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Inspired by the song Amazing Grace by Boy George ft Ana Lains. (Not the hymn!)

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A Memory of... Something.

Robin stood in front of the half open door to the Branaugh household. A ray of golden light poring from the house and leaving a strip of yellow light over the puzzled face of the black haired boy.

He could just catch a glimpse of it, something at the castle, the Van Hellsings, a pale teenage woman a face. Robin reached forward in his mind the light of realisation began to dawn but then. "Robin get in ear now don't make yerself look more of a weirdo than normal." The twins called from within breaking robin's concentration. Robin takes one last look at the castle before heading inside cabaret costume under his arm.


Vlad floats in darkness no feelings, no form, no attachments just darkness going on forever and forever but wait there is one thing a face and a delicious scent. He follows the scent and a single sensation comes to him a great unstoppable all consuming hunger.


Meanwhile in the throne room the comatose form on the floor can be seen to grow and change imperceptibly. Accompanied only by a dust filled cage of light.

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