"Dr. Cullen? I'm Elizabeth Masen. I'm Edward Masen's mother. You looked after him on Wednesday night?" I approached him cautiously. I didn't want him thinking I was another admirer come to faun.

"Edward," he said in recognition, casting his eyes down only a few inches to meet my son's. "How is it feeling?"

"Fine, sir. With the cast, I don't feel much of anything, except itchy." He scratched around his elbow.

"That's good; that's the skin healing where you scratched it."

"The reason we came, Dr. Cullen, is this. Nurse Hart told me you were here without family, and I thought, in a gesture of thanks, I would bring you some cookies to sweeten this evening." I held out the basket slung on my arm.

"Mama," Edward hissed in my ear, "he doesn't want it."

My face fell a little. "Excuse me, Dr. Cullen." I turned and pulled Edward a little aside. "Edward, I know you may be right, but you could let him refuse gracefully."

"Right. Sorry Mama." I hadn't known Dr. Cullen wouldn't want my gift. But I knew when Edward spoke so surely about something, he was right.

"I'm sorry, Dr. Cullen. Please." I held out the basket again.

"Alas, Edward is right. I'm... I have trouble with sugars. But I know some children in the Paediatric ward that would be most grateful to receive them." And so, with more grace than I could have mustered after Edward blurted like that, he did decline.

"That is an excellent idea. I will tell them they came from you. You'll have young ones singing your praises next you check on them." I smiled broadly, hoping I didn't put him out any further.

He chuckled lowly, "I doubt they'll believe you, but you may tell them what you wish. You keep that cast dry, Edward."

"Yes, sir."

I took Edward's arm in my own and turned to the stairs. As I did so I glanced over my shoulder. Dr. Cullen was striding down the hall away from us, skirting to the edge of a patch of light cast by the setting sun. I saw his face light up. I turned my head forward quickly, hoping he hadn't noticed my stare.

"What is it Mama? Something wrong with doctor?" Edward could always sense when I had something on my mind.

"Not wrong, no dear. I... just think Dr. Cullen is a very special person." He was an angel. I was sure of it. That halo. His ability to work with unerring speed and endurance, even his beauty. And then giving these treats to the children, kindness. I was sure he was no ordinary man.

"Special." Edward repeated, looking over his shoulder though now Dr. Cullen was very nearly out of sight. "I think you're right."