A/N: just to clear things up, Ben and Sarasponda were old friends, but they never ended up together, because Ben was older (how much older I've not decided). I am very sorry for the late update, I'll try to get another chapter done in the following days.


CH. 4

"That doesn't matter. But, Ben… what the hell happened to you…" she whispered brokenly, looking up to him kneeling in front of her. After slowly pulling back from his embrace she sat back on the floor.

"Please don't call me that," he mumbled, locking eyes with a pitiful gaze. "I, I don't like to be called that." When Saraspnda didn't answer, he continued, "I still wish to be called Sweeney Todd."

"But- but why? You are Benjamin. I'm sure of it," she whispered, with watery eyes. "Why did you change- you were so wonderful, and talented, and nice, and……beautiful."

"No, I wasn't," Sweeney said in a hard, forceful, voice, looking deep into her eyes "I was weak. Barker was weak."

And then, he did the only thing he could, he cried. Poor Sara cradling him once again, smoothing his tangled hair with one hand, and whipping away his tears with the other.

"Please, stop it," she said, kindly, but sternly. He slowly complied, but small sniffles followed.

"Okay, Mr. Todd, let's get you up," Sara said slowly pulling him to his feet, him still leaning heavily on her. "Umm, you're squishing me," she mumbled. Sweeney stood up by himself, once again towering over her.

Sarasponda walked over to the chair in the middle of the room and picked up his jacket off the back of it. She turned around and gasped, exclaiming a vulgar curse when Sweeney was right behind her. He merely stared with blank and indifferent eyes as she draped (with difficulty) the leathery jacket over his shoulders. He put his arms through the holes.

"Do you want to talk about it?" she said, slowly and quietly, looking into his dark eyes. Sweeney shook his head no. "Will you come to market with me," when she didn't receive an answer, she babbled "it would be so much easier; it's going to close soon and I don't know where to go," he stopped her when one of his hands traveled up to stroke her cheek and exposed neck, looking intently into her eyes.

"Yes," he replied shortly, dropping his hands.

Two hours later the not-quite-couple returned home, Mr. Todd walking strait up the stairs without even a glance at Sarasponda. She made a quick lunch of bread and cheese, and brought a platter up to him, still not receiving an answer. After that little not conversation, she set to work on dinner, never seeing Sweeney.

By 6:00 all of the pie shop/kitchen was thoroughly cleaned, with a small quail dinner for two at one of the booths.

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