Harry approaches Ginny in the common room.

"I heard Dean asked you to the Yule Ball," he says, trying to be nonchalant even though he feels anything but.

"Yeah," Ginny replies coolly, pointedly NOT looking in his direction.

"Aaaaaand, did you say yes?" Harry prods through gritted teeth. He is annoyed that Dean had the gall to do such a thing and annoyed that Ginny is acting like it's no big deal.

Ginny frowns. She glares up at him fiercely. "Why do you care?"

"What?" Harry sputters in shock. "Why do I care? Why do you think I care?" His voice raises a notch.

"Oh don't give me that," Ginny retorts, matching his loud voice with her own. "It's not as if anybody else asked me out!"

"For your information," Harry takes a deep breath. "I would've asked you out if Deanybeany hadn't gotten around to it first and if you hadn't said yes!"

"Don't call him Deanybeany!" Ginny says furiously. "And for your information, I never said I said yes to him!"

"So what you're saying is you're currently dateless for the Yule Ball and if I asked you now, you would go to the ball with me!?"


"Well then, are you going to the ball with me!?"


The tall rave-haired boy and the little redhead scowl at each other.



Ginny slams the door to the girls' dormitory shut and Harry stomps away.