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She loved to come to this park every afternoon. It was the only place she could think clearly. It felt good to be away from the insistent sounds of the city and her talkative sister, Daisy. Looking around she found a quiet bench with a willow tree shading it from the glare of the summer sun.

Sitting down, she placed her hat gently down beside her, letting her dark locks free. Taking out her purse she pulled out a small, worn leather-bound notebook. Opening it up she glanced over the countless filled papers of thoughts and songs. That's how she made her living, she thought with a smile, writing songs. She could only imagine her parents' disgust at the thought of her even working.

In truth she had written countless of songs some going on to be some of the best known records of the day. It was her money that kept her husband-chasing sister and her afloat.

As long as she could continue to write top songs she would never need anyone to help support her.

Alice couldn't help but grimace at what she almost resorted to, when Daisy and her had first moved to the city. Dirk Tyler, one of the city's elite, had set his sights on her the first time she set foot in his club. Ever since he had been after her mercilessly and she had almost given in, desperate for some sort of stability. Lucky enough, two weeks before the wedding her song Let's Misbehave became the new hit song and suddenly she didn't need him anymore.

Suddenly, she was free.

Hmm. That could be an interesting topic for a song, she thought, scribbling furiously down in her notebook.

When freedom comes and taps you on the shoulder let it be known that—

"Well hel-lo dolly," came a deep voice followed by a wolf whistle, "it must be my lucky day, finding a dame like you just sitting here in the park."

She looked up to see a tall man, with greasy slicked back hair and a forgettable face. The grin he wore was similar to a wolf bearing its teeth at the rabbit it just caught.

Without bothering to ask he thumped himself down on the bench squishing her hat under his dirty tweed pants.

"Ahh," she gasped. That was her favorite hat. She turned to him with a glare about to say something when—

"There you are, sweetheart. I've been looking all over the park for you." A light voice said behind her. She looked up to see a man with pale, sharp features. His liquid gold eyes bore down on her and filled her with a sense of a safety.

The man beside her stood up immediately and turned around with a scowl, his fists balled.

"Hey buddy I'm talking to the—Oh—Mr. Gandor!" Immediately his intimidating expression turned to fear and slowly he backed up his hands raised in submission.

"I'm sorry sir I had no idea she was your girl. Honest,"

"That so," the man behind her replied coolly, placing his hands on her shoulder, "well now you know."

"Yes sir. I do." With that his slow crawl turned into a desperate flee. As if he feared losing his life.

Exactly who was this Mr. Gandor?

"You all right Miss?" The man asked moving to stand in front of her. Now that she got a better look at him there was no denying he was handsome, in an intimidating kind of way. He stood very confidently in front of her, his hands deep in his coat pockets.

"Yes thank you, Mr. Gandor," she said standing up, nervously brushing off the invisible dust on her pressed skirt.

"You are very welcome Miss…"

"Roberts. Well, Alice Roberts."

"Well Miss Roberts I am sorry I couldn't arrive sooner to save that pretty hat of yours," he said glancing down to the flattened sun-hat in her hand.

Alice glanced down blushing at its sorry state.

"Would you allow me to walk you home Miss. Roberts. It's getting late and these streets can get dangerous at night," he said holding out an arm. With all the writing she had been doing she didn't even notice the sun falling behind the gleaming skyscrapers.

"Oh no I would hate to bother you. You have done more than enough," she said feeling her cheeks grow hot under his searching eyes.

"I insist," he said with a smile leading her out of the park, "and you may call me Luck."

"Well then I suppose you may call me Alice," she said distractedly. What was she doing out here at night with a total stranger. A stranger who must have some sort of terrible reputation because she was certain her one attacker would not have been afraid of the slight and lean Luck.

"You don't need to be afraid of me Alice," he said, his accent in some strange way calming her.

"Aren't you afraid of being out here?" She questioned looking up at him, "I'm told there are mobsters all over this place."

"Oh I don't usually worry about them," he said with a smirk.

"Then you are either incredibly brave or terribly stupid. I'm inclined to go with the latter," she said her eyes searching the shadows for any suspicious figures.

"Relax Alice," he said noticing her flittering eyes, "I'm not going to let anyone hurt you."

He said this with such assurance that she had to believe him. All of a sudden she could see why the goon at the park would have been afraid of Mr. Luck Gandor. There was a certain intensity about him that drew her in.

Before she realized it, they were on her street. She looked around in a daze. The walk from here to the park was a bit of a trek but walking and talking with Luck seemed to make it fly by. She felt like walking with him forever, she felt as if she hadn't even scratched the surface of this intriguing man.

They took the steps up to her apartment entrance together. She placed a gloved hand on the brass of the door and then turned to her savior.

"Thank you Mr. Luck," she said quietly, staring deep into his flaxen eyes.

"You are very welcome Alice," he said nodding. He took a few steps back down the stairs then paused for a moment turning to her he said, "Alice if you ever get into any trouble just stop by the Caraggioso and ask for me."

She smiled and nodded; quickly she opened the door and flew in closing it behind her smoothly. Alice couldn't help but smile, thinking about the man who had escorted her not two minutes ago.

"Alice," her sister squealed coming up behind her, "who was that man you were with! He was absolutely gorgeous."

"I'll tell you later Daisy," she sighed all of a sudden worn from her day, "right now I just really need a warm bath."

"Ughh," Daisy groaned, "you never tell me anything."

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