Of Hobbits

Disclaimer: I own neither Primeval or Middle earth

"Err, Professor Cutter?" asked a bemused but triumphant Sarah Page, staring at an ominously large pile of notes.

"What is it, and please call me Nick."

She silently handed him a page of writing.

'Today I saw a highly unusual creature in the woods. It was very like a human but unusually small. However it was not proportioned like any child I have ever seen and it ran off before I had any chance to get closer. I think I shall christen it a Hobbit, and shall call it that if I ever chance upon it again it again.'

Above this was a short statement saying, 'This is the diary of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien on the date of the 3rd of May in the year of our Lord 1919 '.

"I thought that maybe if creatures from anomalies appeared in myths maybe they appeared in books too, and Tolkien was the obvious place to look."

"Hmm...Ah-hah... Homo floreseinsis, discovered a few years ago. They were the same size as Tolkien's hobbits.... interesting, and ironically, named after them, colloquially, anyway. Cutter checked the date and dashed off to make adjustments to his model, leaving a bemused but triumphant Sarah Page.