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And This One's For You

Mini Pilot – 1x1.5

Lima, Ohio. The most boring place on the face of the planet.

That was how Ashley Davies was looking at it. Turned out that her mother Christine, aka the gold digging whore, had somewhat changed into a normal human being and fell in love.

With a guy from Lima fucking Ohio.

"Straighten up Ashley, honestly." Christine scowled from the passenger side while her teenage daughter drove.

"Remind me again why we left everything good in LA to live in the middle of nowhere?" Ashley grumbled from behind the steering wheel of her new black Caymen S. It was a bribery gift from both her mom and new soon-to-be stepdad.

"Maybe you'll learn to appreciate more than what money can offer." Christine replied nonchalantly.

Ashley scoffed and glared at her mother for a few seconds before stepping on the gas just a little more. "Are you serious right now? You've gone through man after man, using them for their money."

"Well the important thing is I learned my lesson. Now would you stop whining, you're not five anymore."

"Please, you were never around long enough to hear me whine." Ashley mumbled and made a sharp turn down a road. They finally passed that 'Welcome to Lima' sign and she tightened her grip even harder on the wheel.

"Look, I'm sorry I dragged you away from your friends. I just thought maybe we can all kind of start a new beginning together." The older brunette replied, her hand briefly touching Ashley's arm. "I'm sure your boyfriend Aiden will forgive you for leaving him behind."

Ashley slammed on the brakes and stared at her mother. "Boyfriend? Mom, Aiden and I have been best friends since we were kids. He never was my boyfriend. Ever."

"Okay, you didn't have to slam on the brakes to tell me this." Christine frowned.

Pulling her shades on top of her head, she sighed heavily. "I'm gay, okay? I love the ladies and if this town is as close minded as half of your snooty friends back home, well they're going to want to head for cover. I may have agreed to move here with you but I didn't agree to hide who I am." Ashley watched the facial expressions from her mom go from horrified to panic to somewhat understanding.

"I know you like girls. I've seen many of them sneak out of the house often enough. I just thought Aiden and you would make a great couple." Christine shrugged. "I don't expect you to hide who you are, but don't expect to be accepted either."

"First of all, just the mere thought of Aiden being, ugh, that sends my gag reflexes into overdrive. Second of all I never fit in at King so it won't bother me either way." Ashley yanked her sunglasses back over her eyes and finally entered the small town she'd soon call home.


After pulling up to a modern white picket fence house, Ashley was ushered by the man who stole her mom's heart and into a medium size bedroom upstairs. He smiled kindly at her and welcomed her 'home' before closing the door and letting her adjust to her new bedroom.

It was quite decent in size and she cursed herself for not shipping her drum set over. Christine mentioned it'd be a little rude and if she was allowed to have one, they'd buy her a new set. However, Ashley's old drum set was a gift from her dad before he passed away so she gave it to Aiden to hang to.

A double size bed sat in the corner of the room by the window. A dresser aligned perfectly with it on the other side. What caught Ashley's eye the most was the smaller, tinier bed in the form of a crib by a rocking chair closest to the door. She frowned and put down her bags before making her way towards the crib, her hand trailing over the purple fleece blanket that was made up neatly in it. Glancing up she noticed a framed picture hanging on the wall of an older blonde holding a young toothless brunette in her arms.

"Maybe I was given the wrong room?" She asked herself in confusion.

"No, this would be your room."

Ashley jumped at the male voice coming from behind her and swung around, only to be met with a taller guy with a mohawk, smiling at her. "Sorry didn't mean to startle you. I'm Puck."

"Puck?" The brunette raised her eyebrow and then let out an unsatisfied groan. "Please tell me I'm dreaming. It's already killing me that I have to share a bathroom with a guy, someone failed to mention there'd be two teenage guys hanging around."

The boy let out a boyish grin. "Pretty LA girl getting her panties in a bunch?"

"Shut up." She spat and raised an eyebrow. "Is your brother as annoying as you?"

"Hey girl, don't hate. You don't know me." He stepped more into the room and shrugged. "And I don't have a brother. I'm a single Jew," he nodded a little, "literally and sadly."

Ashley stared at him for a few minutes before snorting. "I wonder why. Charm seems to ooze out of your ass naturally."

Puck grinned and nodded. "Thanks."

"It wasn't a compliment." She rolled her eyes and leaned against the empty desk. "I think your dad gave me the wrong room."

"No, he didn't." He shook his head and walked over to the crib. "I was at pre-football practice earlier and didn't have a chance to move this into my room. I'll get it in there tomorrow after school if that's cool?"

The brunette tilted her head in question sideways before pointing at the framed picture hanging above with crib. "Is she yours?"

Puck stuffed his hands in his pockets and nodded. "Her name's Noelle. She's here every second weekend."

"Oh." Ashley smiled faintly at the cuteness of the little girl. She seemed to have resembled the young girl in the photo but she could see the resemblance between daughter and father. "Is she the mother?"

"Quinn? Yeah. That's my favourite picture of them both plus it eases Noelle to see her mom's face close by when it's bedtime." He bashfully put his head down before scratching behind his neck. "My name's really Noah but everyone calls me Puck, you know, Puckerman."

"Yeah," Ashley managed to laugh at her own stupidity, "I got it. Sorry, I'm Ashley. I don't mean to come off as a bitch but everything's so different around here."

"Maybe so but hopefully you'll find your place. And if you think you're a bitch, meet Quinn. She can pretty much make anyone cry." Puck snickered while picking up a soft teddy bear.

"Is Noelle named after you?"

The mohawk boy nodded with pride. "I named her Noelle. Quinn decided she wanted her to have one last name only and Fabray's a lot shorter than Puckerman. We compromised and I think Noelle suits her."

Agreeing, brown eyes scanned over the picture one last time before taking in the guy before her. "So you're going to be the new brother, I've never had a Jewish brother before."

They shared a laugh and Puck pointed at her. "And I've never met a bitch from the west coast either so we're even."

Ashley figured that maybe the change would be a good thing. After all, she'd always wanted a big brother. Her half-sister was in Baltimore and they only saw each other on holidays. Plus he seemed to be a ladies type man, maybe he'd be able to introduce her to some fine women at school.

Watching Puck leave her alone to get settled in, she realized she was looking forward to finding out what Lima, Ohio had to offer.

"Would you stop pacing back and forth? You're about to make me yak all over the floor." Finn Hudson sighed for the hundredth time as his girlfriend paced around her room.

"If you yak on the floor Finn Hudson, you'll cleaning it up and I'll hold out for weeks." Quinn Fabray whipped her head around to glare at her boyfriend. "And don't you dare tell me I'm not putting out; you totally got past third base last night."

Finn couldn't help but grin at the memory but was quickly slapped out of it – literally. "Ow! What the hell?"

"All you ever think about is sex!" She cried and went back to pacing. "School starts tomorrow and we're finally seniors. Don't you care what others will think of us?"

"No." Finn frowned and stood up from the bed. "Look Quinn, you're captain of the Cheerios again, what's gotten into you?"

"Glee!" The blonde shrieked. "Ever since we joined that stupid club, we've been merely blips on the radar. It's not fair."

"Don't you think you're being a little shallow?" The tall boy raised an eyebrow. "I mean you enjoy glee right? Mr. Shue is totally dominating the school with this club. We're the cool guys now not football and cheerleading." Finn shrugged. "Puck even joined glee and stuck with it, that's gotta tell you something, right?"

Quinn scoffed. "I could care less about what he decides to do." She crossed her arms and leaned against her dresser. "Just because he's the father of my baby it doesn't mean I have to have an interest in what he does."

The tall boy pierced his lips together before approaching his girlfriend carefully. "Noelle loves him just as much as she loves you. He's been a good supportive dad and I think you need to give him more credit for sticking to his role."

"I know he's great with her," she sighed and scratched her forehead, "that's not even in question. Just because he's the best football star next to you, doesn't mean I have to be impressed with the fact that he's in glee."

Finn nodded slowly and looked around the plain white room with a few posters scattered along the walls. "Speaking of Noelle, maybe we should grab her from your sister so we can head to dinner."

Quinn genuinely smiled at the idea of her daughter joining them for dinner in public. It wasn't often Noelle would be in their presence because her grandmother had insisted that Quinn live a normal teenage life. After the whole debacle with Rachel Berry spilling the truth to Finn about who the real father was, Quinn's parents had found out and were more than supportive even though disappointment was evident.

It took awhile for the Glee Club to go back to the way it was. Finn had realized that he was in love with Quinn and only in like with Rachel. The brunette songstress had made him feel new things but she also taught him that running away from things you were scared of wouldn't help you in the long run. He didn't care if his former best friend was the father, he wanted to be a part of their lives because he loved Quinn more than anything.

Puck had taken full responsibility and started to take things seriously once his one-stand started showing more. He took Quinn to her appointments, he found himself a job so he could afford to buy baby things and he even told his dad about his situation and they had managed to clear out the spare junk room and make it a nursery for the baby when he had her on his weekends.

On the day of Quinn's due date, she was surrounded by her family and a few selected friends. Finn held her left hand while Puck stood on her right side, taking the bashing from the girl that was in labour. Over nine hours later, baby Noelle Spencer Fabray was born and welcomed into a group of people that were going to love her for the rest of her life.

"Mom?" Quinn entered the laundry room to find the older blonde throwing a load into the dryer. "Have you seen Noelle?"

"Yeah," Paula smiled and nodded towards the play area that was set up for the 10month old, "your sister's been keeping her company. Do you know where you guys are going for dinner?"

"Somewhere child friendly," Finn smiled and glanced towards the direction of the play room, "I was thinking Olive Garden. Noelle seems to love the soup there."

Quinn nodded in agreement and scooted past her mother. She heard Paula asking Finn about his car and safety issues. Smirking to herself she turned the corner to find her brunette daughter giggling at the puppet show her sister was putting on. "You should join drama, Spence."

Spencer looked up at her older sister wide eyed and put her homemade sock puppets down, much to Noelle's protest. "I did." She replied quietly and went back to entertaining the little girl. "Remember you made sure they put my name in the brochure as a male during our last performance last Spring?"

The cheerleader twisted her face slightly when a tinge of guilt washed through her. "Yeah, sorry about that."

"Whatever." The other blonde replied with a shrug. In truth she was used to her sister's mean antics. However when she was still pregnant with the baby, Quinn had managed to be nice for six months straight. She had managed to be a friend to Spencer but once she learned that she was back on the Cheerios with her old position, everything changed back to how she used to be.

"Have plans with RuPaul tonight?" Quinn asked while picking up her daughter and nuzzling her cheek.

"No and her name is Rachel." Spencer shot up from the floor and started cleaning up Noelle's toys. "I don't get why you have to be such a snob." With that she stormed out of the room, shoving past Finn, who was just entering the room.

Quinn sighed heavily and watched the little brunette's eyes furrow while looking in the direction where her Auntie had just stormed off. "I'm sorry baby," she whispered and pressed her forehead against Noelle's.

Noelle's eyes lit up when she noticed the tall football player standing confused in the doorway. She struggled in her mother's arms before she was put down and made her way over to Finn. She giggled when he picked her up and sat her easily on his shoulder. "Ready munchkin?"

Quinn smiled at the display and blinked when Spencer walked back into the room with Noelle's baby bag. "You didn't have to do that."

"Elle already had a bath earlier," Spencer said softly and tickled the girl's feet, "but there is an extra outfit in there in case she decides to have some of your spaghetti again." Her smile lit up the room and Quinn felt bad for treating her sister with such disrespect.

"You mean your spaghetti?" Quinn asked lightly with a smile. "I'm sorry Spence, I tend to get out of line with you and I'm sorry. Would you like to join us tonight?"

"You know as a sister it's kind of a given that we're supposed to fight. We're supposed to insult each other; especially in public, but Rachel has done nothing wrong to you and I just don't understand it after everything she's done for you while being pregnant." Spencer shook her head in disapproval. "Yeah, okay, so it really wasn't her place to say anything about Puck and you but if she hadn't, would you have told the truth? Rachel's been nothing but kind and generous so just get off her back already." The younger blonde wanted to make a scene by storming out of the room again but her stomach made a funny noise. "And yes, I'd love to join you three." She smiled and went off to grab her things.

Finn whistled and wrapped an arm around Quinn's slumped shoulder. His other hand held onto Noelle securely, who was busy tapping away at the top of his head. "At least she accepted your offer."

Quinn glanced up at him with a scowl and grabbed Noelle's bag. "Come on, I'm hungry."

Finn sighed and held onto the little girl properly, giving her a kiss on the forehead. "Don't worry, we'll make her nice again." He whispered before following his girlfriend like a lost puppy.