The General Idea: Inspired partly by the episode 'Requiem' in which Leroy Jethro Gibbs learns about Kelly and Maddie's backyard Time Capsule. That's where the title comes from. What this piece is is a collection of memories/snapshots of the life Jethro had with Kelly and Shannon before they died. This will be updated sporadically, as I write on it when I need a break from my other, darker projects.

A few things to note:

-There will be no order of time in which the snapshots appear; in one Kelly may be an infant and in the next, 7 years old.

-It won't be a very large piece, at the most perhaps 15 chapters.

-Will focus on Jethro's relationship with Shannon and Kelly.

I have a soft spot for the fatherhood part of Gibbs, but I do not want to stress myself with orchestrating a "Paris Love Child" or "Director Pregnancy" Jibbs fic:) I bid you enjoy, if you read!