Feegles in Middle earth

Disclaimer: I own nothing besides the two Rohirric troopers and possibly the miscellaneous feegle

First encounters

"Oi, Captain Egil, come over here."

Captain Egil Johansson sighed and kicked his horse into a trot, went to see what his youngest trooper was pointing at this time. Last time it had been a beetle. This time was different however.

"It's a little blue man, sir!"

"Whut you doin' bigjobs?! Do ye want face full o' heid? Well ye're gonna git it enyway!"

Captain Egil sighed, as his youngest trooper was attacked by an enraged feegle (admittedly this was their ground state of being). He waited until the screams subsided. He had seen plenty of creatures like this in these strange times, and it seemed in his experience, the only way to get rid was to give them alcohol.

He rummaged in his knapsack and brought out several pints of beer (In small covered tankards) and gave them to the feegle.

"Go and share this with your mates, I know they are around here somewhere. (1) Now trooper, get up. He only broke oh... 5 ribs, your nose, and a varied amount of other bones. That should have taught you a lesson. Do you know what it is?"


"Well done."

(1) The more perceptive will notice this quote/paraphrase