Hidan glared at the man who stood over him, not even flinching from the blow. "Hmpf," he complained, "Is that it?" The Jashinist grinned at the man's shocked expression, matching the intensity of the Sand shinobi's fear in his hazel eyes, with joy in his lavender orbs. "Please tell me you can do better than that," he whispered wickedly, his bleeding jaw inches from the man's right ear.

Felling the lessening on the restraining threads, Hidan didn't hesitate. He burst into action, forcing his body to bring the impaled naginata upwards, and cut the bonds, whilst ripping off the man's upper ear with a quick clack if his jaw. The Sunagakure jounin was completely taken by surprise, still shook by the fact that they were facing an immortal. As he fell, screaming in agony, Hidan managed to slip from his binding, using his poker hand to rip out the stuck spear-sword from his chest. He launched the weapon at its owner, laughing as it slipped into his ribs, and appeared to pierce his lung. The mangled ear followed, spit out in disgust.

The duo was still ready, though, for the Jashinist saw them move, in unison, around him, cutting off his ascent and descent. Other than that, however, he noticed from the glimmer of uneasiness in their eyes that they had no plan to fight him, probably other than wait for reinforcements. His chuckle caused the man behind him to slightly move, making him the primary target. Hidan brought his sinful scythe over his head, pulling down as it hovered over the first shinobi. As he attacked, he noticed a shuffle and defiant yell from behind him, and licked his lips fervently as he stabbed underneath his left arm with his jet black poker, and grinned at the ripping of cloth. He also felt a knife gash deeply into his back, making his glee turn to anger. "You damn fool," he roared, turning around, and ripping the kunai from the jounin's hand, "Don't you understand what the hell an immortal is!?!" Hidan jumped, hooking his right foot behind the man's head, and pulling him into the stone pillar. They connected with a resounding smash, and the missing-nin needed no more proof than the limp, descending body. He turned to his previous target, ensuring that he was dead, and pulled the scythe from his remains. Since that was the only thing holding him up, the other twin followed his brother down.

The immortal laughed superiorly, gazing at the crowd of on looking ninja. "Is that the best Sunagakure has to offer Jashin?" He questioned, a small glare breathing from his dazzling eyes. He spat in the direction of the pile of bodies, disappointed in the attackers. "Pathetic," He muttered to himself. A broad smile suddenly inhabited his mouth, as he yelled, "Then I'll just have to take you all to him, to make up for the inconvenience!" The Akatsuki member began to sprint downward, his scythe prepared to slash in his left hand, whilst making stabbing motions with his nimble poker.

A large gust of wind slammed into him, however, knocking him back up the stone spike. He blinked in surprise, not expecting anyone to take him up on the offer.

His opponent appeared several yards below him, and Hidan could tell by his stance that he wasn't intimidated in the least. "Let's see if your scythe can beat a blade of wind," the man smirked, and several cheers erupted from the mob below. "Get him, Baki-sensei!" "You can do it!"

The Jashinist smiled at his newest adversary. Apparently this one was worth the effort.

The jounin began the battle, sending a spray of small, blue blades at Hidan. The immortal glared, offended by the meager attack. He quickly juked out to the right, dodging the minuscule projectiles with ease. As he turned to his opponent once again, though, he found a swift tornado approaching, ripping stone from the very pillar they stood on. The attack was expected, however; Hidan knew that he was coming to the Wind country.

The immortal leaped over the twister, which was about twelve feet tall, and threw his poker at Baki, forcing the shinobi to spin off to the left. He then launched his scythe with as much strength as he could muster, a malicious grin covering his face.

His smile didn't falter as Baki used his wind to push himself away, and the reasoning was soon obvious to the jounin. An immense crash split the pillar's base, forcing it to collapse upon itself. Boulders rained down like droplets, and Baki's face revealed his terror. The Akatsuki member yelled, "For Jashin!" as he landed on one particular rock, pushing off at the last second, towards his enemy.

The jounin was prepared, however, for his hand was covered in what seemed to be a spiraling drill of pure wind. It split into Hidan, ripping a fist-sized hole in his forehead, just above the left eyelid. The immortal's response was a downward slash with his scythe, which cut a vicious gash in Baki's retreating right leg. The man roared in pain, while the missing-nin replied with a cackle of pure ecstasy.

Rocks pummeled all around the fighting duo, who had begun to dance around the debris, each intent on destroying the other. Hidan's silver locks were thick with dust, and Baki was suffering with a black eye that was received from a decent sized rock. They both seemed to intertwine and disperse constantly, trapped in an intense, bloody dance. While both had serious wounds, Baki was suffering and Hidan relished the constant flow of pain.

As the debris slowly stopped, both broke from their attacks. Baki stared all about in horror, as Hidan heard a small chirp inside his ear, coming from the receiver he was supposed to be listening to. "Hidan, are you there?" came the voice of his temporary partner, Zetsu. The immortal sighed, knowing that his fun would have to end. He pressed it inward, allowing him to communicate with his thoughts. "Yea…. I'm here."

"Let's go. I have the scroll, and you seemed to have caused quite the disturbance." came the reply.

Hidan growled in frustration, but nevertheless complied. Nodding to his adversary, he yelled, "Now you know the terror that is the Akatsuki!" With that, the Jashinist disappeared, noting the last look of rage on Baki's face.

Several minutes later, he and Zetsu were standing several miles out of Sunagakure's sight. While Zetsu relayed what Hidan already knew Pein wanted them to do, the immortal looked at the small, orange cylinder his discreet partner had acquired. It seemed so unimportant to him, but if it allowed the Jashinist to fulfill his religious duty, then he couldn't complain in the slightest. Joining the Akatsuki was the greatest thing he had ever done, in his opinion.