The Last Unicorn. Such a beautiful novel and the film. I grew up adoring it thoroughly. Here's a small bit I typed in just five minutes about Amalthea's point of view. It's not much to read but...

Once...I had found myself all alone.

I felt alone, I saw no others like me anymore.

It if they had vanished into thin air. Never to return.

Once...I learnt that the heart of man was so full of malice and so much despair.

My kind were trapped away for their fear of the horror outside their hold.

I could not regret the actions I did. Not until my eternal life changed overly forever.

Once...there were unicorns, in such vast numbers that the mortal world could not contain them.

Out of all, I am the only one who could regret.

"Why?" I had asked. "Why must there be a land so tangled in greed and longing?"

We can only bring hope to those who are in need.

"I have been mortal and some part of me is still mortal yet. Thank you, good Magician. I think I can go home now."

Not too bad, is it? It was a simple try out. ;)