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Gibbs was pleased with Tony's progress as a pup, Noah had been coming along nicely, less tentative about toileting as the weekend went on. It was now Sunday evening and Tony was curled up on Gibbs feet at the end of the couch. Gibbs sighed, he loved having Noah around but he knew it was time to get Tony back, someone else he loved having around too. He extracted his feet getting a soft whine and a grunt as Noah repositioned himself.

"Tony," Gibbs said firmly, "Tony I need you to come up now, Tony come back to me now." He held Tony head firmly, making sure not to treat him as he did Noah. Gibbs saw Tony coming out of his headspace as he slowly blinked and tensed up a little. Gibbs began to remove Tony's mitts and other paraphernalia and before long Tony was sat on the couch, not Noah, completely naked but relaxed. "Hey there Tony." Gibbs smiled at him and pulled him into a hug.

"Mmmm, hey yourself." Tony replied obviously completely blissed out snuggling into Gibbs shoulder.

"Sorry bud but you need to go home." Tony stiffened minutely. Gibbs smiled gently and squeezed Tony gently, "Just to get a few things Tony, you can come straight back if that is what you want?" Tony grinned and kissed Gibbs neck.

"Oh I want Boss, I want." Tony extracted himself delicately and sprinted off to the bedroom to retrieve his clothes and keys before giving Gibbs a peck on the cheek and rushing out. "I'll pack for a week 'k?"

"Yup." Gibbs called after him chuckling. Gibbs decided to make a few changes around the house while Tony was gone.

Before long Tony was back, bearing Chinese food and a suitcase. "I'm back Gibbs!" He called as he bustled through the door. "Gibbs?!" he shouted again not getting and answer. He stilled and listened, determining that Gibbs was upstairs he put the Chinese down in the kitchen and dragged his suitcase upstairs. He walked into Gibbs bedroom and raised his eyebrows. There were a couple of bin bags nearly full and Gibbs was buried head first in the wardrobe. "Uuh, Gibbs, spring cleaning your bedroom?"

Gibbs shot upright and grinned. "Nope. Clearing space for your stuff in our bedroom, much like I already did in the bathroom cabinet. No strings attached, I like having you here, you can keep what you want here and come round whenever you want. I'd give you a key but I don't lock the door." Gibbs smiled almost shyly. Tony stared at Gibbs before his face slowly broke into a smile and he hoisted his suitcase onto the bed and began to fill the space that had been made for him. Gibbs sat on his bed leaning against the headboard. "You seem happy Tony." Tony smiled and sat himself on the bed opposite Gibbs crossed legged.

"I have everything to be happy about. I feel grounded for once, I mean this has all happened so fast but I feel so confident about it, and not in my usual brash skim over it way. This pup play thing is ridiculously good for me, it makes me feel so calm and allows me to reset my mind. I feel in sync with you in a way I never have with anyone else. At work it's a given, we work so well together, just you and me, dream team, Starsky and Hutch."

"You haven't got blonde hair Tony, or a Grand Torino." Gibbs smirked at Tony who shoved him playfully.

"Hey I am trying to be serious and honest here, I thought you wanted that?" Gibbs held his hands up in surrender. "Anyhoooo," Tony continued, "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I am for the first time in a long while calm and happy and I don't feel like bolting." At this Gibbs pulled Tony onto his chest and kissed his hair.

"I'm glad, I feel the same,...well similar. I like looking after you as Noah and I like being with you as Tony. We are a good team at work and I think that is down to the trust we have in each other. It took a tremendous amount of trust for you to fall for me so easily and I took a tremendous amount of trust for me to let you know that you could fall for me." Tony's eyes flashed with love and understanding as she realised that what had happened between them had needed not just Tony's trust in Gibbs, but Gibbs trust in Tony.

"I don't want to go back to work tomorrow, I wanna stay just like this." Tony muttered sleepily.

Gibbs chuckled. "Me too but needs must."

"Wanna watch a movie? I brought a few, think you would like Air Force One boss."

Later that night insomnia struck and Tony trotted into work and Gibbs worked on his boat. Not much later they were both on a plane with ducky on the way to their crime scene on Air Force One. Tony took great delight in showing Agent Todd the ropes of crime scene sketches but was less than impressed when he was dumped out of the back of the wagon. He had a really sore butt and hip. He couldn't decide about Kate, she had a stick up her ass but she had some spunk, so to speak. He wasn't overly pleased with her rebukes and her cockiness ad was slightly worried that she was rather attractive, but at least she seemed to hate Gibbs, like most people that didn't know him did.

Tony was winding down at work itching to get back to Gibbs house now that he knew Gibbs was OK, he couldn't help but worry about Gibbs on his own with Agent Todd without him. Partly because he worried about him and a small part because he was jealous that Gibbs was spending time with an attractive young lady instead of him. He finally finished his report and set off back to Gibbs house. He didn't bother to grab food as they still had the Chinese that they hadn't touched on Sunday night. He got to Gibbs' house and slouched on the couch butt, back and hip throbbing. He was just dozing off when Gibbs got back leaning over the couch to peck him on the cheek.

"Hey stranger."

"Hey, how are ya Boss?"

"Well, saved the President, thanks to that movie we watched last night, hired Agent Todd after she quit the Secret Service and wrapped the case up. How are you?"

"Sore, tired and what do you mean you hired Agent Todd?" Tony scowled.

Ignoring the question Gibbs came round the sofa. "Sore Tony?"

"Yeah sore, remember 'bouncing on the beltway'? And stop avoiding the question."

"Right up you get, I will answer your question when we are in the bath and soothing your boo boo's. And I am sorry about that, I though you would have your phone on, on, you know the jiggly setting."

Tony sighed and quirked a small smile, "You mean vibrate. And a bath may make up for it in small part. And then you will answer my question."

A short while later they were both ensconced in the bath, Tony between Gibb legs being washed carefully. "So Boss, my question, why did you hire Agent Todd." Gibbs gave Tony's chest one last lather before answering.

"She was available, the Director was pestering me to take at the least a TAD and I wanted to choose one. You seemed to work well with her and, well, I didn't want another man being competition for me with you." Tony turned around slightly stunned.

"Boss, you would never have to worry about that with me, I may date a lot but I have always been monogamous."

"Tony, you need to stop calling me Boss, call me Jethro."

"Can I call you J?" Gibbs kissed the back of Tony's head.

"Sure. Can I ask you something?" Tony nodded.

"Can Noah come out to play when we get out of the bath?" Gibbs asked almost timidly.

Tony suddenly realised how it was that Gibbs needed the pup play as much as him when his mind was racing. An assassination attempt on the President, shooting a man and hiring a new agent must be quite unsettling. Tony leant back into Gibbs, "Of course."

An hour later Gibbs was smiling as he rubbed Noah's belly, getting a slobbery lick for his trouble. "Gettin' a bit playful aren't we pup? Come on, up, heel." Gibbs called as he stood and walked through to the kitchen realising that neither of them had eaten. He heated the 'left-over' Chinese and put some in Noah's bowl and dished himself a portion sitting at the table watching over his pup fondly. Before long they had both finished, Noah getting a damp cloth wiped over his face to clean up the mess, Noah also getting a damp cloth to play with as he tore it out of Gibbs hands and scampered off with it. "Noah! Hey!" Gibbs called as he went after the errant pup. Noah was in the lounge trying his level best to tear the damp cloth to pieces. As Gibbs stooped to get it Noah pulled away and scurry around the other side of the sofa. "Noah, HEEL." Gibbs called getting a reproachful face poking out from behind the sofa. "I said heel cheeky pup. Heel Noah." Noah slunk out of his safe place and approached Gibbs bashfully. "Sit." Noah complied sheepishly. "New lesson Noah, Drop." Gibbs said, firmly tapping Noah's nose. "Drop." Gibbs pulled at the cloth eliciting a whine and a tug from Noah. Gibbs put his thumb and a finger in the corners of Noah's mouth and squeezed whilst saying, "DROP" loudly and firmly. Noah relinquished his prise sadly and licked Gibbs hand mournfully. "Good boy Noah, good boy." Gibbs scratched behind his ear and walked to the sofa, Noah following without being asked and settling at Gibbs feet. "Good boy Noah." Gibbs said softly, his shoulder s relaxing slowly as the tension left him.