Title: Rock
Disclaimers: I don't own any supernatural powers or anything else to do with Heroes.
Genre: angst, hurt/comfort, romance, classical sickfic for the sake of it.

Rating: nothing you should hide from.
Summary/Set: The world will not die if Sylar can help it.

Pairing: eventual Sylair.

Main characters: Sylar, Claire, Peter, HRG, Mohinder.

At first, nobody noticed him. A man standing at the edge, at the top of a skyscraper. Who would care or blink in that direction even? All eyes and cameras were directed towards the large object, now visible with the naked eye, hurtling towards Earth. An asteroid, that two years of planning and bombarding has not managed to defer enough from its course.

Seven billion people watched as the predicted to be most effective and last attempt failed to avoid collision. Those last minutes of life on the planet multiplied in importance, it was mostly only the television broadcasts' vacant eyes that remained glued to the skies. There were the automatic counters that registered deviation from what was expected. The space object slowed down and turned slightly.

By the time it came to a complete halt, hanging like Damocles' sword over the American continent, all scientists were back on board calculating probabilities, forces, trajectories. Where did salvation come from?

Laws of psychics and mathematics pointed to a rooftop, but it wasn't surprising that news crews found him first. NASA had exhausted all resources, amongst them, a collaboration with the Company, a firm specialized in employing people with superpowers. All efforts and abilities on the task were made public to quieten the panic somewhat, so how was it that nobody knew about this man who had powers obviously above all others? The open question appeared on the television screens, not that people would care about such details at such important times.

The fate of humankind was still at stake, clearly at the hands of this man, tall and lean and focused, with sweat running down his face and the arm he used to convey his powers in the direction of the asteroid shaking slightly, ever more noticeable. The huge rock turned somewhat, yet you could see the man was struggling to keep it in place, let alone send it in an opposite direction.

There was some renewed hope, but could any one person, however special, fight a threat like that all by himself? Not much chance, said the reporter who had ventured out next to him wearing boots with long heels, telling of his ashen color and shaky legs. He can not have much more energy left in him, the devoted newsperson concluded, cognizant of what false hope felt like. It was a good place to be. If the evolved human failed, which he was most likely to, she could just jump off the tall building there and then, she didn't want to wait to see and god forbid experience the impact.

She was however, almost knocked over backwards by something airborne, what turned out to be the famous Peter Petrelli, previously working for NASA in a bid to halt the disaster. He currently obviously possessed the ability of flying, and dropped off one of the Company's directors, the also well known Noah Bennett next to him.

Cameras eagerly focused on Peter, who disregarded them as usual. Without missing a beat, he stepped behind he tall superhuman struggling with the command of the asteroid and placed a steady hand on Sylar's shoulder.

The serial killer did not blink, or gave any sign that he was aware of the new arrivals. The trained paramedic noted the perspiration on his brow and he was quite sure the would be saver of mankind was hyperventilating and radiating heat, all understandable signs of exhaustion due to telekinetic abilities taken to an extreme. With uttermost certainty, Sylar was weakened and real close to his body giving up on him.

Without no time to waste, Peter initiated the empathic change, taking on the very same magnitude of telekinetic abilities the serial killer displayed. Having had the chance to be versed at the use of that particular power on a number of occasions during his previous existence, the young Petrelli's arm shadowed Sylar's, his palm forcefully transmitting fresh, invisible energy towards their target.

"He makes it look so easy," Claire looked in awe to her television screen, the same as most others on endangered Earth and cheered as the asteroid seemed to have visibly distanced itself from their home planet. There was some additional joy added to her euphoria. Peter was the hero, it was clear. Although she knew it was Sylar's previous efforts that averted the disaster, to untrained, ordinary eyes it looked as if her uncle's deeds were more important. If her arch enemy planned to be the antichrist disguised in the robes of the savior of mankind, it will most likely not come to pass.

Celebrations were well under way in every country, but the two men remained on the top of the skyscraper for a few more minutes, their hands directed at the object in space, still speeding it out into the black nothingness, making extra certain it will not return by the pull of any gravity or another force. Peter glanced at his companion. Sylar's eyes were closed and the way he was swaying and balancing on wobbly knees, it wouldn't be long before the empath would have to completely take over.

Peter didn't mind. The threat was far, almost non existent. He barely felt the weight of the task when Sylar stumbled forward consumed and plummeted down into the abyss below.

Noah didn't take as much time as blink. He knew what he had to do. With his coat swirling behind him, he pushed the button of the elevator for going down. They needed to get to Sylar before he came to and regained his strength and more importantly, before the media did. He could not be allowed to manipulate the whole world.