I've got to stop starting new stories before I finish old ones, but I just can't help it! This idea popped into my head yesterday, and I want to write it. This is my first mystery fanfic, so please no flaming (however I will take constructive criticism), and don't forget to review!

"Panini, time to get up!"

Panini groaned as she covered her head with a pillow. "Just five more minutes," she mumbled.

"We've got work to do, Panini. Now come on."

Panini sighed and then threw the pillow off her. Even though she was happy and cheerful most of the time, she wasn't really a morning person, and she didn't like to get up early. But Ms. Endive always got her up at six o'clock, everyday except Sevendays when she was allowed to sleep in until seven.

Panini got up and walked over to her dresser. She smiled at the picture on it. It was a picture of Chowder. Seeing Chowder, even just a picture of him, always put her in a good mood. She then picked out her clothes, got dressed, combed her fur, brushed her teeth, and then finally went down stairs.

She fixed herself her usual bowl of cereal. As she ate, Ms. Endive came into the kitchen with the daily newspaper.

"Good morning, Ms. Endive," she said to her as she sat down.

"Good morning," replied Endive, hardly paying attention to Panini, as she opened up the newspaper to the Cooking section.

As she ate her cereal, Panini just glanced up at the newspaper's front page, and couldn't believe what she saw!

The headline said in big, bold letters "Local Apprentice Arrested for Thrice Cream Theft" and underneath is was a picture of...

"Chowder!" shouted Panini, "Ms. Endive, let me see the newspaper!"

"Panini," said Ms. Endive in a stern voice, "You can have the newspaper when I'm done with it, now eat your cereal."

So Panini waited, barely touching her now soggy cereal, for Endive to finish.

There's no way that can be Chowder, Panini thought, maybe it's just someone who looks like Chowder. There are a few people in Marzipan who do look very similar to Chowder. But it was no use convincing herself, that was Chowder, she would recognize him anywhere.

After what seemed like hours later, Endive handed her the newspaper. "Here you..."

"Thank you!" Panini said quickly as she flipped the newspaper to the front page, and quickly started to read.....



It was about three in the morning, everyone was still asleep. But at Mung Daal's Catering Company, someone kept banging on the door.

"Huh? What is that?" asked Truffles, "I think there's someone at the door. Mung, go check it out."

Mung slowly got out of bed and went down the stairs, while the knocking continued. "I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Mung opened the door and was greeted by Sargent Hoagie of the Marzipan Police Force. "Are you Mung Daal?"

"Yes, but..."

"And do you have an apprentice named Chowder?"

"Well yes, but..."

"We received a tip that your apprentice is a food thief!"

"What?! That's crazy, Chowder's not a thief!" shouted Mung, "He may love food, but he wouldn't steal!"

"What's going on?" asked Truffles who was flying down the stairs.

"The police say that Chowder stole food!" said Mung who was just about as confused as Truffles was.

"This morning at 1 AM, the local Thrice Cream vendor was robbed. Every cup, cone, bar, and thrice cream sandwich was stolen. Then, about five minutes ago, we received a phone call from an anonymous witness saying that it was your apprentice was the one who robbed the vendor," said Sargent Hoagie.

"Well that 'witness' must have been lying," said Mung.

"Well even if he was, we still need to make sure. Where is your apprentice now?"

"Where do you think?" said Truffles, "He's up in his bedroom asleep."

"Please take us to his room," said Sargent Hoagie. And so Mung and Truffles went upstairs to Chowder's room with the police following them. When they got there, Mung knocked on Chowder's door, but no answer, so he opened the door.

Both Mung and Truffles gasped at what they saw. All around Chowder's room was empty boxes and cartons of thrice cream. Chowder was in his bed, sleeping with thrice cream all over his face.

"Chowder!" Mung said surprised.

"Huh?" Chowder slowly opened his eyes and looked around at the people in his room, "Hey, what's going on?"

"Apprentice Chowder," said Sargent Hoagie as he walked towards Chowder with handcuffs, "You under arrest for the crime of Food Theft, specifically thrice cream.

"What?!" shouted Chowder, alarmed, "But I didn't steal thrice cream!"

"Then why do you have thrice cream all over your face?" asked Officer Monte Cristo.

"Because before I fell asleep," said Chowder, "I went down stairs and had a little bit of thrice cream."

"But what about all these thrice cream containers?" asked Officer Cheesesteak, "I don't think you have this much thrice cream in your freezer."

"We don't, but I don't know how all of these got here! Honest!" shouted Chowder.

"That's what they all say," said Officer Monte Cristo, as Sargent Hoagie put the handcuffs on Chowder, "You have the right to remain silent."

"Chowder, I can't believe you would steal thrice cream!" said Mung.

"But I didn't! You've got to believe me!"

But Mung wasn't so sure. Chowder had been known to do almost anything for thrice cream, he loved the stuff. And with the empty containers, and the thrice cream on Chowder's face, he just wasn't sure. He wanted to believe Chowder, but....

"Mung! Truffles! I didn't do it!" The police started to drag Chowder away, "I'm innocent."


Panini couldn't believe it, her num nums, a thief. Part of her didn't want to believe it.

But part of her did.

Poor Chowder! So yeah, that's the beginning of the story, kind of a prologue. Like I said, please review, and I'll see you in the next chappie!