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I've been wearing my new white cloak that my new family made for me almost everyday. Well, not to school at least. I just loved it because it brought back so many memories. . .

I sighed. Good and bad memories. . . it was a win-win I guess.

I was sitting in Biology, bored, since Edward wasn't here beside me. It was a rare sunny day in Forks, and while all were enjoying the warmth that doesn't shine here too often, I can say I felt the opposite. Because the Cullens were vampires they had to stay within their house to avoid being seen by the human eye, and I was stuck here since the sun didn't have the same effects on my body as their immortal skin.

I sighed again and just stared straight ahead since I was done with my assignment.

Then the hairs on my arms stood straight up and I smelled a scent I did not want to smell. Not today or any other day.

The scent of burning flames and a rich scent of lemons that made you automatically cringe. A dragon. Damn it! Another one? Where the crap are they coming from?

I stood swiftly up out of my seat and threw an excuse at and I was out the door. Since I always wear my long black boots, I carry my dagger knives too, just in case. I decided to wear a white hoodie with black Polo jeans since Alice made me. They were good to fight in, and I'm glad I chose this outfit to wear today since all the others were not my style at all. . . more like Alice than me.

I ran at inhuman speed through the forest to the threat. Then I saw the crimson red dragon, even bigger than the last one. But I was suddenly distracted by another scent, a scent so familiar and pure I could barely believe it was here and real.

When I heard the dragon roar its monstrous roar, I snapped out of it and focused on him.

It reared its head back and then released its violent flames at me. And in a flash of fire, I saw her. Standing within the trees behind the dragon.

Her black beauty shining in its coat of midnight black fur within the sun's rays and her unique spiral horn sparkled like that of vampire's skin in the sun. It was her, but it couldn't be. . .


Our eyes met, and I all but forgot about the incoming flames. Then Flicka got my attention back to the fight at hand by jumping on her back legs and kneeling anxiously at me.

With a swift and powerful wave of my hand, I banished the flames into the air and ran inhumanly around the dragon and stood right in front of Flicka, my eyes still large as I gazed at my beloved friend. I was just about to frame her long face in my hands when I sensed behind me that the fight was not over.

The dragon released more flames at me and Flicka and suddenly the flames hit an invisible wall in front of us - and I knew then that my powers were protecting me.

I faced the dragon head on. I ran to it and pushed it backwards with my strength. With a roar, it crashed into the many trees behind it. But it wasn't over yet.

It suddenly whipped around and smacked its iron wing against me - smashing me into a neighboring tree. It then wrapped its long and dangerous tail around me, imprisoning me there in its deathly grip.

And then it happened.

It sunk its deadly sharp teeth into my left shoulder and I screamed as I felt the pain rush through me and the deadly venom spread through me like wildfire. Worse than wildfire.

It then let go of me - probably thinking I was fully paralyzed now from the bite - and prepared to swallow me whole, but I caught myself. I stopped the monsters mouth with my hands. I locked my hands on the top and bottom of his massive mouth right in front of me. Blackness was slowly overcoming me so I had to make this quick.

But before I could do anything, large bulky arms wrapped around the dragon's neck and pried him off of me.

I fell to my knees with my hands still in front of me, still in the same positions as the scent of mist and rain came to me along with a familiar soothing feeling that engulfed my every sense and I finally blacked out.

Edward's POV

I started reading Romeo & Juliet again as I wished time would somehow go faster. It was a rare sunny day in Forks, which meant I would be spending time away from my love. She was at school and I was stuck in my room reading. . . without her.

I groaned and tossed the book aside.

"Man this sucks!" Emmett complained as he walked right in my room uninvited and sat down on the floor.

"What is it Emmett?" I asked in exasperation, not even bothering to read his thoughts when I know he'll go ahead and say what's on his mind.

"I. Want. To. Go. To. School." He said like a stubborn child refusing to eat his vegetables.

"Uh, Em. . . why?" That wasn't like him, he's normally the one who hates going to school more than the rest of us.

"Dude you know why. It's because Bella's there and she makes things more. . . well, interesting," he chuckled and I smiled. It's true. Bella would always cause mayhem in the cafeteria with her powers, to which the kids would creep out and scream over and we would be laughing.

"I know what you mean," I sighed dreamily, remembering her voice, her laugh, her smile. . .

"Ugh! I am so bored!" Alice huffed as she too came in and sat on the edge of my black leather sofa that I was laying on.

"Join the club," Emmett muttered.

"I'm in it," Alice answered, her face still in full pout mode without Bella around.

Emmett and I sighed.

"So, how much longer?" I asked, and Alice knew what I meant.

"Let me see. . ." She started scanning the future and immediately gasped and Emmett and I shot up.

"What? What did you see?" Emmett asked impatiently.

"Bella's future has been clouded over by that strange fog that usually happens whenever she's in trouble!" Alice trilled in a single breath, her voice in high alarm.

The three of us ran down the stairs to where everyone else was.

"Hurry! We have to go now!" Alice stressed, jumping up and down in stress.

They all rose up in alarm and Carlisle looked at me.

"It's Bella, she's in trouble."

. ~ * ~ * ~ .

We were all running through the forest that led to Forks High School when we began to smell different scents that all led to the same place. One was Bella's, one smelled like that of a dragon, but the third was completely unfamiliar.

I ran faster to the source just as we heard a crash - like a tree breaking. We arrived, and the scene was horrendous. Bella's blood was everywhere, trees were completely demolished in some places, and then we all saw Bella holding the monster away from her as blood was spilling from her left shoulder.

Emmett shot forward without hesitation. He grabbed the beastly dragon around the neck and pulled him off of Bella.

And now we all had to handle a very angry dragon. None of us had experience fighting the monsters that came after Bella, maybe a few gargoyles, but not a deathly dragon that Bella herself said was the baddest of the bad.

We all surrounded it, and it turned swiftly around in a full circle and roared in fury. The shuttering sound echoing throughout the forest.

And then it spread its giant wings and stared intently at me. I focused on its crimson red eyes. . . Then it suddenly soared in the air, and then hurdled back at me wit a fierce vengeance, its fangs bared.

I quickly leaped out of the way as it hit the earth with a crushing boom, cracking the ground we were standing on. I quickly looked over at where Bella was and saw a magnificent black horse sitting down with Bella's head resting on it comfortably, but where did it come from? Its black eyes were gazing at us with amazing intelligence. . .

Suddenly the dragon swung its tail at us - preventing me from observing the black horse anymore.

We all jumped out of the way and I saw Emmett and Jasper circle their way to the other side of the dragon.

"No. . ." I heard Bella whimper and my eyes instantly found her half-opened lidded ones.

They were so hazy and glazed over I couldn't even make out the brown in them.

Bella reached out her hand and stopped Emmett and Jasper, literally stopping them in their tracks - their intention was to jump on the dragon and bite its neck.

But Bella stopped them for whatever reason I couldn't fathom why.

She suddenly raised up, her eyes growing large in fear.

And that's when I saw that the dragon was coming at me; too fast for me to run and get out of the way. In one quick motion it will have already pulled apart my body and seared and vanquished me in its flames.

"NO!" I heard Bella cry out in a powerful voice.

And suddenly I felt like I was floating.

No, not again. I heard Bella's voice in my head, and that can only mean one thing. . .

I turned to look over at where Bella was, and what I saw was horrendous.

Her eyes were wide and entirely pitch black, no white in them at all as she stared in my direction.

Edward! Her beautiful melodic voice echoed in my head.

And then suddenly images flashed before my eyes in fast motion.

Bella in her white cloak surrounded by other women in similar cloaks in an old, castle-like room. Fire everywhere, burning everything and everyone up, a black bird, a black rose, strange fiery red symbols and markings everywhere in an ancient room, and then dark. . . evil. . . and formiddable powers surfacing as I heard something that shattered my world. Bella's agonizing screams of pain and torture.

Bella! I shouted within my own mind.

Suddenly I was taken away from the images, and in a white room, Bella standing there before me wearing a black cloak instead of the white one.

Bella? I whispered as she looked at me.

Edward. You shouldn't be here. She whispered back to me.

What are you talking about? Where am I?

You're on the verge of entering my mind.

What do you mean? Why does it feel like if I enter her mind it will be so much different from any other's?

Abruptly darkness started snaking around her, the dark color matching her cloak. Then her perfect face broke and fell.

Dark. . . Powers. . . she whimpered and I ran to her.

And that's when the light faded and we started falling, falling inside the black depths below.

Bella didn't fight back, it was as if she had given up. But I wasn't about to.

I reached for her and managed to grab her hand in mine just as light formed around us and I came back to reality.

I stumbled when it seemed I had just popped out of nowhere beside my brothers.

Everyone was shouting my name in relief.

Dude! Where'd ya go? Emmett thought and I looked at him questioningly.

You just vanished into thin air and then popped back here beside me and Jasper when you WERE way over there! Is there some secret power you didn't tell us about or something?

I shook my head and looked around and gasped.

The dragon was in the air struggling with something, something that was tearing it limb from limb.

And then suddenly black flames arose and burned up the entire dragon as it cried out in agony.

We were all speechless until I remembered Bella. I looked and saw her black eyes dissipate back into white as she shut them and fell back on the horses lap.

And then Alice gasped as we saw it too. The shining spiral and silver lining horn that came from the horse's head.

No, it can't be. . . Carlisle thought as everyone else's thoughts came too.

Well I'll be. . . Esme thought, bewildered, but also in awe.

I thought it was only in fairytales! Rosalie thought in shock.

Ohmygoodness! Ohmygoodness! Alice trilled as she jumped up and down in excitement.

I know this! Now what is it. . . uh . . . Emmett thought, and I almost laughed at Emmett's pitiful attempt to figure out what it was.

Look at how close they are. . . It knows Bella fairly well. Jasper thought reasonably.

I looked back into the unicorn's eyes as Bella rested peacefully against it. Suddenly an orb of bright light formed at the tip of its glittering horn and went straight into our minds.

And then we saw all of the unicorn's past. . . from the time it was born, shunned, banished, its wandering the earth, when it met Bella, when Bella named her Flicka and they quickly bonded. . . until the part where Bella left and Flicka was left there all alone until she decided to venture out in search of her companion. And then Flicka being hunted down by the dragon from before, and as she began losing stamina to run, Bella showed up and started fighting the dragon, trying to save her, yet again.

We all came out of the memories with new profound respect for the mystical creature before us. And I could tell, by gazing into her eyes, that she wanted to be the one to save Bella this time.

We watched as a glittering mist covered Bella's body like a veil. And then the deep gashes in her left shoulder started to heal and the blood stopped flowing out of it.

After a few seconds, Bella woke up.

She raised up and gazed around her with alarm and she looked back at her friend.

"Flicka. . ." she whispered with joy, throwing her arms around Flicka's neck.

"I missed you. . . you have no idea of how much I regretted that day I left you. How can you ever forgive me?" Bella questioned her, thin red tears spilling down her face.

Flicka made grunting sounds and nodded her head as if to say yes she forgave her.

Then she stood up, pulling Bella up with her.

"Everyone, this is Flicka." Bella introduced.

"She introduced her herself," Alice pimped in, grinning at the two of them.

Surprise and understanding flickered over Bella's face.

"Oh!" she said, looking back at Flicka and patting her soft head. "So you already told them everything. . . through the power of Knowing."

"What was that?" Carlisle asked, already curious about the whole situation but hearing that made him even more curious.

She turned to look at him and smiled.

"I'll answer all of your questions concerning Flicka at the house," Bella answered and everyone nodded eagerly and ran in the direction of the house as Flicka followed along behind them.

Bella knew we had to talk about. . . what happened. . . before.

"Bella, what exactly happened?" I asked.

"Just let it go Edward," she said in a stiff voice, avoiding eye contact with me.

"Bella, I can't, you know that."

"Edward, please." She stressed, tense now.

She tried to walk past me, head still down, but I caught her by the arm and stopped her.

"Let me help you," I said softly and then she met my eyes with her fiery ones.

"You can't help me Edward. No one can. That's what I've been trying to tell you!" She was yelling now. "I'm not good; I'm all dark, what you saw proves it!"

"I don't believe that, you're good Bella. You have light in you too." I told her, hoping she would just listen and see. . .

But it seemed to have just fallen on deaf ears.

"Yeah. . . but sometimes there's just not enough," she whispered as she had that faraway look again.

She ran in the direction of our family and I followed behind her, hoping all the while she would realize how great she truly is.

Bella's POV

Weeks have went by since Edward almost invaded my mind and uncovered all of my deep, dark secrets. . . But he's never brought it up or discussed it with anyone. Thankfully.

All of the guys went out in the yard one day after they all met Flicka and started building a sort of furnished horse stable so Flicka could stay there since I spend most of my time here with the Cullens.

The living room window was open so Flicka could peek her head through and join the family as we were all sitting in the living room, sitting beside our beloved's.

"Jasper, bring me my fashion magazine please." Alice ordered, taking advantage of the deal we made them make.

"Yes, ma'am." Jasper said in his southern drawl, swiftly kissing her cheek and rising to go get it.

Alice was positively beaming, smiling hugely as she relaxed on the couch.

Pretty soon, Jasper came back, carrying a magazine with him.

"Here you go, dear." Jasper handed the magazine to her.

"That isn't the right one, I want the latest edition!" Alice said and Jasper quickly went back to find the right one.

Emmett chuckled and I turned to face Edward on the love seat.

"Edward, please go help Jasper," I ordered, touching his face and smiling.

"Yes, ma'am." Edward copied Jasper from before, grinning, and then kissed me on the cheek and got up to help Jasper.

Rosalie shook her head as Alice and I smiled at each other.

"Man, I wish I had a deal like that with Emmett!" Rose said. "Maybe I should wait till Emmett makes me mad. . ." Rosalie contemplated.

Emmett got a scared look in his eyes.

"Jasper! Edward! They're planning something!" he yelled and we all laughed.

After it took Edward and Jasper forever to find the right magazine Alice wanted, everyone was back in the living room.

I began sketching as everyone watched TV and talked. They were watching some kind of popular baby show, all I was hearing was a bunch of kids screaming.

Rosalie sighed longingly. "I wish I had a child. . ."

"I know." Esme said in the same longing tone. "And so many people today take them for granted."

Rose nodded in agreement.

I looked back at what I sketched and nearly choked up. Her adorable face was looking at me with her big brown eyes staring into mine and her long dark brown hair came down around her. And she was so small. . . and innocent.

I hid my emotions from Jasper so he wouldn't be alarmed by the intense sadness that swept over me just then.

I shut my sketch book and stood up.

"Bella?" Edward asked questioningly, all of them wandering why I was getting up suddenly.

"I just remembered - I have to study for a test," Okay, so it wasn't a very great lie, but I just needed to get out of here before everything came down on me.

No one bought it, but they knew I needed to be alone.

"Okay, just come back soon," Edward murmured, getting up to give me a soft kiss.

I kissed him back and nodded. I waved to everyone and was running out the door.

I wouldn't be able to hold back the flood of memories for long. . . But at least I was in the middle of the woods and out of hearing range of everyone.

Her soft, pure, and childish voice filled my mind. Miss Bella? It echoed, on and on and on. . .

Tragedy struck me as I fell in agony onto the forest floor.

"Celia. . ." I whimpered out as the little girl came into my mind. . . .

It happened less than a century ago and I was staying in the cold northern regions of the U.S. There was a small river emptying into a grand lake with mist and fog all around where I was staying at in the deep forest. . . it was peaceful, as I gazed out into the misty environment and stood at the very edge of the murky lake.

Then I heard someone crying, and I could smell a faint scent of fresh blood. Curious, and relying on my instincts, I ghost through the heavy fog in search of the source.

And I suddenly come upon a little girl; probably no more than six years old judging by how small and frail she was. But I was confused, because she looked just like me; not me now of course, but when I had been a child. Long dark brown silken hair curving around her porcelain face and skin with big brown eyes set in a heart shaped adorable face. She was like a tiny angel sitting there, looking up at me with a stunning awe look.

"Hello little girl, are you lost?" I couldn't stop myself from asking. I crouched down to her level, lost in her innocent eyes as she remained still, watching me.

She began shaking her head, still in a daze.

I looked down at the cuts on her arms and I wondered how they got there, but it wasn't my place to question.

"You're hurt. . . I can fix that," I said as I ripped off a piece of cloth and began wrapping her wounds to prevent them from bleeding more.

"There. . . all done." I smiled at her, trying to make her feel at ease.

She examined her bandaged wounds with surprise in her eyes, and to my utter shock she gave me a big smile that made her eyes light up and made my heart smile in the warmth it brought it.

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