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When she had arrived on Bobby's doorstep she hadn't had to even open her mouth.

He'd taken one look at her and gone horribly pale and called her by his wife's name.

He'd subjected her to holy water and every other ritual under the sun to make sure that she wasn't possessed or a shapeshifter or something, and then she was let into the house, making a snarky remark about how 'homey' it was, before collapsing onto the sofa, almost landing on a couple of haphazardly thrown books. She kinda felt bad for the man. She'd had some months to get used to the idea that her whole life had been a lie, that her mother was just some insane woman who'd stolen her from her real mother before her real mother had apparently gone insane and tried to kill her real father, who had been forced to kill her out of self defense--thinking she'd killed baby Chloe and stuffed the body somewhere. So, maybe Moira had done Chloe a favor by kidnapping the months old child and going back to her ex lover, claiming the child theirs and giving her a good childhood with Gabe as her dad. Bobby hadn't had the months to readjust, so he'd just looked at her, eyes wide and suspiciously moist as she told him everything.

About how after her father had gotten sick with leukemia she'd started to suspect something, and then later tests proved that no, she wasn't his daughter. The sixteen year old had started a huge investigation that she admitted was kinda illegal due to all the hacking she'd done, but in the end the truth had come out. She'd never told Gabe, couldn't find it in her heart to let him know that he wasn't her biological father...but then Gabe had died, and Chloe was sixteen, and she wanted to meet Bobby.

She'd investigated the man to no end, knowing more about him and his life than his closest friends probably did.

He had a record with the police.

Grave desecrations...morbid things like that..which made her believe that either her father was one sick fuck...or her attraction to the paranormal/supernatural was genetic.

She was glad to find out that it was the latter.

Now she was seventeen, and while Bobby had first tried to keep her out of the 'family business' as she liked to put it, she'd just pulled out the Wall of Weird and told him to get used to it.

And then, when the house was attacked by a swarm of goblins...yeah, goblins...and she was killed...and her meteor power manifested...well...things were awkward between father and daughter as once again he tested her to make sure she was her and not something wearing her skin. When that was finished, and Bobby was forced to admit that staying at home wasn't safe either, he started her training, taking her out to hunts with him, and showing her how to handle weapons...and how to fight. That was the fun part.

Sure, hiding Bobby's trucker hats and watching him search for them all over the place growling to himself wondering when he became so careless as to forget where he'd left them was more fun, but learning to fight and use weapons was a close second.

Interestingly enough, Bobby had other hunter friends, but he obviously didn't think much about them or their loyalty to him, since he told Chloe not to ever let them ever know she was different.

Especially someone called John Winchester.

Apparently most hunters were bigoted and anything that wasn't completely human was evil in their eyes, and Bobby was worried that when they found out about Chloe that they would want to hunt her.

That created the blonde's distrust and dislike of hunters in general who weren't her father.

Or, err, Bobby.





It was so confusing.

A part of her felt guilty for never calling Bobby 'dad' to his face though she knew he longed to hear it from her, and yet another part felt she would die of guilt if she did. Wouldn't it be betraying Gabe?

"Whoever you are, shut the hell up." Chloe groaned, dragging herself out of her bedroom, down the stairs, and towards the front door. She opened it, still rubbing at her sleepy eyes, to come face to face with two of the most handsome men she'd ever seen in her life. And she was still half asleep, in nothing but a t-shirt that skimmed her thighs, and with her hair a mess.

Any other girl would have been mortified.

Chloe just glared at them. "We don't want whatever it is you're selling."

And with that she closed the door in their faces and turned around, wondering if she went to bed right away, if she'd continue that lovely dream about her, Angelus and Spike from her favorite television series.

She was at the base of the stairs when the knocking started again.

The blonde growled, now fully awake and realizing that she wasn't going to go back to sleep and wasn't going to get back into that lovely, somewhat naughty dream.

That made her day dark.

Grabbing one of Bobby's discarded shotguns on her way back to the door, Chloe checked that it was loaded and the safety off before opening the door and aiming it at them. "Look, I know we're in a recession and all, but you just woke me up from the best dream I have had in the longest time and if you don't get the hell off my porch and into your..." Her eyes widened when she noticed the Impala parked behind them. "Wow. What a beauty." Pushing passed them, shouldering the shotgun quite comfortably, Chloe skipped down the steps and walked towards the car. "I'm in love."

"I'm...confused." One of the men asked, peeking his head inside and looking around. "Bobby? You in there?"

The other followed her down the steps. "Uhm, who exactly are you?"

"Leather interior...classic design...perfect body." Chloe ignored him, trailing her finger over the paintwork in near awe. "This is a thing of beauty."

"She knows her cars." The one who'd been peeking his head inside grinned as he turned towards them. "My baby's fine."

Chloe's gaze went to the open journal on the front passenger's seat, seeing the Anasazi symbols.

Her smile vanished.

She straightened up, going on the defensive immediately.

"You're hunters."

"And you are?" The gigantic one looming over her asked once more.

"And where's Bobby?" The one behind him wanted to know, a little suspicious and yet seemingly not wanting to think evil of someone who'd appreciated the beauty of his 'baby'.

"Chloe! What the hell are you doing outside half naked?!?" A scandalized voice called from the doorway. "And you two idgits! Look away!"

On cue the two looked in opposite directions while she turned to look at the speaker. "Bobby please. Half naked? I'm decent."

"Get your butt here and put on some pants!" Bobby ordered, glaring with fatherly disapproval at her.

"Who exactly is this?" The humanoid mountain wanted to know.

"Robbing the cradle much?" The shorter one with the smile of sex chuckled. "Bobby you dog."

Chloe rolled her eyes at Bobby as she stalked to meet him, shoving the shotgun hard into his chest on her way inside. "I'm not some kid, Bobby. You gotta stop treating me like this whenever someone else is around." She glared at him. "It's demoralizing."

Bobby frowned at her, looking mighty uncomfortable, as he always did, whenever she was upset with him. "In my days ladies would never...."

"Bobby, I'm not lady, you of all people should know that." Chloe exclaimed. Anyone who lived with Chloe would know that she was more tomboyish or just didn't care. She wasn't a lady, and to be truthful, she really didn't want to be a lady.

She wanted to be a kickass hunter.

The shorter stranger choked on his saliva.

The taller one looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head.

Bobby sighed, running his hand over his trucker hat.

Obviously he'd found one of the places she'd stashed them in. "Chloe. I---I don't want ta argue with you, and I know you grew up in a more liberal environment than I might give you, but..."

The blonde, seeing the conflicts on his face, sighed, feeling kinda bad. Bobby was a real victim in this case, and he was trying to hardest to be a father and yet someone she could talk to like she would a friend and she knew he was trying. He was trying so hard.

"I know, Robert." She sighed, leaning forwards and placing a kiss on his bearded cheek. "I'm sorry."

He cleared his throat and wouldn't look at her, obviously not used to such displays of affection, but the skin under the beard was slightly pink and one could just see the change in his demeanor right away.

Chloe smiled tenderly at the awkward man who was her father.

"Will someone explain to me since when Bobby became a pimp?" The shorter guy asked, mouth open.

The taller one still looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head.

"Okay Pervinator." Chloe turned on them, eyeing the shorter one. "You mind telling me why I shouldn't fill you with buckshots for making those kind of remarks? This is my father we're talking about here. You should be tied and quartered."

He looked like he wasn't sure what that was...but knew it would be painful.

The taller one gasped. "You're Bobby's daughter?"

"Yeah." She raised a challenging eyebrow. "Who are you."

"I'm Sam Winchester." Gigantor said, before motioning to Pervinator. "This is my brother Dean."


Chloe felt all her bravado fly out of the window.

"John's boys?"

Pervinator stepped forwards. "You know our father?"

Oh shit.