It was dawn in Sunagakure. The sun had barely begun to crest the tips of the highest buildings, casting a long, menacing shadow over the dusty streets. Few shinobi had awakened yet, save for the guards and ANBU Black Ops. Several shops had already opened, however, and were eagerly preparing for the soon to be mob of customers.

Hidan scanned the empty road from his dark alleyway hiding spot, licking his lips eagerly. The citizens of the Hidden Sand Village were totally oblivious to the terror that had entered their home. The Jashinist was given direct orders to wait for sunrise, and then catch the attention of every ninja in the area. He had never known such ecstasy in his entire career.

He slowly stepped into the oncoming daylight, intensely eager to begin his mission. With the Kazekage away for some meeting, this would be a walk in the park. Few shinobi could comprehend his amazing abilities, let alone defeat them. Ever since his defection from Yogakure, Hidan had gotten only stronger, perfecting his use of the scythe that now rested upon his left shoulder. The unique triple-bladed weapon could fool many with its massive size, yet speed was its true ally; only the fastest of ninja could see it coming when Hidan threw it.

A sliver of a breeze caught his jet black cloak, causing the crimson clouds on it to dance. It was a great day to kill.

Hidan walked down the street a ways, his violet irises darting around hungrily. An open ramen shop caught his attention, and he quickly turned to it, his right hand scratching at his broad chest from inside his garb. Just as the man looked over, relinquishing a hearty smile and wave, did he launch the kunai knife he held straight into the owner's head. Just as the man realized he was dead, Hidan raised his right index and middle finger, causing the exploding seal that was wrapped around it to detonate in a bright, glorious flash.

Wood crashed all around, and the mighty sound reverberated throughout the marketplace. No doubt he had completed his part of the mission Pein assigned him. Now he just had to stay alive. Hidan licked his lips, grinning maliciously at the few horrified onlookers. This was recess all over again.

Suddenly, a mob of ninja had him surrounded, the majority being fast reacting ANBU squads. Several average shinobi sprouted from the crossroads in front of him, and he expected there was no room to retreat. Not that he cared. The Jashinist enjoyed having the odds stacked up against him.