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Anyway... here we go...

"Eric, I'm getting married!"

Those were the words that sent my life spinning upside down. Sookie Stackhouse, my best friend and the only girl that I have ever pined for was getting married. I have no one to blame for this turn of events but myself. I should have told her my feelings a long time ago, but she was my best friend and I never wanted to jeopardize that. I was always too afraid of scaring her off: of scaring off the best thing in my life.

We met our senior year of high school. I had just moved to Bon Temps with my family. My father had been in the military so we used to move around every few years. He had since retired now and wanted to settle down somewhere quiet. His best friend from childhood, my "uncle," Sam Merlotte lived there with his wife Amelia. I always loved to visit them whenever we could, but I couldn't understand why he would pick such a ridiculously small town to settle us permanently. I certainly hadn't planned on falling in love.

That is, until I met her.

It was my first day at yet another new school. I was fairly used to this routine by now- new school, new classes, new layout, new people and all the questioning looks that came with being the new kid. With it being senior year, I knew I would only have to tolerate them for thirty-six weeks and then never have to see any of them again. I would be leaving Bon Temps after graduation, planning to go elsewhere for college. Small town life just wasn't for me. It was with a weary outlook that I stalked off to my first class.

Judging by the stares I received from the girls when I entered the room it became clear that I was going to stand out. Being from Sweden you tend to stand out, but I don't think I'd ever get used to the stares. I suppose I was handsome, but was I really that impressive? I think I even heard an audible gasp escape the lips of one girl as I approached the teacher to find out where I was to sit. As he directed me to my seat I noticed a girl with blonde hair sitting in the chair next to mine. As I took my seat she lifted her head to say hello. I immediately found myself lost in the depths of her crystal clear blue eyes. She was absolutely beautiful.

"Hi, I'm Sookie Stackhouse. You must be new here. Welcome to Bon Temps."

Her voice was bubbly and soothing all at the same time. The smile on her face was breathtaking and I swear my heart skipped a beat.

"Uh, yeah," was the only response I could formulate.

The giggle that followed alerted me to the fact that I needed to elaborate further.

"I'm Eric. My family just moved to town. It's nice to meet you Sookie."

Her eyes lit up as if she recognized something I was saying.

"You're Eric?" she exclaimed. "I have heard so much about you!"

Me? She had heard about me? I guess the look that crossed my face echoed my confusion, because she enlightened me.

"I work for Sam and Amelia. My mom and Amelia had been friends since they were children and we have always been incredibly close to them. Sam hasn't stopped talking about the fact that his best friend was moving to town with his wife and son."

It warmed my heart a bit to know that Sam was so happy to see us, as my father was ecstatic to be seeing him again. However at the moment all I wanted to know about was this creature sitting next to me. Unfortunately the teacher announced that class was starting so my curiosity would have to be put on hold.

The rest of that day passed without much incident and I found that I had only one other class with Sookie. Disappointment flooded my body but I quickly shook it off determined to make the best of this day. I was walking to my car after school when I heard her shout my name across the parking lot as she came running up to me.

"I have to work tonight, but I was wondering if you would like me to show you around town this weekend?"

My heart leapt a bit in my chest at the thought of her as my personal tour guide.

"I would love that Sookie."

"Here's my number: feel free to give me a call tonight. I get off work at nine so we can make plans then," she beamed at me before turning to go find her car.

I couldn't help the goofy grin that crossed my face as I got in my own car and drove home.

My father greeted me at home and asked how my first day had gone. Pulling him into a hug, I told him.

"I think I may have met the most amazing girl I have ever encountered. Thank you for moving us here."

Chuckling he pulled back and asked who she was.

"Her name is Sookie Stackhouse, her mother and Amelia were best friends apparently."

"Stackhouse, eh? She must be Pam and Jason's daughter. I remember them having a little girl; Amelia was so excited. Not that she doesn't love you son, but she wanted a girl to play with."

Sam and Amelia couldn't have children so they lived vicariously through my parents. They had always treated me like a son, and they were like second parents to me. I guessed maybe they treated Sookie the same way.

"She works for them at the restaurant, so maybe we could go by there for dinner sometime, dad?" I hinted in a not so subtle manner.

My father just laughed and shook his head. "Eric my boy, you just met this girl, but you've already got it bad. She must be something special."

I had only known her for eight hours, but already I could see how right he was. Sookie Stackhouse was something special. I just had no idea how special she really was. Nor did I have any idea how much she would come to mean to me.