Hey guys! :)

Wow, it's great to hear that all of you appreciated the part in Edward's POV, even though I thought it wasn't really my best work. xD

Anyway, a lot of you asked if there will be more in his point of view, and I emailed some of you, but a lot of you didn't leave a signed-in review, yada yada… So, I might as well officially tell all of you that it isn't going to happen, I'm sorry. This was merely an outtake that I wrote just for fun, and shared with you guys as a small present, but I have no intentions whatsoever to write the entire story in Edward's POV. Sorry if anyone is disappointed.

But… if it's any consolation (and here comes the more cheery part of the announcement), I started writing again, and I'm working on a new story. I wasn't really sure about this story, because again it's not very original, but the best way to cure a writer's block is to keep writing. I deliberated for a while at first, but at some point I started typing, and suddenly, the prologue was already born. xD Maybe if I just keep going, someday I'll be rewarded with some awesome idea popping up in my head. xD For now I'm going to occupy myself with this silly story, and I'll upload the first chapter as soon as I'm sure that I like where it is going.

Meanwhile, if you want, you can check out how the writing is going, because I'm going to keep you guys informed on my journal:


You'll also find some more details on the story there, or you can look it up on my profile. If you still have any questions regarding the story, or if you simply want to strangle me because I'm not going to continue Edward's point of view, feel free to bother me. ;)

Take care!

x Shirley