Heretofore Nameless Jasper, Peter, and Charlotte Fanfic

Chapter I: Meeting

The sun shone brightly through the canopy of the trees surrounding our home. It was a rare occurrence, and I welcomed it with open arms. Being a Texas boy, I never tired of it. Alice urged us all to take advantage of it by spending our day lounging on the porch. She didn't have to tell me twice. But something seemed off. The entire family had seemed very anxious lately. Excited. I knew not for what, but every time I questioned them, they played off my suspicions like they were nothing. It didn't take a genius to figure out that they were concealing something from me, but I couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was.

I didn't know whether to feel excited or hurt by this. It seemed ridiculous to be excited over something that I wasn't informed about. Moreover, I had always been somewhat of an outsider in this family, and I felt isolated even more by their behavior. I just couldn't comprehend it. It was a few months before my birthday, and Alice's and my anniversary had already passed. So unless Alice had decided to shop far in advance, it had nothing to do with either event. For the record, if it were about either of those things, I wouldn't have been particularly excited about it anyway. While I do appreciate the thought very much, I don't like gifts. I've just never thought I was worthy of them. Besides, my time with Maria taught me that my birthday doesn't matter. That holidays don't matter. That I don't matter.

So, with those unpleasant and confusing thoughts gnawing away at my brain, I sat with my family in the glorious warmth of the sun. A good deal of time had passed, and I felt restless. Often my workaholic brain kicked into gear and wondered if there were something more productive we could be doing. When that happened, Edward distracted me, usually by kicking my chair and urging me to relax. But I couldn't.

The more time that passed, the more excited my family got. I finally tired of it. I exclaimed, "What is it that you're not telling me? Am I not good enough to share in your secrets?" I'm getting sick of…" I stopped dead in my tracks. I caught a whiff of something that seemed utterly familiar. I felt two more sets of emotions. I heard what sounded like two sets footsteps nearing our position, which normally would've disturbed me. But that scent! I definitely recognized it from somewhere. Coffee and caramel, citrus and mint. Both combinations were delicious and comforting. I racked my brain for a moment, and suddenly it clicked. My eyes widened in shock, and I could hardly contain myself. I stood up just in time to see two figures coming through the trees in my direction.

The male was tall, almost as tall as me. He had a slender build. He had white blond hair that hung down to his narrow shoulders, and he was clad in ragged hiking gear. His facial features were slightly androgynous, but wise. He, as always, had a gentle smile on his face. The female, on the other hand, was not much taller than Alice. She, too, had white blonde hair, but hers cascaded in waves down her back. She had high cheekbones, thick eyelashes, and bright eyes. She was sporting a very flattering dark blue dress that looked slightly dirty.

Both of them ran toward me, and I found that my legs were carrying me toward them. In turn, I gave both of them a long, tight embrace. "Jasper," the male's gentle voice said. "It's been a long time."

"Peter, Charlotte... I… how… what…" I found myself unable to speak coherently, and it took me a moment to gather my thoughts enough to try again. "How did you find me?" I said, in shock.

Both of them chuckled lightly. "We were in the neighborhood, and we thought we caught your scent, so we followed it here," Charlotte explained.

"I…" I started, overwhelmed with emotion. "I'm so happy you're here."

Peter put his arm on my shoulder and said, "We're happy to be here."

"We were a little worried, though. We counted six other scents besides yours, and we didn't know whether or not these people would attack us if we got too close," Charlotte chimed in.

Peter moved instinctively closer to Charlotte and looked around warily. His eyes locked on my family. "Peter," I reassured him, "They're not going to hurt you. They're my family."

"Family?" he asked, cocking his head. Charlotte smiled widely.

"Yes," I said, beaming with pride. "Would you like me to introduce you to them?"

"Please!" Charlotte squealed. Peter smiled down at her, and I gestured them over to our porch.