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I love this pairing. Kill me.

* * *

Even thoough he was born in a capsule, while technically being a teenager, there were things in Kyle's life he had learned to understand fairly quickly.

Safety, with his family, in his home, surrounded by warmth and good intentions.

Friendship, with Declan, based on all these moments and adventures worth remembering.

Honesty, with Adam Baylin, the one who taught him things he needed to know in order to survive.

Curiosity, with all of these new wonders of the real world, all things yet to be discovered, and pride, with discovering them.

But ever since he found out how much Tom sacrificed to get him out of ZZYZX alive, there was one feeling he couldn't put a finger on. Or a mixture of all of the above, but still with an addition of something much more powerful, something which made him go dizzy and his knees numb.

There was warmth in Tom's eyes that made him feel secure, protected but also wanted.

There was a smile just in the corner of his lips, which made the whole fighting worth the effort.

And, he thought when warm lips found his and chocolate brown eyes fluttered close, in the end it was all that mattered.