What Happened to Glorfindel
by SkyFire

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Anybody else wonder what exactly Arwen was doing on Glorfindel's horse in The Movie, and where
exactly *he* was? Here's my version. *g*

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1)Okay, language, as it refers to "Dunadan." One Dunadan, three Dunedain. Got it? Good.
2)Yes, I know that in Rohan, Legolas rides Arod bareback, because that is the way of his people.
BUT, in the book, it clearly describes Glorfindel's horse Asfaloth as having bells on the bridle
and reins (meaning it therefore *had* these items), as well as having the Elf-lord himself
mention shortening the stirrups to the skirts for Frodo to ride, therefore Asfaloth was also
wearing a saddle. Perhaps the bareback riding thing is peculiar to Sindarin Elves, as Legolas is,
and Noldor do otherwise. I don't know. I just know what I've read in the books. Stop trying to
bite my head off about it.

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What Happened to Glorfindel
by SkyFire

"Lord Glorfindel? Where are you going?"

The golden-haired Elf-lord looked over from where he stood readying his horse, Asfaloth. He
turned back to his work, tightening the girth and checking the various other straps for wear.
"Lord Elrond has commanded me to go forth from Rivendell and look for the Dunadan and his
companions, for the Nazgul have been seen both west and east of Bree, and they might have trouble
in getting here without aid, Lady Arwen."

"You seek the Dunadan? Which one?" Arwen asked, watching as Glorfindel rechecked the horse once

"The one known as Strider, Lady."

"Ah! *My* Dunadan! My beloved is pursued by the Nazgul? Then it should be I who searches for
him. You may go back to my father's hall, Lord Glorfindel, for I shall go in your place."

The Elf-lord led his sleek white elf-horse from the stable. "I am sorry, my Lady, but I cannot
do that. Lord Elrond commands me go." He turned his back to her to mount his horse.

He didn't know then or for a long time after exactly what it was that Arwen used. The only thing
he knew was the sudden pain as that object forcefully hit his head and sent him quickly into the
darkness of unconsciousness.

Arwen stared down at the unconscious Elf-lord sprawled on the grass, a small smirk on her face.
"You should have known better than to come between a Lady and her endangered beloved, Glorfindel.
Or is it that you wanted him for yourself? No matter, for no one shall come between my beloved
Aragorn and I." She tossed aside the shovel she had used on the other Elf, then reached down,
grasped him firmly by the wrists and dragged him to an empty stall at the rear of the stable,
where she quickly bound his wrists and ankles with rope, and set a gag in his mouth. With a last
triumphant smirk, she left him lying there in the hay for someone to find and went outside once

She went over to Glorfindel's horse, who, true to his training, had not strayed, shortened the
stirrups appropriately and climbed on.

"Come, Asfaloth," she said. "Let us go find my beloved and save him from the Ringwraiths. Noro
lim, Asfaloth!"

And so it was Arwen, mounted on Glorfindel's stolen horse, that made her way out of Rivendell and
into the Wilds, even as the Elf-lord lay oblivious to everything in the stable until he was found
perhaps four hours later and taken to Elrond for healing of the large lump on his head.


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