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Summary: Bella is an immortal being with a past shrouded in mystery and dark secrets. She wanders the earth, running from something in her past . . . What will happen when this powerful immortal being comes across the Cullen family?


My name is Bella.

I've been called an immortal witch, Confessor, a demon, even an angel . . . and much more than that.

This world holds many secrets, and I know them all; because I am the biggest secret of them all.

My full name: Isabella Marie Swan. Frozen forever at seventeen--because I am immortal.

My immortality began many millenniums, in a different time . . . a different era. I was but a child of eleven when I was taken away from my beloved family. They took many other children, like myself, away from their rightful homes.

They were demented mortal 'scientists' who wanted to create an army of invincible immortals so they could rule the world as kings. Immortality had not been introduced into the world at this time, but their were monsters ranging from dragons, gars, werewolves, shape-shifters, etc.

These merciless scientists experimented on me, and the other children for years to come.

We could not escape.

As I neared the age of seventeen, many of the children began dying from this awful change within our bodies, and the demons only discarded their bodies to the side, as if they were nothing but trash. But to me, they were my only family at the time . . . And I watched my family die one by one until I was the only one left. The only one who lived.

When I became the age of seventeen, I had become fully immortal, through and through, all traces of mortality gone. Even traces of my humanity were vanished.

The people--or maybe demons would be a better name--who had experimented on me and countless children were a bit disappointed that I was the only one who survived. But they were amazed, nonetheless, by my substantial abilities and began plotting on how to use me as their tool for war.

That night I escaped, and ran. My life became of that of running for a time.

But eventually, time sped swiftly by, and the demons pursuing me were dealt with by the hands of fate. Death. Something I would never have.

As time went on . . . so too, did I. And I found that my transformation had been the stepping stone to a new upbringing: Vampires. By this time, my body had adapted, time had made my skin grow strong and almost impenetrable. My blood had lost all appeal to monster blood drinkers, it had no scent whatsoever. I began losing my human scent as well, because I was no longer human, I was an immortal being. With powers and strengths beyond that of a human being.

My senses had also adapted, and, come to find out, were alike of that of a vampire--who were also immortal, but had to drink blood and had one flaw . . . they could be killed. Whereas I could not be. Ever. I was bound to stay in this world for all of eternity.

And now I am living in present day America.

I found a small town to start my life anew, and even attend school--something I haven't done in years, because, well, I already know all there is to know.

I would be in the eleventh grade, a junior, in Forks High School. I bought a small, cozy house with the little money I have, and even got a deal on a '53 Chevy.

I was to start school tomorrow morning, though it was January . . . But I would start a new life here, a new, fresh start.

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