Disclaimer: This is my own extraordinarily amateurish attempt at a crossover of discworld and the temeraire verse, with maybe a hint of something else. I own none of these characters, unless I add an OC or 2.

Prepare for chaos, mayhem, Quantum, and dare I suggest it, comedy.

Commander Vimes put his head in his hands. It had been a long day and now it seemed to be getting even longer. "Run that past me again. There is another big dragon in the city?"

Sergeant Colon shuffled his feet and twirled his helmet in the famous 'Senore, bandits have invaded our village' style. "Um yes sir. It's black with a bit of dark blue on the wings and has tendril things around its face. It's also even bigger than the last one."

"Oh ye Gods! Has it tried to burn down the city yet?"

"Well, no sir, but it has a captain which it is very attached to. Very law abiding chap, calmed the beast down, hopped off its back and he and his dragon are now in protective custody."

"Well done Fred!" Fred Colon nodded uneasily, as he had known Sam Vimes since he was kid in the Watch in his first week, 30 something years ago, and that grin and that tone had come to mean, someone is going to be pulled over red hot coals for this.

"Has Sybil tried to identify it?"

"Yes sir, she says it or rather he, isn't like any she's seen before."

Vimes put on his poker face. "How?"

Colon consulted a hastily scribbled list.

"He doesn't eat coal, prefers well cooked meat, but will eat a raw cow in a pinch, is more proportional than the last one, can hover, can flatten buildings, people and anything that gets in his way with a roar, and well...he speaks sir. Very clearly, in a slightly posh accent. Turns out his Captain is a member of their local aristocracy, but apart from the formality and being posh, he seems a bit like you or I. A dress uniform almost, but it looks well used for proper work, and I felt something in me water, sir."

Vimes sighed. As has been noted elsewhere, Fred colons water was not a prime piece of legal evidence, but the instinct of someone who had been a copper and in the regiments for over 30 years counted for a lot with Vimes. "Go on then, Fred."

"He's a fighter and a killer sir, not a murderer, but someone who'll easily kill in battle. He seems honourable sir, and genuine. Funny thing but he also seems a bit like Carrot, very honest and honourable. Carrot wormed out of him, that his father is a Lord, but they don't get on. Apparently it was cos of the dragon. Where he comes from, they have an air-ial corps which is sort of like an army in the air. The aristocracy there think of them like ours do of us, sir. Necessary but don't like 'em much.

Vimes stared at him for a long, long second, processing the information, and then he sighed. "Send him in Fred." As if I'm not busy enough with the football, he thought.

William Laurence sighed and shifted to a more comfortable position on the hard chair. They had been flying alone over Dover, when there had been a flash, and what looked bright yellowish broken glass floating in the air (1), and then they had ended up flying over somewhere that smelled even worse than the Thames on a bad day. He wondered where in Gods green creation they were now.

(1)Any ideas?