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Chapter Three.

Guinevere sauntered through the town, the bucket of water freshly filled swinging gently in her hand. It was a miracle that she managed to keep the water in the bucket considering how bad it swung, her mind distorted with the images of Arthur in her mind. For the strangest reason, the Pendragon had been avoiding the maiden for the past few days. While it seemed necessary when Arthur was busy with his job, but the casual run-ins that she looked forward to in the castle had become an walk left unwanted. It came to no surprise to Gwen that the moments she thrived on simply made her heart shatter into pieces.

As she came closer to her home, her eyes came across a familiar figure standing before the main door. While it wasn't who she wanted to see at the moment, she gladly accepted Merlin's presence no matter what. "Merlin, what brings you by?" With a small push, the main door swung open and Gwen was forced to lug the bucket into her home, setting it on the rickety old table before brushing her hands against the cloth of her dress. Silently, she turned towards Merlin, raising an eyebrow.

"I was wondering if anything was the matter. You seemed awfully, well, distracted earlier." Merlin commented, folding his arms across his chest as he waited for her reply. The overeager warlock deemed it necessary to fix any situation that came his way, even if the parties involved would have seen the answer in a much harsher from.

"I am alright. I mean-" Gwen's gaze fell upon her worn out boots, hidden by the skirts of her dress before she let herself take a chance and look back up at a friend's kind features. "Has he found someone else? I thought he would at least have the courage to tell me to my face, but I see that I'm not even worthy of that." Shaking her head, she turned to pick up the bucket on the table and walked towards the back of her home, salt water stinging at her eyes as she blinked them back in efforts to not seem weakened by the false statement.

Merlin blinked a few times before he hurriedly pursued her path, nearly shrinking back when she spun. "Gwen, that isn't it at all. Honest." With some certainty, Merlin promised her what he knew held to be true. Especially when he constantly had to bare that love struck look on his face when his royal highness thought no one was looking. Merlin, however, was as observant as ever and constantly took to understanding the poor man's dilemma. It wasn't easy upholding the knight's honor along with the family stature and know he were in love with someone he couldn't be with.

Gwen's arm rose up, rubbing hastily at the tears that had cascaded down her cheek and looked up. "Then what is it?"

"He's a pratt." Merlin answered, the boyish smile sincerely widening across his features. "The situation is delicate." He finally answered, the gleam in his eyes digressing if only slightly.

"I know that. I just thought he was different." Duty never wavered from her mind, Gwen surpassed Merlin's attempt to stop her and walked towards the front door where she knew she needed to actually get herself some food were she to pass the night keeping a watch on Morgana. Sure, she had more important things on her mind than worry herself to death over a man and had no one to speak of this too other than Merlin who had suddenly the situation under his wing.

"That he is. Just give him a chance." He whispered as he followed her out the door again, closing it behind him. Carefully, his eyes stayed on Gwen as she huddled her body against the cream colored wrap her father had bought her months before his death.

"I didn't realize you two were on such good terms, Merlin." A teasing smile spread on her face as she looked up at his adorable features and then began walking.

"Neither did I." Merlin mumbled the words under his breath. To think, when he and Arthur first met, he hated the man. But after discovering his destiny, Merlin simply divulged himself into thinking and knowing the best way was to do what Arthur needed. He supposed over time, he had grown rather fond of the man, despite his arrogant demeanor at times and lack of knowledge of the common world even if that was what he craved.


"Where is it?" The sound echoed against the darkened forest. Black night sky gleamed high above, the moon the only shadow of a light to allow the eager man his ability to run through with his mission. Surrounded by knights always gave him reason to show leadership. Alone, it seemed as though fear was an allowed expression on his face. But, he had to stand up to the notion of his own promise. He was a knight, a prince, a future leader if not current. Fear couldn't be allowed to be seen on his expression. He was a noble man of royal blood, after all.

The moon beams hit the corners of the forest, illuminating only some parts while others remained threatened by darkness. The horse's neigh only brought Arthur to the brink of terror as he ran his hand against the soft mane. "I'll be right back." Promising a safe return to the only soul around, his horse, Arthur kept a careful grip upon the handle of the sword still safely tucked in the case at the side of his belt. Stepping as slowly as possible, Arthur made every attempt to locate the very surroundings where the twelve massive stones stood majestic.

He hadn't been able to get the witch's words and vision out of his mind. Fearing the worst in the situation, he vowed to find her again and convince her of the truth as he believed it. Or be promised completely and entirely what he had seen had not, in fact, been some fictional fantasy to which he graciously clung to the last few days. The knowledge that the truth would only pain the poor soul made no pledge in Arthur's mind to stop his quest. This was a necessary step he had to take and nothing or no one could have stopped him.

Guards at the palace had been informed of nothing; the window in his room still wide open, rope dangling against the castle walls. All he cared about at the moment was finding the witch. Not having told a soul about what he had seen that night made it all the more easier to convince himself that this was a necessary step. So, here he stood in the dead night in a forest unguarded by knights who would have his back in the least. Yes, Arthur Pendragon was crazy.

Few short steps forced him to trip against a twig and tumble down the plane of grass beneath him. Grunts expressed in hushed efforts only provided him with the knowledge that he clearly needed some light in this area. He landed with a thump on his back, eyes staring at the very existence of the stars high above, each expressing a certain shape. He had no time to star gaze when his very sanity was on the brink of tearing; quickly, he leapt up with a small gruff howl before advancing down the finally found pathway he and his knights-as well as Merlin-had traveled in days prior.

He walked for a few minutes before stopping. Certain he should be staring upon the mystic stones and the inlaid pathway that would travel past a golden wall and into a mysterious hideaway for the witch to settle in, he widened his eyes. What he stared at simply remained to be nothing at all. Instead of grass as seemed present everywhere he looked, a large circle of dirt grew brighter in the glow of the moonlight. Where the structure had been based simply few nights ago, now remained a foolish circle of dirt and nothing more. Not even a single strand of green poked from the grass, unable to find life near.

"Where are you?" Arthur called out, drawing out his sword while he spun in a circle at his heels attempting to find perhaps another location for the advanced structure. Nothing remained to be seen. "Witch! Show yourself." Crying out in desperation didn't allow for Arthur to remain in the midst of any such stunning figure. He stood for what seemed like hours, growing hoarse as he called for the witch by no name other than her specific character type. He danced through the forest in efforts of finding her elsewhere, or some hint of where she would be. She was nowhere to be found.

Was he so desperate as to beg for a witch? Someone who his father would have burned within seconds of knowing her title. Answers were required and nothing allowed for him to convince himself that he wasn't being foolish in this attempt. She would arrive, he promised himself. Settling at the base of a tree, sword dancing back and forth in his hand as entertainment, Arthur waited for another hour till the darkness in the sky broke into rays of light. And only then did the defeated warrior rise from the ground and make his way back to the grounds, truth remained untouched save for the only thoughts that surrounded him.

Whatever the future may hold, his heart remained Gwen's.


Arthur paced back and forth in his room, arms swinging innocently at his side. The only thing that came to his mind was Gwen and the relationship they would share in the future; a relationship they had hoped to make real. At least, Arthur had. Every moment, he found himself studying the woman. Every point of her that spoke out of her differences became every part of her he began to cherish. She believed in him, knew him to be the future king and trusted him. She understood he was still learning and while others had given up on him, she refused.

All those times she sat by his bed when he was on the brink of death, talking to him. He heard those words like it were echoing from a nightingale in the middle of the night. Words soothed him to return to reality. And here he was, avoiding her for the past few days as though she meant nothing to him when the truth remained as completely the opposite. "How can I love someone knowing nothing can ever become of us?" But then, what the vision that the witch had shown him? What truth and justice did that hold?

She deserved the best; frankly, even the Prince of Camelot didn't suffice. Arthur could easily handle a creature that could take down seven of his men, he could easily achieve the ranks of the best swordsman without a glitch, but he couldn't manage to hold on to a love that had been breaking his heart from the moment he knew it couldn't be. Then some backwards witch showed him what he hoped the future would hold telling him it were the truth. Something didn't seem right at all.

The door slowly opened, the creeping of footsteps slowing down. As if a moment of hesitancy, the shadow paused. Arthur, prepared to take down the intruder simply curled his hands into fists. With a sword not near, hand to hand combat was all that was needed. But what intruder surpassed the guards and debated before baring in? Sure enough, the door peeked open further. Worn out boots poked from the brown skirts before a woman emerged from the shadows and then slipped into the room, the door closing behind her.

"Gwen? What are you doing here?" She managed to somehow appear right when he thought about her; had to be some strange advancement in a connection, surely.

"I just-I." And suddenly, a blush crept up her chocolate skin as her embarrassed head bowed towards the ground. "I'm sorry to have intruded, sire. I'll be going." Quietly as ever, she turned about on her heel, gathering her skirts gently before she made her way to the door, heart pounding in her chest. It would only be her attempt to follow through with giving Arthur a chance, but something felt changed. Something had clearly become unique in their situation, leaving her with no option but to disrupt her own attempt at being bold and brave. After all, he was the prince.

"Gwen." Arthur called out. Her entrance had only furthered the speeding of his own heart before he felt it shattering. When she didn't stop and advanced further to the door, Arthur cocked his head to the side and whispered her name again. Her hand fell against the door handle and he took in a small breath. "Guinevere." Sternly, but giving her the option to turn around, a form in which he called her name so often when she became stubborn, he waited there.

In the few seconds she stood there, every part of her wanted nothing more than to turn when he called her name. It wasn't until her whole name was spoken in the tone that always made her either shut up or listen to him did she stop and actually turn. "Yes?"

"Why did you come here?" Arthur carefully walked around the bed and towards the woman who unlatched herself from the door and began taking quick steps to meet him in the middle.

"I wanted to-" She looked up, eyes locked with his own for the briefest of moments. "Is everything okay?" She finally managed to speak out, uncertainty clouding her judgment. "I understand if you don't want to talk to a servant girl, but I do hope you think more of me than just that." Managing half of the words she had been worriedly thinking of the past few nights over and over to utter from her mouth, she continued tilting her head back till she had completely locked eyes with the stunning man who had captured her heart from day one it seemed.

"I think the world of you, Guinevere." This had perhaps been the first time Arthur had ever been able to admit such feelings to the woman. Normally, it would be Merlin who somehow managed to get him to speak in such a manner. Every since the day he spilled his feelings to Merlin by the river when rescuing the poor maiden from distress. He did everything to push Lancelot from his mind, nonetheless. All thoughts that had bothered him early now flew away within seconds.

She took in a small breath. "And here I thought something had changed." She whispered into the thin silent air, attempting to not cause fault. It had been her decision to keep their relationship at bay; not until Arthur was king could a change be made. If only, the change was for better.

His hand gently lifted into the air, palm resting against her cheek. "Not even in the future will it change." Even when he grew to realize this to be true based on his own emotions of the young woman, he also strongly believed and hoped that the future remained as he had once seen. For a second, he attempted the promise but even he knew better. The future could be changed in a manner of minutes; all he would promise would be that his love for her would never become undone. This he knew.

"Arthur, I do believe you will make a difference as a king." Her head tilted up slightly higher, brown soulful eyes gazing into his gleaming orbs as they lit up even more. Embracing the warmth of his hand against her face, she leaned in towards his open palm, the glow of happiness widening with every second she spent close to him.

"With you around, I can't go wrong." The strong attraction between the two possessed him beyond all belief. His hand slid against her shoulder before dropping to her waist, eyes widening slightly. A small breath passed between the pair, drawn close by some unforeseen circumstances.

"I will always be around." She breathed out, a shuffle of steps brought her closer towards the prince, smiling gently. Everything about him had been drawn into perfection, leaving her with chance but to dip closer towards him. Elegance brought her closer, the feel of his heart thumping under the palm of her hand evolving into the beat of perfection.

"I know." He whispered, head brought close. A gentle tug against her petite form and soon, the young Pendragon had engaged himself in a magical kiss by the only woman he had and would ever love. The future would withstand everything he would put it through; to know and see first hand, even if it were simply a dream, that Guinevere would in fact still be a constant in his life only made things better.


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