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On the way from the day care I just picked up Bella now I was on my way to get Charlie from work. Today was his first day at the police station. We moved down here from Phoenix because there was a opening in Forks. He always want to move back here, His parents split when he was little and he went to stay with his mom in Arizona and his dad stayed behind. He was not that close to his dad now that I think about it he never talked about him.

''You going to tell daddy what you did today at the day care?'' I looked at her in the rear view mirror.

''Daddy going to get mad at me.'' She looked scared.

''No he wont, If you tell him why you did it he will understand.''

''Can you tell him?''

"Your a big girl you can tell him.''

''Please mommy?''

I looked at her reflection in the mirror she was giving me those sad puppy eyes and I can't say no to her ''Fine I will tell him." She looked back at me with a big smile that went from ear to ear. I know he will not get mad but I will tell him when we get home so Bella doesn't have to be in the car. The drive up to the station was quiet.

We pulled up at the station Charlie was not out yet maybe he didn't know we were here. I tuned off the car to wait for him I turned around and saw that Bella was sleeping already. I don't want her to sleep now it will be hard to get her to bed later on tonight.''Bella baby get up you can't sleep right now.'' Oh well she will get up when we get home. If she can't go to bed to night Charlie can stay up with her.

Ten minutes later Charlie comes out of the station, I get out of the car ''Do you want to drive home?''

''Sure, where is Bella?'' I made my way to the passenger side ''She fell asleep while we were waiting for you I tried to get her up. But you know her once shes out, there is no way your waking her up.'' I say smiling.

''You know for her going to sleep, now your going to be the one staying up with her.'' I say laughing. Charlie gives me a dirty look while getting in the car. I look at him laughing ''You don't scare me with that look.''

''Well I guess I need a new look if this is not scaring you''

''Yeah I guess so, but I still love that look'' I lean over and give him a kiss on the cheek.

''Are you going to start the car or are we going to stay here tonight?''

"You know what I don't appreciate the attitude, What if Bell here's you talking like that I don't want her picking that up" Charlie says with a smile.

"Don't worry she's asleep and if your worried about attitude now just wait until she's a teenager"

Charlie starts the car and started to leave the station. I look out the window its already getting dark. I still have to make dinner, I wonder if Charlie will be alright with take out. I'm to tired to cook and I know I'm not the best cook and I don't want to ask Charlie to cook because I know he is tired from work.

''Hey are you alright with take out, because I had a hard day and I know you really don't want to cook either''

''Sure that's fine, What do you want?'' He said

''I really don't care, What ever you want''

''Alright well, I will just order some pizza when we get home''

''Sounds good to me'' Charlie says as I notice a car parked on the side of the road.

"Hey do you see that, I think someone needs help" I say While trying to see if anyone is around the car.

"No, I think there OK" Charlie says as we drive by the car.

"But what if they need help"

"I didn't even see anyone out there, Did you"?

"No, But that doesn't mean there's no one there, And plus us not seeing anyone on the side of the road, Isn't that even more reason to think they need help"?

I turn around and glare at the car while we pass by it wondering if someone was in trouble. My mind thinking of the worst thinking what if it was me and Bell out there and no one stopped to help us. I turn to Charlie and see he has no interest in stopping the only way he would turn around is if I give him the look. I bet I don't even have to say a word as look at Charlie and call his name.

"Charlie" He looks over at me he knows the look he rolls his eyes and exhales loudly shaking his head as he slows the car down.

"I'll check it out, But I want you to stay in the car and lock the doors, If I don't see anyone were going and I'll look into it tomorrow it's probably just someone broke down or ran out of gas and they got picked up" Charlie says as we pull up in front of the car our headlights shinning into the front windshield. As Charlie gets out and says.

"Stay here, And lock the doors after me, I'll be right back and if I'm right and there's no one here, Your the one staying up with Bell tonight, Solo" He says laughing quickly closing the door before I can respond.

I lock the doors and unbuckle my seat belt trying to get a better view as I see him walk along the side of the car looking around being inspector. When suddenly he notices something he bends over and picks something up off of the ground and quickly drops it. Reaching up to his left shoulder grabbing his radio franticly calling something in. But I can't make out what he found or what he's saying. Then he looks to his right and yells something into the woods as he suddenly darts towards the trees after something. I try to see what he's running after but I can't I double check to make sure the doors are locked as Charlie disappears into the darkness of the woods.

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