It was a typical July day. Albus Dumbledore had been enjoying his tea in his office when a large silver weasel appeared beside him and spoke in the frantic voice of Arthur Weasley. "Albus, come quickly! Something is wrong with Ginny!" Instantly Albus was on his feet and making his way towards the floo. When he stepped out of the fireplace at the Burrow he was met with absolute chaos. There were smouldering fires everywhere, and he could hear screams and the sounds of a struggle coming from outside. Alert and extremely worried, he drew his wand, doused the flames, and proceeded outside.

One of the twins, he was fairly certain it was Fred though one could never be sure, was sitting against the house, breathing heavily and nursing a severe burn on his arm. Ronald Weasley was a few feet away, desperately trying to put out a large bush that had caught fire. But most startling of all was the sight of Molly, Arthur, and George Weasley all surrounding what appeared to be a rather large torch. Albus Dumbledore was bewildered, but he figured explanations could wait until after the crisis had subsided. With a quick flick of his wand, the flames that Ron had been battling died out. Then he advanced on the other three. He moved his wand in an intricate pattern that released a large blue pulse of energy. It coated the surrounding area, preventing any more fires from catching.

However, it did absolutely nothing about the flaming torch.

"Arthur, what is that?"

Arthur looked up, relief evident in his eyes when he saw Albus, then he returned his gaze to the unusual torch. "That is Ginny."

Albus' mouth fell open in shock. He blinked at the form of his student who was still aflame. "How did this happen?"

"She woke up this morning screaming because her bed had caught fire," Arthur spoke wearily. "We managed to put it out and calm her down, only to have half the kitchen light up when the twins started teasing her about something at lunch. At that point the flames started to run up and down her arms, seemingly without harming her. We thought it best to get her out of the house until we figured out what was going on." The man drew a weary hand through his disheveled hair. "It was when Fred got burned that she really lost it and…" he motioned towards his flaming daughter. "Nothing we've tried has been able to put her out."

"My word," Albus exclaimed softly. "She's a full elementalist!" Shaking his head, he decided to ponder that turn of events later; now, he needed to calm her down. He moved carefully towards her and spoke in a quiet voice. "Ginny, you must calm down, my girl." The flames seemed to turn in his direction, and he took that to mean she was listening. "I know that this is frightening, but I cannot help you until you calm down. Only you have the power to put out the fires." The flames grew slightly smaller. "Take a deep breath and try and clear your mind of the panic. The flames will obey you, and they are responding right now to your fear."

Gradually, the flames began to disappear, and Ginny Weasley came into view. The flames retreated from her head first, and then her feet. Then her legs came into view and her torso, until only her arms remained fiery. This seemed to be as far as she could go. She looked up desperately at the Headmaster. "They won't go away!"

Albus smiled calmly at her. "That is good enough for now. Why don't we have a seat here and I will try and explain what is happening. Perhaps that will help you to calm down."

Ginny nodded jerkily and clumsily sat down. She sighed in relief when the flames on her arms did not spread when they came in contact with the ground. She looked up, tears into her eyes, to see her family members in various states of distress around her. With a cry, she started to cry and the flames on her arms began to spread again.

"Ginny, you must try to calm down. I know that you are upset about having caused your family pain, but all of this can be fixed." Albus spoke quickly.

Molly Weasley, who until this point seemed to have been too upset for words, gathered herself together. "We'll be fine, Ginny dear. We are all just worried about you."

Ginny wailed, "But what about Fred! I hurt him!"

The young man in question called from his position, "Ah, Gin-Gin, no one blames you. And I'll be just fine. May even help me win over a cute witch. I can tell her how I bravely saved my sister from the flames. Think it will work, Gin-Gin?"

Ginny laughed shakily at her brother, but the flames subsided once more. This time, they retreated to only her forearms.

"Ginny," Albus asked. "Do you know what is happening to you?" Ginny simply shook her head. "It appears that you are a full elementalist, the first that has been seen since the time of Merlin." Ginny's eyes went wide behind her tears. "While I realize how scary this must be for you, we will help you learn how to control this."

"What does it mean, Headmaster?"

He smiled at her kindly as the flames retreated to her hands. "It means that you have the innate ability to control an element, in your case, fire. If you can learn to control it, you will be able to use this ability to do magnificent things."

"Could I… could I help Harry win the war?"

Albus' eyes widened, wondering if Harry had shared the prophecy with her. Given Harry's nature it didn't seem likely. Perhaps the young lady was just extremely perceptive. "Yes, my dear. If you can learn to fully control this ability of yours, you will be a remarkable asset to the light. But I must warn you that learning that control will be difficult. You must learn to never lose control of your temper, or your power will once more become unmanageable."

Ginny smiled slightly. "And as I have more than my fair share of the Weasley temper that is going to be difficult." She glanced down at her still flaming hands. With a deep breath and a determined glint in her eyes the flames retreated until there was only a small flame dancing on each palm. "I'll do it, Headmaster."

Albus smiled at her, relieved that she seemed to be controlling the flames instead of their controlling her. An elementalist would indeed be a great asset to the Order. Now he only needed to determine how to help her train, a daunting prospect.

A large silver wolf suddenly materialized in front of him and Nymphadora's voice spoke. "Albus, you better get to Privet Drive. I think something might be wrong with Harry."

Albus sighed heavily. Could this day get any worse? Looking up at the concerned face of every Weasley present he tried to convey calm. It would not due to panic young Ginevra. "I'm sure it is nothing. I will go check on Harry, then be back to discuss how to help Ginny with her new power."

Albus made his way quickly to the end of the lane and with a twist of his wand found himself standing in Arabella Figg's parlour. It was empty, but he could hear frantic screaming coming from outside the house. An odd feeling of déjà vu came over him. Walking quickly towards the door, he idly wondered what that strange sound was.

Albus Dumbledore stepped outside and into a full force storm.

The gale force wind threatened to push him back into the house, but he persevered. As he drew closer to the Dursleys' home the wind was joined by loud cracks of thunder and heavy rain. He was forced to crawl the last fifty feet to the house, something his old joints protested, where he found Nymphadora holding desperately to the wall. Her fear filled eyes met his and he saw her mouth move, but the wind prevented him from being able to hear anything she said. He looked up and found that the house seemed to be missing its roof. Alarmed, he prepared to fight his way up into Harry's room. Slowly, the wind died down over them and was replaced by a heavy calm. Albus was alerted to something being even more horribly wrong by Nymphadora's scream of terror.

With a heavy heart, Albus turned around. His eyes grew wide as he watched a small tornado touch down in the middle of the street. What made it worse was the scream that was coming from inside the tornado; he could have sworn that was Harry's voice. The screaming intensified until with a great roar the tornado disappeared and deposited a thoroughly disheveled Harry Potter in the middle of the street. Albus was running towards him the instant he appeared. He fell to his knees beside the boy who was now panting with effort. Albus watched in awe as the storm around them slowly calmed down until the sun could once more be seen in the sky shining down on the ruins of Privet Drive.

Harry's eyes locked on to his. "I think you might have been wrong on what that power is, Professor," he breathed. Then his eyes rolled up into his head and he was dead to the world.

Albus Dumbledore stared around him as people slowly started to make their way out of the ruins of their homes. Then he looked down at the boy who had caused it all. "Bloody hell, two in one day."

The shock of hearing the dignified Headmaster of Hogwarts curse was too much for the already highly traumatised Nymphadora Tonks, and she collapsed in a boneless heap from sheer surprise.

A/N: AHHH! I'm starting another story! I just couldn't help myself. I actually have quite a bit of this one already written, but I'm trying to write as much of it as possible before posting, as I like the idea of being able to go back and add things that will be important later. This is another super Harry story, and of course it is Harry/Ginny. There will be Horcruxes. Also, I'm using an imprinting that is very similar to that contained in the Twilight novels. This story will be mostly told in first person, which is something I've never tried before so I hope it works. Please let me know what you think.