oh it doesn't seem so.", she teasingly whispered, "Then I guess, I have to wake him up again and please my husband as good as I can.", she said with a naughty grin.

Her husband? He was surprised of the sudden personality change of her, were the psychologists maybe right?
At that moment the human didn't really care, if or if not.

The vixen pulled him closer for a lustful kiss. This time she intensed the speed she moved her head and tongue around.
She removed her tongue again, drawing small strings of liquid from their mouths, looking at him lustful, with her big blue orbs. Now she started amatory liking his cheek, making him send a shiver down his spine.

Her liking intensified with every second and soon she had found away over to the other side of his face.

Something felt strange for the human.
The vixen had fully concentrated herself on her tongue skills and lost all attention to the rest of his or her body. Also the amount of liquid on his face had increased rapidly.

This wasn't an erotic act anymore, she was really liking his face!

John suddenly heard an amused laughter echoing through his head and his sight again got blurry.

When the human opened his eyes again, he saw the muzzle of a Pali that had rolled its tongue out and covered the humans face with its own fluids.
The human gently, but disgusted moved the muzzle away and dried his face with the sleeve of his jacket of the Pali-spid.
At the Pali's side stood the woman, he just had dreamed of holding her stomach of laughter and nearly bursting up in tears.

The sun had sat for a while and the light was shining through the tree tops on the little clearance.

"I'm sorry John, but I couldn't resist.", the vixen explained still with a little laughter in her voice, "I heard you saying my name in your sleep."
"Bummer.", the human mumbled.

"Huh?", Sefilia was wondering what he meant.

He was a bit surprised, "Didn't you read my thoughts?".
"I tried to break that habit.", she smiled a bit, "So, tell me about your dream!", the human had made her curious.

"It was a nice dream.", the human started. John wasn't sure, if he should tell her that they had sex,
"It also could have been a vision… Well, we were married."

"Really?", she was more happily surprised than shocked.

The vixens face started to glow in curiosity, "What did I wear? How did my dress look?", she asked hectically.
"Well… uhm… yeah… it was more after the ceremony, you know?", the human tried to find the right words to describe his actual dirty dream.

"It was more … the aftermath … in the morning.", he said while putting his index fingers together.

The vixen slowly turned red, "You mean … after we did … it?"

The human noticed the uncomfortable feeling and stood up to comfort her a bit.
He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her gently on her cheek.
"Nothing happened. As I said, it was the aftermath.", his acting seemed to calm the vixen down and she started to smile again.

A warm breeze drew through the leaves of the trees. John enjoyed it and watched, how it ran through Sefilias hair.
But the wind turned soon and it remembered John of something what he didn't like much.

The human remembered the good sense of smell of the CloudRunner.

"Say Sefilia, did you see any rivers or lakes on our ride?", he asked a bit ashamed.
"Yes, not far away. Do you want to go fishing?", the vixen asked happy again.

"No, I just remembered how good the noses of the CloudRunner are and when I smell myself now …"

"You too?", Sefilia asked surprised.
"Huh?", the human was a bit surprised.
"I worked for days and didn't have time to wash.", again she blushed a bit.

It was a short moment of silence, when Johns gentleman again took control over him, "So do you want to go first?"

She started to smile again, "Well, actually I wanted to show you my little surprise.", she opened his luggage and tossed a pair of swimming trunks over to him.

John now knew what she wanted to do, but then another question popped up in his head, "And where is yours?"
"Why do you think I was freezing last night?", she said with a cocky smile.
"Oh you sneaky devil.", John commented and Sefilia took his hand and took the lead to the river she had seen.

They walked about ten minutes through the jungle, when they finally found the place, Sefilia had seen in the night.
But the part of the river where they had arrived didn't look that good.

Big rocks under the surface made the water churn up and let appear it dangerous. So the followed the stream a bit until the finally found a place, where the water didn't look dirty and wasn't that fast anymore.

Sefilia found a sandy bank, which got divided by a big rock. But it didn't just got divided, the rock almost blocked the whole stream so that it had changed the direction of the original water tide.

Totally ignoring the looks of the human, Sefilia removed he shirt and pants and presented a two parted bikini.
It's upper part was of a silky, almost pure white fabric, with three golden arrows, which were upside down, on its front.
It's cups perfectly covered her amazing breasts and despite the look of the fabric, didn't even gave the slightest possibility to look through it. The human even thought that they were bouncing a bit under the weight it actually had to carry.

Her stomach of course was totally free and presented her slender proportions, her soft fur and a little belly button hole.
The lower part looked like normal underwear, only that it had a thin, medium long, veil at its front and backside.
But still it made her lower body half look even more appealing and even more proportioned than it had looked in his dream
"I'll wait at the backside for you.", she coed softly too him, before the vixen had disappeared behind the rock shacking and swinging all of her goods, without even noticing it herself.

John could barely await the sight of his vixen that was waiting behind the rock for him.

He jumped out of his clothes as fast as possible, put on the trunks Sefilia had given him and walked slowly behind the rock.

When he walked past the corner, the vixen wasn't lounging her gorgeous body on the sandy shore of the river, she already was in the water so that only her head was popping out.
Her ears twitched a bit and she turned around, "Hey John, come in, the water is amazing!", she said with a happy voice and splashed some of the water into his direction.

The human, a bit displeased that the water was denying the sight on Sefilia, he moved his own, well trained body into the water.
To his surprise the water was just a little cold, there had to be some warm wells around which fed the river with their water.

They came a little closer to each other and the human already thought she wanted to lean in for a kiss.
So he approached her with a slow movement and leaned a bit forward, to come even closer to her. The vixen smiled and also moved closer to him, but just at the moment their lips wanted to connecta cold splash of water hit the human right in the face.

John shook the water of and saw the sly smirk of the vixen, "Oh you!", he said with a little laughter in his voice and answered her with the same kind of attack the vixen had already launched at him.

Soon, as expected, the next couple moments had turned out into a water fight first class.
Sefilia used all her strength and again to humans glee all of her body to push him through the water.

Exhausted of their fighting they both dragged each other to a little hole in the stone, which was at the water and the both of them could sit in.
First John sat down and let Sefilia sit on top of his lap. They both leaned a bit back and enjoyed the cold water, which was still covering their body shortly till their sternum.

They shared a little kiss, before they started for they actually had come to this place, to wash themselves.

First they started to water each other's hair and stroke it, to get the little bids of dust and dirt out of them.
Sefilia loved Johns hair for its uniqueness. No person on Cerinia but him had such wonderful brown hair.

John recognized the natural, sweet aroma of Sefilias hair, it's silky touch and the barely non existing weight of it and enjoyed taking care of it.

Soon they had let go of their hair and now caressed each other's body.
They both paid extra attention that they didn't accidently touch the private zones of each other, not they made an awkward situation of their wonderful moment.

Soon they decided it would be a good idea to get out of the water, for the sake of their own skin.
The couple dragged itself to the shore of the river and laid down at the side of each other.

The wetness of her fur, gave the blue color of her already wonderful fur an even more darker tone so that it appeared almost dark blue.

They watched the blue sky and the clouds, which were slowly moving over them. They both listened to the river and its water running down its way to its unknown destination and the birds in the trees, which weren't disturbed of the presence of the two lovers.
The vixen and the human felt the warm light of the sun, warming their bodies and drying them of the cold water.

It appeared that the both of them had at the same moment the same idea. The lovers both had sad up and kissed each other passionate on each other's lips.
Sefilia pushed him slowly down again without letting their connection breaking of.

She was now lying on top of him, pressing her luscious breasts against his chest and letting her head rest on his shoulders.
Her tail had wrapped around of one of his legs like a snake and gently comforting it with its silky fur.
The human was too happy, than letting any blood flow in a direction, where it could kill their happy moment now.

He almost fell asleep, when Sefilia remembered him of something, "We should better go back now. I don't want to get in trouble, because Randorn was waiting for us and gets angry.", she said a bit down, because she now had totally killed the situation and they were once again dragged back into the present, "But let us finish this sometime later.", she said smiling again and raised herself.

Sefilia gave John some time to get into his normal clothes again, while she was orientation herself to find the way back to their camp.
The vixen herself simply slipped back into her tight jeans and her shirt and remembered their movement again.
Soon John was back, fully dressed and Sefilia took over the lead again and dragged him back to the camp.

When they arrived Randorn still wasn't there. So they tied off the Palis so that they could eat something.
"How long do you think Randorn will be gone?", Sefilia asked, after a while.
John shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. For me, he is still the same big mystery as for you. He just does whatever he wants."

John heard a noise and his reflexes led his one hand to the handle of his sword and the other one pushed Sefilia behind his back, "What's wrong …?", Sefilia asked, but John hushed her.
He tried to locate the source of the noise, when suddenly Sefilia pointed at Randorn's wagon, underneath the cover.

John nodded and ordered Sefilia to stand where she was and slowly approached the vehicle with the drawn blade.
Sefilia tried to reach Randorn with her thoughts, but something was wrong, 'I hope they didn't find me.'.
The vixen knew that voice.
"John, wait!", was the only thing she could say, before the human had grabbed the covers with the drawn blade and threw them in the air.

"What are you doing here!?", the human was surprised and angry, but lowered his weapon.

John couldn't believe his eyes, when he saw the little fox, he just knew too well, cowering between the crates and barrels of Randorn's cart.
John put his sword away and hauled the scared Adaril out of the cart, "Why did you do that Adaril?", John snubbed the little fox.

But the little fox just dropped his ears and a small tear dropped down from his nose.
"Don't be so harsh John!", Sefilia threw back to the human and went to the little fox.
She kneed down and hugged the little one, "But it could get dangerous! I didn't take my sword for nothing!", he struggled.
"He still is a kid! And you know what he went through."

He wanted to talk back to her, but he thought it would be wise not to anger her even more. The human went back to the tree they had slept the night before and sat down with crossed arms.
He watched the kid whispering something in Sefilias ear, it seemed to be urgent, Sefilia nodded and she and Adaril disappeared for a moment in the bushes.

She was a bit angry on John. He knew what happened to Adaril and still he treated the young fox that hard. She just didn't understood him anymore.
"Sefilia, are you still there?", the fox voice echoed from behind the next tree.
"Yeah and there are still no Sharpclaw here.", she answered, "Are you finished yet?"
"Please don't stress me."

John was still snapped and waited for the return of Sefilia, when suddenly Randorn came out of the nowhere, "Did you know that Adaril was on your cart?", John asked, when he was close enough to hear him.
"I knew that he wanted to talk to you.", the eremite said calm.
"Couldn't he tell me that in the capital?"
"He just wanted to talk with you, no one else should be around. That's why I allowed him to hide on the carriage … and don't worry, I have everything with me the kid could need on our trip, even some clothes for the meeting.".

The human wheezed and stood up, "But what if he gets hurt?"
"Do you really think, I would let a kid come with us, if the trip would be dangerous?", Randorn answered him, while taking care of his Pa'li.
"The Sharpclaw are retreating to their fortress. So there should be nothing we should worry about."
"Do the others know where he is?", the still angry human asked him.
"I left a message which says that he is okay."

"Good morning Randorn.", Sefilia greeted him polity, when she also came back to the camp again, her angry glare immediately wandering back to the human.
"Good morning Sefilia."
"Good morning mister Randorn.", the little fox greeted him as well.
"A good morning for you too Adaril."

Sefilia just wanted to talk with Randorn, when John interrupted her, "Randorn knows anything about Adaril, he knew that he came with us."
"It didn't wanted to ask that.", Sefilia spat at the human and then turned back to the eremite, "But still thanks."
"Where have you been all night Randorn?", Adaril suddenly asked him, when Sefilia again tried to talk with the old man, John chuckled a bit and again she threw an angry glare at him.

"I met with my friend Kyte.", he answered and caught Johns attention.
"Kyte? How is he doing?"
"Good. He sends his regards."

"Why did you meet him?", Sefilia was now finally able to talk.
"Many CloudRunner will come to the meeting.", Randorn explained, "They want to take revenge on the Sharpclaw and so they willed to listen, what we have to say.", he nodded please.
"When will we be there?", Sefilia asked again.
"In about two days at eve, if we won't dawdle."

"I brought food and water in the carriage so that we could save some time.", Randorn explained, when he noticed the human leaving to look for something to eat.

He got a small crate from the wagon and opened it. He gave everyone of the three a bread or in Johns case two apple sized fruits. Then he took a second crate and gave everyone of the three a sack filled with water.
"Aren't you hungry?", Adaril asked, when he had noticed that the hooded man didn't save anything for himself.
"I already ate, but thanks.".

While John sat down at the tree again, Sefilia and Adaril settled themselves on the back of the carriage.
Adaril enjoyed the meal, it seemed that he didn't eat anything since the attack, his ears rose, while devouring what he had.

John like Sefilia, didn't wanted to talk with each other and so they rode through the coming day. For security issues Adaril sad besides Randorn on the carriage.

John was the first one of the two who regret their little fight. He had overreacted. He wanted Adaril to be save and didn't wanted to see him in danger. He didn't wanted to lose him like they lost his mother.
He tried to make eye contact with Sefilia, but every time he tried she looked away, when their gazes met.

After some hours Sefilia had cooled down as well. He motherly instincts tried to protect Adaril, even when they weren't actually related. She felt that John really meant to say sorry, but she wanted him on tenterhooks for a while longer.
Every time he now looked at her, she again looked away, but then she had to smile a bit.

Adaril didn't recognize anything of it. He was busy watching their environment in the hope he would see a rare or unknown animal.
They had left the street for a long time now and John and Sefilia had no idea where they were, but Randorn seemed to have a plan and they followed him.

Again it got dark and Sefilia still played a little with John.

Still down the human took the food and the water from Randorn and sat down a bit away from the camp to sleep.
But after a few meters and passed a few bushes he found himself at a steep cliff.

The stars, the moon and the galaxy over his head shown that bright that there was no need for his night vision goggles.
He put them off to watch the beautiful night sky with his own eyes.

He found a big log and sat on it, not that he accidently fell of the cliff. The view of the Cerinian jungle at a night like this was just breathtaking.
The way the light of the stars shown on the rooftops of the trees and it got reflected of the water of the many big and small lakes and rivers was just amazing.

John starred at the sky for a while, when he heard a rummaging from behind, "John?", it was Adarils voice, which was calling for him.
"Over here.", he answered back, exhilarated by the view.

The little fox hesitated, until the human patted at the free space at his side, "I won't be mad, promised!"
He was approaching slowly. He was not afraid of John, but a cliff still looked imposing and dangerous, even if he had the goggles and John around him.

He finally sat beside him and watched, like John, the scenery silently and in awe.

"Randorn said you wanted to talk with me?", John asked after a while.
"Yeah ...", he asked a bit shy.
"Now you got the chance.", the human encouraged him.

"It's because mum isn't here anymore.", he said and sniffed a bit, "I have no other relatives and Beseril said that I have to go to another family which should take care of me. I'm not allowed to stay with him, because he has no wife.", he said sad and dropped his ears.
"But I don't want to go any strangers and away from you. I'm not even sure that I will see you and Sefilia ever again.", the talking of the little fox let the human smile happily.

"And that's why I wanted to ask you … Can't I stay with you?", the little fox asked, with big, sad, begging eyes.
The human didn't knew what he should answer, technically they weren't a family either, but he couldn't say no to the orphaned kid, "You surely can stay with us."
"Yeah!", the kid shouted out happily, but the human tried to calm him down.
"Psssht … Sefilia is sleeping. Or do you want to get in trouble with her?".

There was a moment of silent, until Adaril had to ask the human something, "What is 'it'?"
"What do you mean?", John asked a bit in trance by the view and his own tired body.
"I heard you talking at the morning and you said that you dreamed of her after you had done 'it'."

John buried his face in his hands. This was no topic for little kids, "You know … this is very complicated … It is something a man and a woman do, when they like each other really much.", the human tried to explain, without mention anything that had to do with sex.
"Like a kiss?", Adaril interrupted him.
"Yeaaaah … you could say so."
"Eeww … then I don't wanna know it.", Adaril stick out his tongue and dropped his ears again.

"What are you talking about?", Sefilia was standing several feet behind them and they both turned around.
"Man's business … Sefilia? Did you forgive me or why are you talking with me?", John asked confused.
"For a while now, Adaril seemed to have forgotten to mention it.", her sentence was accompanied by a silent 'Whoops', of Adaril.
She said down at Johns other side and placed a kiss on his cheek. Adaril again put out his tongue.

"Listen Sefilia.", John started to tell her about the news.
"When we are back home Adaril will live at our place."
"How long?"

She was happy, when she heard the answer, "Forever! But I should have better talked to you before …"
"No that's great!", she interrupted him.
"Really?", the human wanted to be sure.
"He is a friend of the family and he likes us that much. Why not?"

Adaril had to yawn loudly, "It's about time to go to sleep.", John said.
"Whaa, but I'm not tired at …", the little fox had to interrupt his sentence to yawn again.
John took Adaril on his arm and together they went back to the camp.

This time Sefilia took care of the bed, while John still carried, the meanwhile sleeping fox.
Unfortunately they weren't that lucky to find another old tree and so Sefilia used Adarils blanket and padded their sleeping spot a bit out.
John put the deep sleeping boy in the middle, so they may weren't able to closer to each other anymore, but first they had to take care of their new family member.

They gave each other a good night kiss and laid down at Adarils side. The young fox meanwhile had curled up to a ball, what made him in Sefilias eyes even cuter.
They had to move up a bit closer to each other, because Adaril seemed to be the only one, who had a comfortable sleep.

John could barely believe it, they really were a family, not a traditional though. John and Sefilia weren't married and Adaril wasn't their son, but still it felt like a family and that was the fact that counted.
They may had already thought of own kids, but being only seventeen that time that was totally out of question.
First they wanted to raise Adaril to a good young man so that his mother could rest in peace.

John was the first one of them, who was awake at the next morning and wasn't able to fall asleep again.
He couldn't stand up and get at least some movement, because he was afraid he could wake Adaril and Sefilia.
The human took a look at the people, which were lying at his side.
Sefilia, his beautiful vixen and Adaril, the little fox.
John had to admit, he really looked a bit cute, rolled up to a ball and hugging his own fuzzy tail.

Sefilia and Adaril woke up slightly after him and sat themselves up.
Adaril again went on a little adventure trip and followed some insects, which were crawling around near the camp.
The young couple both kept at least on eye on him, while talking to each other.

The topic of course was their 'family'.

"I know, you were serious about that, but are you sure?", Sefilia asked first.
John scratched the back of his head, "We are a man and woman, right? So why shouldn't we allowed to take care of a young boy?"
"I don't know the exact terms of our laws in this kind of case. I actually never thought of adoption before … I-I just never expected a situation like this.", she said a bit down.

The human reached for her hand and held it with his own, "Don't worry. I'm sure, we will be allowed to take care of him, when we explain our situation to whoever has to decide of this.".

They were just eating, when Randorn came back to the camp again. He refreshed their supplies, because today's meal took all the food and water they had left.

That day Sefilia and John were riding together again. Their Pa'li were that close to each other that they were almost touching. During their trip John tried to gather some flowers for Sefilia and snatched them of the trees and bushes while riding past them.

When he had about ten in his own hands, he handed them to the vixen, which thanked him with a blown kiss.

When the evening came closer and the sun drenched the teal sky in an orange light, John was able to see, between the gaps of the tree tops a mountain rising, which tip disappeared in the clouds of the sky.
"Randorn, is this our destination?", John shouted to the front.
His question was more or less not necessary, the old man didn't answer and instead a loud shouting of a CloudRunner echoed through the sky.
"This is the place, where the high council of the CloudRunner is meeting.", the eremite explained.

Randorn stopped at a path, which seemed to be too slim for the feet of the Pa'li and climbed of the carriage.
"We will go up this path, the CloudRunner will get our things.", Randorn said and started to climb up the rocky way. The rest of them followed him without asking further questions.

Randorn was in the front and Adaril was right behind him, Sefilia again was behind Adaril, to watch out that the little fox didn't fool around and fall down. John was the last one in the row, watched out that Sefilia didn't get hurt and looked around, because they might walk into a trap.
Everything was just too quiet.

They slowly rose and climbed higher and soon they were looking down to the tree tops of the jungle.
Here and there they had to stop, because Randorn seemed not to be as fit as everyone always thought.
The eremite cursed silently every time he sat down.
John smiled slightly, because he was more human than he appeared, when they had met the first time.

During their climbing they suddenly heard a loud neighing of their Pa'li, John and Sefilia were worried, but Randorn explained them that the CloudRunner just had gathered their things of the carriage and the backs of the mounts.

Since that moment they saw and heard the CloudRunner more often, some of them were circling the mountain or entering an opening, they didn't see at a much higher level of the alp.
The voices of the dinosaurs were hearable as well, what brought some questions into the humans head, "How do we have to act, when we face the council?"
"It's simple. It is similar to the behavior of the Cerinian royalty, don't talk without permission, keep your stance and don't get too close to them."

After they had reached about 600 feet height above the jungle and the sun slowly touched the horizon, they arrived at an entrance.

The suns position was perfect. Its light directly fell into the entrance of the cave and lit it up.
The cave was deep, not even the sunlight could reach its end. Atop the sidewalls of their way, was a second floor, where several other caves opened their way.
Randorn was the first one of them, who entered the cave and the rest of them followed him, this time at the side of each other, with Adaril in their mid.

The darkness came closer, but much too fast. John had forgotten that the sun continued with its daily routine and continued sinking again.
They were about to put on the goggles again, when suddenly a light source of the roof enlighten their path. But that wasn't the only thing that had caught heir attention.
Steppes were hearable, which scratchy noises came from the second floor.

Adaril moved closer to Sefilia and John, which prepared themselves to protect him from whatever might be up there to attack them.

They had reached the dark end of the cave, which wasn't more than a simple dead end.
"They will greet us soon and don't put on the goggles.", Randorn said shortly after they had stopped, "They might catch it as an insult."

"Be greeted Randorn.", an old, croaking, deep voice echoed through the cave, "We have already awaited you and we will talk with you as soon as possible.", it seemed that Randorn knew the owner of the voice.
"Thanks.", the eremite said and nodded.
"Who are the others? You know, we don't like strangers.", he didn't sound very pleased.

"This young man is the ambassador of the Cerinians.", he pointed with his staff to John, "John take a step forward and show him your mark.", he now slightly whispered to the human and he did as ordered, turned his sleeve up and held his mark into the darkness.
"He and I have an offer you better should accept, for the sake of your own people.", Randorn also added.

"And who are the others?", the voice continued asking.

"A doctor who volunteers to help me aiding your wounded and her own assistant.", Sefilia and Adaril bowed down nervous.

"Fine then.", the voice started after a short break again, "One of my subordinates will bring you to your belongings and then you can go to work. I will send you an invitation to an audience later.", again Randorn nodded a bit.

The group noticed a strong flapping of wings about thirty feet away and on an even higher third floor and again scratching walking noises of the second floor, which disappeared again.

"Now, put your goggles on.", Randorn ordered them and the second after the lights went out. Sefilia and Adaril were scared for a moment, but glad, when they were able to see again.

They now saw that it really was a cave with three floors. Their 'dead end' actually had two cave entries at both sides and the second floor seemed to be some kind of loge for watchers. To their front opened at the second floor an enormous dome and much higher than the second floor was an advance, where the mysterious speaker seemed to had been before.

The roof of the dome was covered in little holes of any sizes.

They suddenly again heard these scratchy footsteps, but this time came from one of their sides. An apparently female CloudRunner stood in front of them, she was a little smaller than Kyte, "Please, follow me.", she said with a gently tone.
She turned around again and walked back into the tunnel.

The group followed her and John could see the amazed faces of his friends Sefilia and Adaril. They had seen a real CloudRunner!
"I had the same look on my face.", John mentioned, while they tried to stay calm again.
The CloudRunner-lady seemed to be used to walking, she walked classy and perfect over the rough ground.

The second room was a small dome in which second floor some CloudRunners had gathered themselves to take a better look at the people Randorn had brought with him.
John took a look at some of the CloudRunner, but unfortunately he had to say that they weren't that different as the Cerinians.
He had to push Adaril and Sefilia through the cave, because they almost stood still of their own amazement.
They walked through several more domes, with even more CloudRunner, even some very young ones, which hid scared behind their parents, but none of them was Kyte.

After a while, their CloudRunner leader stopped at the entrance to a smaller cave part and stepped aside.
Inside the cave stood some wooden camp beds, with some old pillows on them. Besides the beds were their things and the crates and barrels Randorn had brought with himself.
"While you are here, you will sleep here. Miss, please gather your things and then I will bring you, your assistant and Randorn to the wounded ones."
"I will stay here for a while and prepare some antidotes for infections.", Randorn explained, "Please come back later and then you can bring me to miss Wolferos."
"As you wish."

John watched Sefilia taking several bandages, a hand scanner, some salves and scalpels of the labeled crates and put them in her doctor suit case. She handed Adaril a package full of herbs, "We are ready.", the vixen said after that.

The female CloudRunner nodded and lead them out of the room.
They waved John and Randorn, which had meanwhile sat together, a little goodbye, John answered her with the same gesture, before they disappeared behind the next corner.

When their friends were out of sight, John turned back to Randorn, "You were here more often as it seems.", John speculated.
"I helped the CloudRunners the one or other time too. And while I was here I brought some more beds with me, just in case.", the eremite explained.

"How do you think did it go? Do they trust us?", John asked after a while, when to his surprise no CloudRunner had appeared to watch over them.
"At least they want to listen to us. If they wouldn't wanted us here, they would have thrown us out already."
"Well, I guess that is a good sign.", John commented relieved.

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