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(1x4) Healing the Cracks

The week for Spencer and Ashley went by faster than they expected. Their time at school was split between hanging out together for a while until they went their separate ways to hang out with other friends of different cliques. It wasn't as difficult as they'd thought it'd be seeing as the table that held all the cheerleaders were in awe of Ashley and envious of her previous LA life. They wouldn't dare rip on her for hanging out at the Glee lunch table and if Queen Quinn didn't bat an eyelash, neither would they.

Rachel had a successful week of avoiding the head cheerleader, not really understanding the girl's intention of being nice all of a sudden. A part of her wanted to give the blonde the benefit of the doubt seeing as she was her best friend's sister but she couldn't forgive that easily – not that time around. It was hard enough on her to take all the slushie facials before Quinn became pregnant but since she experienced the softer and kinder side to the blonde during those seven months before Noelle was born, it killed her to be back down on the scummy floor while the cheerleaders walked on her.

It was Friday and Glee rehearsal was over. Rachel left and told Spencer she'd meet her out by the car. She knew Ashley would be picking her best friend up later on that night for their first date so she demanded a little time with Spencer beforehand.

"Hey." Ashley stepped up beside Rachel at her locker and smiled softly at the brunette. "Your voice is amazing Rachel."

Ducking her head slightly, Rachel nodded her thanks and closed her locker after stuffing her book in her bag. "Thanks. I practice every day."

"Well it pays off." The other brunette leaned against one of the medal doors, clutching her iPod in her hand. Scratching behind her ear she decided that she'd try and help Quinn out a bit with the songstress but made sure not to lay it on too thick. "Quinn mentioned that you do MySpace videos every evening."

Rachel frowned before shaking her head. "Did she also mention all of the hateful remarks she'd leave?"

Knowing the talk wasn't going to be easy, Ashley kept her cool. "Yes, she did. She also said she feels bad and if she could it take all back, she would."

A flicker of hope spread across dark brown eyes but was quickly replaced with a scowl. "It's a little too late."

"Is it?" Ashley stepped in front of the girl with a look of determination across her face.

"You don't understand Ashley, I appreciate that you care enough to try and step into this but please don't. Quinn had her chance and she chose to save her reputation over a friendship with me." Rachel's voice lowered towards the end of her sentence with a hint of sadness.

"I do understand." Ashley sighed. "On some level at least. Back in LA I had a friend, Madison. We were so close and she was the head cheerleader, she actually convinced me to join her on the squad so I did." She smiled sadly at the memory and shrugged. "One day it all changed and I became the freak of the school. I couldn't walk anywhere with hearing whispers or getting dirty looks and it hurt." Her eyes sought out Rachel's while a lighter smile played on her lips. "I realized that this is just high school, in a year or two it'll be nothing but memories. We'll have a chance to move on and I'll have Madison to thank for making me a stronger person."

Swallowing, Rachel relaxed a bit and leaned against her locker, picking at her nails. "What happened?"

Biting her lip, the LA native shifted her iPod into her other hand and glanced down the hall. "She found me and my 'secret' girlfriend making out after one of the football games. I was torn down right in front of the whole school the next day. I cried a lot after that because the one person I thought would care for me the most was the first one to turn her back on me."

Rachel's heart dropped for the girl in front of her. "I'm sorry Ashley." She said sincerely.

"Unfortunately my story doesn't have a happy ending. Madison was cruel from that day and never stopped slandering me. It was hard but I let it go because I knew I'd never see her again after school ended." The girl shrugged and sighed a little. "I had found a best friend in her ex-boyfriend though so that was a bonus," she grinned.

"So what you're saying is I should just let everything go? What Quinn did, what she says, all of it?" Rachel shook her head in disbelief. "What happened to you sucked but I'm not you."

"You seem to be the type of girl who walks with her head held high, no matter what." Ashley countered and raised an eyebrow. "And no, that's not what I'm saying. Quinn is different than Madison, she's at least trying with you Rachel. I honestly think she means it when she apologizes. I wasn't here when all the baby drama went down but it looks as if she's trying to start somewhere with you. She misses that friendship."

Contemplating whether or not she should just walk away from the conversation, the songstress decided against it. Chewing on her bottom lip, she held her bag closer to her. "She says all of this?"

Ashley just nodded and gave her a reassuring smile. "You can take this information and do what you want with it. I'm just saying this as a fresh set of eyes." Taking the soft look in Rachel's eyes as a good sign, she waved a little and walked away, feeling like she accomplished what she wanted to do.

Slowly making her way to the parking lot, Rachel had a full on conversation in her head about the situation. She knew if she let her walls down with Quinn, she'd be sucked in just as easily as was the first time. A nice Quinn was a hard Quinn to resist. Biting her lip, she slid into the driver's side and caught the gaze of her best friend sitting next to her. "What?"

"What took you so long?" Spencer asked, slightly worried. "Did Quinn smack you down again?" Her voice was laced with a vicious protectiveness that made the brunette's heart warm up.

"No," Rachel had to laugh at her friend's outburst, "actually your girlfriend held me up. She was just, well I don't know exactly what she was trying to do."

"Ashley's not my girlfriend." A slight blush crawled up Spencer's cheek as she looked out of the passenger window. "What did she have to say?"

"Telling me that she thinks Quinn's genuinely sorry." The brunette shrugged and turned her vehicle on.

"Yeah," Spencer breathed and twisted her lips thoughtfully, "I think she does mean it. Quinn's been nothing but nice to me this past week. I'm kind of just waiting for the other shoe to drop though."

"Exactly." Rachel shook her head. "What if this is just a game to her?"

Spencer remained silent for a few moments before shaking her head. "I don't think Ashley would convince you otherwise if it was just a game."

Nodding, Rachel fell back into her thoughts, leaving the rest of the ride back to Spencer's quiet.

Once inside, Rachel and Spencer were hit the smell of food and banging around in the kitchen. "Mom? Dad?" The blonde called out before approaching the room.

"Oh hey girls." Arthur smiled warmly while wiping his hands on his 'Kiss the Chef' apron. "How was school?"

"Boring." Spencer groaned and took a seat at the table, watching her dad pace around the room. "What are you doing?"

"Well," he shot her a grin, "I'm cooking your mom her favourite meal. Since you and Quinn will be out tonight I thought I'd so something sweet."

"That's very sweet Arthur." Rachel couldn't help but coo at the sweet man. "I bet she'll love that."

"She better, I'm using all my good recipes." He winked.

"What about Noelle? Puck had her last week." Spencer frowned in concern.

"Finn and Quinn have her." Arthur answered and started to dice some tomatoes. "Quinn told me you have a date tonight." His grey eyes twinkled at his daughter.

Spencer and Rachel exchanged glances and raised eyebrows.

"She did?" The blonde asked, almost in disbelief.

Nodding his head, Arthur continued his work around the kitchen. "She seemed happy for you and I even got her to tell me who the lucky girl was." He popped a piece of tomato in his mouth. "I already like her and your mother seems to be thrilled with Ashley becoming such a regular here after school between you and Quinn."

Blushing, Spencer ducked her head and bit her lip. "I think she's really sweet."

Rachel grinned and nudged her best friend. "And smoking hot, right?"

"Okay," the blonde shot up and grabbed the brunette by the arm, "I'll see you later dad, I hope you have a great night with mom." She ignored the deep chuckle from her dad and led Rachel up the stairs. "Why? Why'd you say that in front of my dad?" She hissed when her bedroom door closed. "You know when I start blushing my whole face goes deep red and my ears burn." A pout formed on her lips.

"Exactly why I did it." Rachel laughed and fell back on Spencer's bed. "I love your family."

"Minus one." Spencer corrected and nudged her head towards the adjoining bathroom her and Quinn shared.

"So," the songstress ignored that last comment and turned on her stomach, "what are you wearing on your date?"

"Jeans." Spencer shrugged. "Ashley said to dress in whatever I feel comfortable in. She made a comment about not pulling out the big guns until our third date."

Rachel teased her with wiggling her eyebrows up and down before giggling. "I'm happy for you Spence. I like Ashley and I can tell she has it bad for you."

"Really?" Curiosity got the best of her as she sat on the bed wide-eyed, looking at her best friend. "How can you tell?"

"The constant staring she does when she's sitting with Quinn and her wannabes." Rachel replied as if it the answer should've been obvious.

"Huh," the blonde bit her lip then narrowed her eyes slightly at the brunette, "and would you be noticing her while Ashley's staring at me?"

"What?" The songstress cleared her throat and frowned, cursing herself mentally.

"Quinn." Spencer deadpanned. "You're so angry at her, unwilling to talk but you're practically longing for her at a distance."

"Not for her!" Rachel snapped. "She just has me really confused and although I don't want to be focusing all my time wondering about her intentions, I do. I could be using up this time thinking about the best possible song selections, choreography, costumes..."

"Then talk to her." The blonde shrugged. "I don't like how she's treated you. I'm her sister so I've learned to deal with it but you're my best friend. However, if it's bothering you that much to know what's going on with her and her sudden interest in you, just let her talk. What's the worst that can happen?"

Rachel huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. The fact that the head cheerleader had her wrapped around her finger once already was a factor. Quinn had a way of making Rachel feel like she was the only person worth looking at when she was pregnant. After all that went away, Quinn had a way of making Rachel feel like the most useless human to mankind.

She couldn't take that second heartache and survive afterwards.

Rachel didn't want to tell Spencer that though. She just shrugged and continued sitting there while the other girl got ready for her date.

"You look beautiful." Ashley commented when Spencer opened the front door. She held out a single rose and smiled. "I know it's cliché and all but I couldn't resist."

Spencer blushed a little and took the rose. The soft pedals tickled her nose as she inhaled lightly. "Thank you," she said softly and noticed Ashley was wearing a black tight fitted sweater with tight jeans and a studded belt. It was so casual yet on Ashley it made her look absolutely stunning. "You're the one that looks beautiful. I," she ran her hands over her own light blue sweater and jeans, "just look so plain."

"You've never looked plain." Ashley replied honestly and gave her a heart melting smile.

"Ladies." Arthur and Paula wandered up to the door together and smiled at their daughter and date. "I hope you two have a great time."

"We will Mr. C." Ashley answered and hooked her arm around the blonde's. "I'll have her home ten minutes before curfew."

Paula looked more than thrilled at the statement and placed a hand over her heart. "Just no later than midnight."

Spencer's eyes widened at the hour leap in her curfew and hugged her parents, whispering a 'thank you'. "You two enjoy the rest of your quiet evening before Quinn and Elle get home."

"We will." Arthur grinned and gently took the rose from Spencer's fingers. "I'll put this in water for you." He winked, turned around and left the room.

"Drive safe." Paula warned as the two teenagers exited the house. She closed the door and leaned against it.

"Wow honey," Arthur came back into the room and scooped her up in a hug, "I'm proud of you."

It had been the first date Spencer's gone out on since she came out to them right before Quinn's pregnancy debacle. Paula Carlin hadn't taken it so well and tried to convince her youngest daughter otherwise but it was no use, Spencer was out and ready to stay that way. She was forced to deal with it and when Quinn came to her crying one night about being pregnant, she immediately felt relief that Spencer wouldn't be coming home confessing the same thing.

"We like Ashley." Paula nodded firmly. "She's been great with Quinn and I can see the changes that girl has made in both of our daughters. Plus she really looks like she worships the ground Spencer walks on. I can't deny them that kind of happiness."

"Like I said," her husband kissed her temple, "I'm proud of you. Now come on, we have two hours left before we're expecting Quinn and Noelle home."

Giggling, Paula and Arthur made their way into the living room for their own little 'date night'.


Ashley held the restaurant door open for the blonde and was grinning when Spencer kissed her cheek as a 'thank you'. She gave the hostess her last name and they were immediately ushered to a far booth in the back.

"I hope Olive Garden is okay. Quinn said you love this place and it's quiet enough to talk. Plus it does have that 'first date' vibe." The brunette stood at the table until Spencer slid in the booth and then took her seat right beside her.

Spencer's heart sped up at the fact that Ashley decided to share her side of the booth. She would be the first to admit that although there had been a couple of girls she ended up in bed with a year ago, Ashley was her first date. She didn't know what to expect but so far the brunette was making her smile non-stop and the date had just begun.

"If me sitting here bothers you-" Ashley began but was cut off by the vigorous head shake the blonde was giving her. "Okay good, I like being near you." She half whispered, giving an uncharacterised shy smile.

It was Spencer who made the first move by lacing her fingers with the girl's beside her. "Likewise."

They shared a quiet moment before their waitress approached the table. "Welcome to Olive Garden, my name is Kira and I'll be your waitress for the evening. Can I interest you in a drink to start?" Her eye movement to their linked fingers didn't go by unnoticed.

"I'll have a water and sweet tea please," Ashley answered first, looking the tall blonde waitress square in the eyes.

"Me too." Spencer smiled and happily took the menu from Kira's out stretched hand. "Thank you."

Kira gave them a friendly enough smile and walked away to get their drinks.

"How homophobic is this place?" Ashley asked, intrigued by a few stares they were receiving from other staff members.

"Olive Garden? No clue." Spencer smirked and was pinched in the side by the brunette. She yelped and laughed, licking her lips. "Lima has its moments. I guess they're just not used to seeing it rather than hearing about it."

"You've never been out on a date?" Ashley raised an eyebrow, cocking her head to side to look at the girl. "Hard to believe Spencer, you're gorgeous. I'll be showing you off on my arm every single chance I get."

Blushing for the hundredth time that day, Spencer just shrugged. "No one's ever been interested in me like that. Unless you count Puck but he just wanted in my pants. He wants in every girls' pants."

"I believe the Puck part." The brunette laughed and brought their linked hands up to the table, her thumb strong the back of Spencer's hand. "However I find it hard to believe that you don't have any admirers that are dying to ask you out. Now they are probably kicking themselves because some hot newbie rolls into town and steals you away from them."

"Oh really?" Spencer teased with a sparkle in her eye. "I'm yours?"

Ashley just grinned and squeezed Spencer's hand, keeping their hand holding on the table while Kira made her way back with their drinks.

"You're Quinn's little sister right?" The waitress asked, a small smile gracing her face.

"I am." Spencer nodded, not really fazed by the question because she was used to it.

Kira nodded, "You two just missed them. Such a sweet little family her and Finn Hudson have." Her voice sounded almost preachy.

"If you take our order maybe we can finish our first date and start working on the family part right after that." Ashley smiled sweetly, batting her eyelashes.

Kira's eyes widened but quickly shut her mouth. She nodded and took the girls' orders before making a quick exit.

Spencer chuckled and took a sip of her water. "How about we get past that third date and then see where it takes us." She teased.

Ashley laughed and nodded. "Deal."

"Come on Quinn, it's Friday night and Noelle's sleeping." Finn whispered, attempting to 'snuggle' up with his girlfriend on the couch in the Carlin home.

"And my parents are upstairs Finn, I'm not comfortable doing this right now." Quinn huffed and tucked hair behind her ears. "I think you should go."

The tall boy furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he stood up when his girlfriend handed him his coat. "The cupcakes you're baking aren't even done." A poor excuse he knew, but he also knew once Quinn made up her mind about him leaving, there was no changing her mind. It wasn't like she was willing to do anything other than make-out and at that moment she wasn't even willing to do that.

"I swear you can eat out a whole kitchen and still be hungry." Quinn laughed and placed a delicate hand on her boyfriend's chest. "I'll save a couple for you when you come over tomorrow, okay?"

Finn sighed but nodded and pulled his coat on. "What time did you want to come get you and Noelle?" They were planning on taking the little girl to the park if the weather was good.

"I'll call you." Quinn smiled and opened the front door. She got up on her tip toes and kissed him goodnight sweetly before watching Finn walk down the pathway.

Sighing as she leaned against the closed door, she wondered if her plan she was cooking up would be worth it. Making her way into the kitchen, she checked on her cupcakes and smiled when she found them to be almost ready.

There was only one thing left to do and though she'd asked for her parents to watch Noelle plenty of times, she seemed nervous for some reason. As she made her way up the stairs, she heard soft music coming from Arthur's office. Silently thanking that the door was open, she appeared in the doorway. "Hi Dad." She bit her lip.

Arthur looked up from his paperwork and immediately smiled when he noticed the blonde standing there. It had taken years for Quinn to start calling him dad and every so often she'll still call him Arthur. Most of the time she called him 'dad' when she wanted something but the tone in her voice that time sounded sincere. "Hey Quinn," he waved her in and she moved forward, picking at the edge of his desk, "how'd your evening go?"

"Good." Quinn smiled and nodded. "How was yours?"

"Quiet." Arthur grinned and put down his pen. "Is something bothering you?"

"No, no." She shook her head quickly. "I was just wondering if you could keep an eye on Noelle for a bit? I know she's sleeping but there's something I need to do."

Arthur didn't take offense to it. He actually loved his granddaughter more than his own life. "You and Finn going out for alone time?"

Quinn smiled softly. "No. I," she took a deep breath, "I just have someone to see and apologize to."

Nodding his head as if he knew, Arthur looked at her warmly. "Take your time. Noelle's in good hands."

"Thanks." Quinn replied gratefully and walked around the desk, giving Arthur a hug. "I won't be too long."

After the cupcakes were packed neatly in a container, Quinn grabbed her coat and car keys, making a quick exit from the house. It didn't take her long to be parked out in front the Berry household. For a brief second she thought about making a u-turn and head back home but she saw the curtain move from the living room window and she knew she couldn't back out.

Clutching the container to her chest, she made her way up the perfect stone pathway and rang the door bell without hesitation. Upon the door opening, a tall dark man smiled at her. "Quinn Fabray, it's a pleasure to see you again."

"Good evening Mr. Berry." Quinn nodded her head politely.

"Please, call me Paul, you know better than that." He opened the door and ushered her inside. She was immediately enveloped in the warmth of a household that was more comfortable than her own. "Rachel's in the living room. You just missed an awesome game of Monopoly."

Quinn smiled sincerely and stepped deeper into the hallway after taking off her shoes. She had been in Rachel's house before. Spencer and her would go over and watch movies during her pregnancy. Looking back at those moments, she realized that one of the only times she felt a part of something that wasn't forced upon her.

"Bear, honey?" Paul placed his hands on the blonde's shoulders as they reached the living room. Hazel eyes captured brown immediately. "You have a visitor."

Rachel's eyes lit up briefly but quickly pushed it away. Tucking her hair behind her shoulder, she cleared her throat. "Quinn, what are you doing here?"

Nervously shifting from foot to foot, something she only really does at home when no one else is around, Quinn held out the container of cupcakes and smiled. "I baked them."

Rachel frowned and stepped closer.

"We'll just leave you two alone." Simon finished putting the game away and grabbed his husband's hand, disappearing into another room.

"What are they?" Rachel asked curiously and resisted the urge to grab the container from the blonde's hands.

"A form of an apology, 'I'm Sorry' cupcakes." Quinn answered quietly, holding her breath slightly. "I know you don't want to hear it but you have to know that I mean it."

"You- you baked those for me?" The brunette finally took the cupcakes and opened the lid. "Why?"

"I told you." Quinn smiled a little, relieved that the songstress hadn't kicked her out yet.

"Why Quinn? Why now? What did I do to make you hate me so much?" Rachel's voice cracked slightly but she clutched at the object in her hand.

"I was stupid, I was a bitch and I know I don't deserve your forgiveness but you have to know the truth." The plea in her voice caused Rachel to look almost sympathetic. "I don't hate you."

Upon hearing quiet chatter in the next room, the brunette cleared her throat and grabbed Quinn's wrist. "Can we take this upstairs? I don't want an audience."

Quinn may have been a brief guest in the Berry household a few times but she never made it as far as Rachel's bedroom. She was expecting a gold star on the white door but it was blank, except for a few Little Mermaid stickers that were low enough on the door to show that childhood Rachel stuck them on there when she was younger.

Closing the door behind her, Rachel let out a heavy sigh and made her way towards her bed, sitting on the edge of it.

Quinn took a moment to take in the room of the girl she tormented for so long. The light yellow walls gave it a warm feeling with an assortment of colours to bring out the rest of the room. If she had to be honest, she did think the room would've been pink or a purple of some sort but the brunette managed to surprise her once again. "I definitely love your room." She confessed and leaned against one of the barest walls that weren't covered in picture frames of baby animals to musical instruments.

"Thanks." Rachel whispered quietly and chewed on her bottom lip. "I bet you were thinking there'd be posters of Barbra Streisand right?"

Quinn couldn't help but smirk and shrug. "I think I'd still love your room."

Letting a soft laugh escape her lips, the brunette ran her fingers over the orange duvet, hanging her head slightly.

"You should try one." The blonde pointed to the cupcakes placed beside Rachel on the bed.

"Are they poisoned?" A dark eyebrow was raised, lifting the lid up and inhaling the sweet smell of freshly baked dessert.

Quinn chuckled and shook her head. "No, I promise."

Rachel licked her lips and took a bite into the sweet white cupcake, her eyes closing at the melting sweet taste in her mouth. She savoured, what was probably one of the best cupcakes she ever experienced. "Wow," she wiped her mouth gently and glanced up at the blonde, "it pays to live with Mr. Carlin."

Quinn laughed and nodded, "yeah, it really does."

Clearing her throat and gently pushing the tempting dessert away, Rachel tapped her fingers on her knees. "I don't know what to say to all of this, but thank you."

"You deserve a lot more from me." Quinn shrugged and played with the zipper of her coat. "I know you're thinking that my change of heart came out of nowhere and though that may be true for the most part, the sincerity of it all is real though."

Rachel nodded. "What do you get out of this?" She asked, taking another bite from her second cupcake.

"Maybe somewhere down the road I'll get a friend back?" Quinn's voice held a lot of vulnerability in it that it made Rachel want to jump up and hug her, telling her that she believed her.

After wiping the crumbs off her lap and bed, Rachel stood up and chewed on the bottom of her lip briefly before smiling a little. "I do believe you Quinn. I think you are being sincere and I want to accept that..."

"But?" Quinn asked softly.

"But come Monday at school you're going to be the head cheerleader sitting at the head cafeteria table and laughing at students like myself. We'll never be friends in school because it goes against every single social rule in Sue Sylvester's handbook." Rachel stressed her point and shook her head. "When you were pregnant it was different, wasn't it? You were already a social reject and your only friends were the ones from Glee Club, you had nothing to lose."

"I did," the blonde frowned, "I have everything to lose still. I've made mistakes and there are things I've said and done that can never be taken back but I'm going to fix it Rachel, I will." Quinn's expression was full of determination.

"Just do whatever you have to do to make yourself happy." The brunette shook her head a bit.

Quinn glanced around the room once more and hummed slightly before giving Rachel a smile. "Noelle and I have a date at the park tomorrow afternoon, why don't you join us? Spencer can tag along but something tells me she'll be busy with Ashley all weekend."

"You want me to go out with you tomorrow afternoon?" Rachel raised an eyebrow. "In public?"

"Me and Noelle. I know she loves having you around, I see the way she stares at you when you're doing little musical puppet shows for her." Quinn smirked when the other girl blushed slightly. "Come on, it'll be fun. It's supposed to be nice out."

"O-okay." Rachel nodded and smiled a little. "Just as long as you promise that no one will know about it."

"What? Why?" Quinn frowned in confusion.

"Trust me, it'll save us both grief at school." Rachel shrugged.

Quinn just grinned and stepped forward, holding out her hand. She watched as the brunette stared at it curiously for a few seconds before taking it. "A fresh start?"

"You know, you can't just bake me cupcakes, walk into my room with your beautiful charm and expect me to just..." Rachel sighed, it was no use. The hazel eyes that were staring at her completely captured her and she was a goner; again. "A fresh start." She squeezed the soft hand that was in her own and smiled when Quinn squeezed it back.

"I should get going but thank you for taking the time out to hear what I had to say and for accepting the goodies." The head cheerleader moved towards the bedroom door and opened it. "Noelle and I will pick you up around 2pm, is that okay?"

"I'll be ready." Rachel nodded and followed the other girl down the stairs and to the front door.

"Have a good night." Quinn said softly and squeezed Rachel's hand once again.

Rachel waited until the vehicle was out of sight before closing the front door. She leaned against it and sighed, not even hiding the smile that graced her face.

"I'm guessing that ended well?" Paul poked his head into the hallway with a soft knowing smile.

"I'd like to think so." Rachel skipped towards him and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm going to shower and work on my video."

Paul nodded and grinned as he watched his daughter bounce up the stairs happily.

"I give it a week before her and Quinn are requesting sleepovers." Simon snickered behind his dishcloth.

Spencer leaned back against Ashley's Cayman S, her head tilted up towards the clear starry sky. "Have you ever made a wish on a shooting star?" She asked Ashley, who was standing right beside her with their fingers laced together.

"A couple of times." Ashley nodded and turned to look at the perfect profile of the blonde. "Only one came true though." She leaned forward and kissed Spencer's cheek.

"You wished for me?" Spencer's head swung around to look at her date, eyes wide before breaking out in a teasing smile.

"No," Ashley giggled a little, "I did wish for a perfect date though." She brought Spencer's hand up to her lips and kissed the back of it softly.

Spencer blushed and tilted her head up towards the sky again. "I didn't wish for you either," she said casually and laughed when Ashley poked her in the side.

"I did wish for a gorgeous Goddess to come into my life and rock my world thoroughly." Ashley raised an eyebrow and moved herself in front of the blonde, trapping the body against the car. "Maybe you'll make that wish come true."

The blonde licked her lips as her heart sped up a bit. "Are you trying to get into my pants?"

"Well not right now." Ashley snickered but didn't bother to move. "And I didn't mean rock my world in a sexual sense but I can understand where you'd get that."

"Huh." Spencer nodded her head with a sultry smirk and pushed her hips out slightly so that they pressed against Ashley's. "Play your cards right Davies and we'll see just how thoroughly your world will be rocked."

Brown eyes widened. "What? Really?"

"Mhmm." Spencer grinned and played with the studded black belt on her date. "But that's like, way down the road."

"You mean after we get married?" The brunette leaned forward and rested her forehead against the blonde's. "Something tells me I can wait that long."

"I'm sure we'll be calling the U-haul truck by next week."

"Do I at least get a kiss first?" Ashley boldly asked, her nose whispering across a cool cheek.

Sliding her fingers up Ashley's arms, around her shoulders and through thick brown curls, Spencer's lips found the other girl's in a slow, light first kiss.

She breathed softly when they pulled back and noticed Ashley lick her lips with her eyes closed before opening them. Before Spencer could say anything, she felt Ashley's body pressed tightly against her own as lips collided gently over and over again.

It was by far the best date Ashley had ever experienced and a first that Spencer will never forget.