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Author's Note: I've made a point in this chapter to have names broken down with hyphens to show pronunciation. This is not meant to be taken as the characters literally dragging it out, and is mainly to help set precedence when Akane in particular starts doing things like calling Sa-ku-ra, Sak-ur-a in this series.


"Aaagh!" She took a few second to calm down as she wasn't plummeting to her death. What a horrible dream. She started to go back to sleep when her body rather insistently made the case it would like her to deal with whatever was practically strangling her chest in confining fabric. Mindlessly undoing buttons, she noticed her breasts seemed unnaturally large, before she undid the button that would have fully freed them.

"When did my chest get so big?" She asked rhetorically in wonderment, disturbed on so many levels by such an apparently significant change in her bust size. They didn't simply expand like that and the extra material had to come from somewhere.

Reaching back she checked her hair to find it several inches longer then she remembered it. Checking down below she found she was wearing blue striped panties, despite the fact she couldn't recall having ever owned fancy striped panties like these. They had simply been too expensive. Nor did she remember owning this shirt, which also was above what she could have afforded in the past. Especially to sleep in, all these tailored features, would have insured it just cost too much.

The last thing she remembered was being chased and falling. She had failed to fight back effectively against the other Blue and had written herself off as dead. What with falling off a multistory building into oncoming traffic, in the middle of the night, even if she wasn't killed by the fall the subsequent effect of cars running her over should have spelled the end. Or had that been just a nightmare? Either way she was in a room she didn't recognize, with clothes she couldn't afford, and with bigger measurements then she had ever dreamed of achieving. It was all rather creepy, even if some of it had been the kind of thing she dreamed about.

"You've been selected to be a Kampfer." She didn't like that tone of voice, and it was strangely hypnotic to the point it was the best she could do to resist it. She just managed to isolate it to a weird stuffed animal sitting on a shelf directly above the desk, and quickly grabbed it by the head. Squishing it and the body she couldn't find a voice box for someone to be transmitting a voice from. Nor did the little plush knife, or what she could only assume was supposed to be a piece of intestine have anything that could function as any kind of speaker she was familiar with.

The doll however was making muffled sounds under her hand. Under the circumstances, she was less then inclined to remove it. Not with something that could apparently mess with her head, on top of everything else. Opening a nearby window she dropped the thing outside. All while noting that the apartment building she was in seemed to be absurdly small, and the room rather large for that matter. You'd almost think it was a rather nice two story house, but that would be patently absurd.

Digging through the various drawers she found an utter lack of anything that was in her size. No, it was all this way too small stuff like the shirt she was currently wearing. Not to mention, it was all men's clothing. That had all sorts of negative implications she would rather not think about at the moment. Sighing she sat down on the bed. Her body felt off, given she wasn't wearing a bra and the shirt wasn't so much giving support as containing her enhanced bustline there should have been at least some kind of bounce. Now that she thought about it, her chest didn't seem to be straining against her shirt either. Looking down she noticed a pronounced absence of breasts. She patted her chest a few times to make sure.

"They gone!" Her pride and joy were both missing. After several long moments she noticed her clothes in general were a lot looser too. Maybe it was some kind of weird age reversion effect? She decided not to dwell on it instead of taking advantage of the fact the available clothes now fit her, and thus use it as an opportunity to explore with some shred of dignity intact.

Cracking the door, she found that she was looking at a hallway with a few rooms and a stairwell down. That wasn't like any apartment building she was familiar with. Particularly given the utter lack of appropriate locks on the apartment doors. Wandering around she found there were multiple bare bedrooms, and that downstairs had accommodations appropriate to a house. A rather expensive house the likes of which she only vaguely knew from the rare open house exhibitions her parents had occasionally visited. Although now that she thought about it she couldn't even remember their faces, or any real details about them.

So to review she was in nice and rather expensive empty house, that was in a condition that made it pretty clear nobody actually lived here. In said house only one bedroom had anything more then bare furniture and it was setup as a boy's room, and she was currently wearing expensive boys clothing except for her panties. The owner of these clothes being nowhere to be found. Flipping open the wallet she had found on the desk, she found it contained a not insignificant amount of cash and an ID with a picture that looked just like this weird preadolescent form, for a boy.

No, couldn't be. That was just silly. Who in their right mind would turn her into a boy? Nevermind how or why. She just needed to figure out how shift back to her normal form, and get some appropriate clothes... Going back to the room she noted that it was Monday based on the digital clock. Given she had a student ID among the mix it would probably be best to pretend to be this boy Natsuru so she could at the very least get some answers. Likely not particularly useful answers, but answers nonetheless.

Thank God this house squatting weirdo had written down detailed instructions regarding how he got to school. She would have quickly become rather lost without that as this city or at least the part she was in, was completely unfamiliar and there was something of a lack of readily accessible maps and bus schedules in the house or anywhere she noticed along the way. It also helped that the bookbag was already packed.

The kitchen hadn't been the best stocked, but it had been adequate for her to fix up something that was at least edible. She arrived with plenty of time to catch the bus, only to find a auburn haired girl in school uniform walking towards the bus stop from the opposite direction. She started to make mental comparisons before stopping herself. If she started comparing herself to this girl, while in a freaky prepubescent body that so utterly not in any way really male, or that giantess body she'd drive herself insane in short order. Not that her old body measured up to this well endowed, cheerful girl's either.

"Good Morning, Nat-su-ru-san [aka Natsuru-san]." She yelled in a friendly manner while waving. There were two possibilities as a result. Weirdo Boy was popular and well known, in which case she would be found out because she didn't have the slightest clue how or why. The other option was this was someone Weirdo Boy knew well, in which case the girl would find her out shortly given she didn't even know who the girl was to even begin to pretend to be Weirdo Boy. Why couldn't he just be some dope no one paid attention to?

After some consideration Neun decided there wasn't much point in even trying to be anything but herself. Trying to contort herself into something else wasn't going to help matters. "Good Morning." She yelled back cheerfully, opting to run up to meet the girl.

"You're really energetic this morning, Natsuru-san." She said in a good natured manner while smiling. Leaving Neun with something of a problem as she wasn't sure where to even start. Talking with people she knew was one thing. Talking to people she didn't know was another. Talking to someone she didn't know while appearing to be someone else she didn't really know anything about other then their name was something else entirely.

"Is there something wrong Natsuru-san?" She asked, looking at Neun imploringly.

Neun sighed. Why not? She was probably the best chance she was going to get. "I'm not Natsuru. I'm Nue-n [aka Nuen]." It came out almost as a question as she realized that she couldn't actually remember any particular details of much of anything beyond plummeting to her death.

"Something happened to you didn't it?" She asked in concern, and Neun had the sense she actually believed her.

"I can't seem to remember anything other then Viere hunting me down, and impressions of things. I don't know what's going on with this weird body or who this Natsuru person is, and I'm a girl dammit." Neun felt hot tears start to come out and trickle down my cheeks. It had been a long and crazy day so far.

She felt a comforting hand placed on her cheek. "It's okay, Neun-san. I'm a magician. Bippity-Boppity-Boo."

Neun felt something happen, and saw she was once more the giantess, but in a uniform almost identical to the other girl. While she would have preferred her old body at least she didn't feel like she was in denial. "Thank you, thank you." She enthusiastically hugged the other girl to herself. "I don't know how I could ever thank you enough."

Neun looked down as she felt something odd between her breasts, followed by a series of muffled sounds. Looking down she realized she'd buried the other girl's head between her breasts. She immediately let go.

"I'm sorry. Please don't hate me. I'm not used to towering over people like this, and didn't realize that would happen." She said while bowing towards the girl who had helped her. It seemed like even miracles weren't going her way this morning.

"It's okay." Looking up she saw the other girl's cheeks were flushed, and she was looking at her in a kind of uncomfortable apologetic fashion. She was just horrible, to have embarrassed this girl so much.

"No, please let me make it up to you. I'll..." She was cut off as a gunshot rang out, and a round buried itself in the wall way too close for comfort.

"So you're my enemy?" Came an all to familiar voice. Whirling, her fears were confirmed. Standing across the street was the redhead from her nightmare, or was it a memory, still pointing that pistol at her.

"Vi-ere [aka Viere]." She hissed placing her body between Viere and the girl who had helped her.

"Viere? What's that you big, cow titted, whore?" Neun ignored the insults, more concerned with protecting the other girl then the foul mouthed girl's usual tirades.

"The one you want is me right? Then let this other girl go." Neun yelled back.

"What? Are you some kind of dyke? Why shouldn't I cap her and your big fat ass?" Viere declared, turn her head to the side causing a cascade of red hair to follow.

"Viere." Neun drew out the name, her tone making it a threat.

"Viere. Viere." She barked back mockingly. "What the fuck is a Viere?"

The world seemed to slow down as Viere's finger began to depress the trigger, and she could vaguely make out the hammer coming forward. She channeled her flames, which seemed to come quicker and faster then ever. The two projectiles met in mid air causing Viere to blink, but Neun hadn't just been standing still. Her foot slammed into the other girl's head, as she came down from her jump.

Bouncing off she took advantage of the redhead's disorientation, and rushed her. Grabbing the redhead's wrist and the pistol itself, she managed to quickly twist it out of the other girl's hand, before kicking her into the wall.

"Why were you chasing me? What happened after I fell off that building?" She didn't so much ask as she demanded, screaming at the other girl.

"What are you talking about, you crazy bitch?" The redhead responded derisively.

She'd had enough. Tossing the pistol away, she walked up to the red head and bodily picked her up by the scruff of her, sailor uniform flap style, collar and pushed her into the wall behind her. Her arms shaking from a complex combination of emotions.

"What did they do to me?" Neun saw the redhead's expression change from cocky prideful arrogance, to fear as she started to slam her bodily into the wall. She stopped and dropped the redhead from nerveless fingers as the expression of terror registered. What was she doing?

"Go." She said quietly.


"Get out of here you psycho!" Her voice had volume, but lacked heat or real threat. If she was honest with herself there was a sob in there.

The other girl just looked at her for a few moments, and seemed like she was going to say something when she quietly got up. Neun didn't want to hear it or even look at her anymore and turned away. There was a long pause and she felt a hand resting on her shoulder in a comforting fashion. A quick glance was enough to confirm it belonged to the girl who had helped her earlier, not Viere. How she recognized that wasn't something she wanted to dwell on.

"I don't know about anything anymore." Neun wasn't sure she wanted to look at anyone right now. They might as well just go ahead and drag her off to the loony bin, and be done with it. She couldn't remember anything of consequence, her body was all kinds of weird to the point she didn't really even feel secure it was her own, and the world seemed to be conspiring against her. Clearly she had lost her mind.

Almost as from a far off distance Neun felt arms turn her around and being enfolded in a hug. The precipice seemed to retract ever so slowly and she found herself standing in the street with the auburn hair girl clinging on to her aqua eyes looking up in concern. Why did it feel like that? It was almost as if. No, she didn't want to dwell on that. She was here and she was alive.

"Thank you." Neun realized despite all that had happened in however long it had been, she didn't know the other girl's name.

"Sa-ku-ra. Kae-de Sa-ku-ra. [aka Kaede Sakura]" She said gently and helpfully with a light laugh that Neun found comforting.


The school was huge. According to Kaede-chan it was basically two independent single gender schools that shared a minimum of resources. It was apparently a high ranked girl's school that had come under pressure to be co-ed in recent years, leading to this arrangement where they still had the high ranked girl's school but also a mediocre boy's school. Why whatever was forcing them to do that was satisfied with that solution was something that left her baffled.

Perhaps the most telling thing was there was literally a wall between them, and it was tall enough nobody was scaling it without some serious equipment. Kaede-chan indicated there was also a not exactly minor amount of highly advanced security separating the two sections. All designed to keep the boys in their section. Personally she considered it a waste.


"Subject 9S appears to have somehow evaded indoctrination, but handled Subject 4S easily enough. We are unsure if the indoctrination program has been defeated entirely or simply failed to trigger, at this time."

"Any indication she remembers anything?"

"Nothing of consequence. The Primary verified it."

"Are there any barriers to her elimination?"

"The Primary has grown fond of her."

"The Primary can be replaced."

"The Secondary requires further grooming to serve our purposes, and is one of the prime candidates for continuing with the Project. We can still obtain valuable data from 9S, and if worst comes to worse we can eliminate 9S and the Primary at a later time. With the Erasure system the situation is not time critical."

"Step up grooming of the Secondary. The Primary's performance has been less then satisfactory for sometime."


Neun noticed a glint of red from the Student President's wrist in a familiar shape. It seemed like there was something she should remember about that. Especially given, except for the color, she had an identical one on her own wrist but such details evaded her. The Student President also wasn't really giving her an opportunity to do anything more then listen. Incidentally there was something about the dark haired girl that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.

"Regardless, the paperwork will not be completed today." The Student President seemed to finish the conversation with an almost palpable slash of something sharp.

"Surely she can at least stay on campus though, Shizuku-san." Not that Kaede was impressed with that.

The Student President made a dismissive gesture. "Send her to the Library."


As was appropriate to such a large institution the library was considerable, being a two story affair with tightly packed shelving units that were at least twice as tall as even her currently monstrous height. If she ever was qualified to comment on the selection she wasn't now. Still she was pretty sure it was respectable. It did however leave a question of what to read given she probably wouldn't see Kaede-chan for several hours.

Neun noticed a girl with glasses, green eyes, and a headband who seemed to keep looking at her from across the library. She looked like someone whose biggest problem would be choosing the right boyfriend, unlike her who was liable to intimidate them based on physical size alone. Cute would simply be beyond her when she was towering over everyone by at least a full handspan. This girl however managed to pull it off, even with glasses.

Neun mentally sighed to herself. Dwelling on what she couldn't change was a waste of time. It was far better to focus on changing what she could. Looking down she once again noted that she was wearing long black socks and miniskirt. Everyone she'd seen so far wore these really short skirt with the only variation with that had been what kind of legging, pantyhose, or socks they wore with it. Especially with the way she was now it was starting to make her paranoid about people looking up her skirt. The strange thing was that although so far she'd managed to safely stay in the girls' side for some reason she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable about it, getting the sense people were looking up her skirt. It was really weirding her out.


Akane discreetly watched the odd girl from the morning wander in with a stunned look as she stared at the collection. She wasn't sure what the other girl found so interesting about it. The only reason she was here was because it was the only place in the school that girls could legitimately mingle with the boys. She was far too shy to make a confession, and with such limited interaction between the two sides how was one supposed to know who to make a confession to?

No, far better to wait where Mr. Right could find her and sweep her off her feet to... [content removed]

Akane wiped the line of drool from her face, quickly looking around to see if anyone had caught her daydreaming. The only other person in the library however was the girl from this morning, who had went utterly psycho on her. She was hot though, with a generous bustline, nice ass, and legs that went on forever... [content removed]

Akane was pulled out of her daydream when she felt something being gently pressed against her forehead. Something warm and soft. She blinked, and took off her glasses in order to see the blur right in front of her face, only to be confronted with the girl from this morning, causing her to eep in response.

Wait. There was cleavage to be had at this range. Only, as her eyes confirmed for her, the standard issue uniform utterly failed to show off the awesome cleavage this girl had to possess. It was criminal. A affront against humanity, that any view of those luscious breasts was safely tucked away. Damn them. Damn them all to hell!

"You don't feel like you're running a fever." The girl said in a concerned voice as she pulled away. "Are you feeling alright?"

Of course not. She was on the other side of the desk and still had clothes on. Plus from this angle she couldn't even take advantage of the consolation prize of checking out her legs or butt. It was an injustice. Absolutely criminal! "I'm not sure." She said meekly.

"Do you want me to take you to the Infirmary so you can lie down?" The girl from this morning asked in a concerned voice.

Akane started humoring fantasies of what they could do together in the Infirmary. [content removed]

Akane felt herself gently being placed in a bed, and looked over to find the girl from this morning finish tucking in the covers except for one arm while looking at her with a loving concerned look that made Akane just want to melt. The girl gently took her hand, and Akane found herself drowning in those blue eyes.

"Are you feeling better?" The question jarred her out of her reverie.

"I'll feel even better if you come in with me." Akane said, to Black Seppuku Rabbit, several hours later. Currently she meekly said, "I think so."

"I'm Neun. What's your name?" She asked pleasantly.

Having researched the German language following her becoming a Kampfer Akane recognized Neun a 9, and in that context that Viere was a permutation of Vier, albeit pronounced totally different. It all seemed rather bizarre. Why would she refer to herself, and her, by numeric values? Akane realized she was drifting off again.

"Ak-a-ne Mi-shi-ma. [aka Akane Mishima]" She said meekly in a voice she wasn't even sure the other girl could hear.

"Nice to meet you, Mishima-san." The other girl said cheerfully.

Dammit. Why did she have to start out on a last name suffix basis? Now she'd have to work through the entire process to be on a first name, no suffix basis if she wanted to be on the way to getting intimate. Not that she was into yuri. No, no it was just that, despite there being a boys' school literally on the other side of the fence, she had trouble finding boyfriend material. So to deal with her frustration she, discretely, checked out the girls too. Which was why she was going to need to retrieve one of her spare pairs of underwear from her PE locker, again.

"I think you'll be okay now Mishima-san, so I'll head back to the library." Neun said before gently kissing her on the forehead. Akane felt her face flush as she watched Neun walk out of the Infirmary giving a nice view up her skirt from this angle. It then occurred to her that she actually remember this girl was a boy when she'd first seen her... It looked like she had just found Mr. Right afterall.


Neun stared at the fancy toilet, at the place where the nonexistent toilet paper should have been, and then back at the fancy toilet. At least she hadn't come here in such desperation she didn't have some time to try to figure out how this thing was supposed to work. Neun pressed one of the buttons and with a whirl a mechanical arm extended and fired off a jet of water. The implications were rather creepy.

"Never used one before?" A vaguely familiar female voice asked from behind her.

"No. I'm not sure what half of this is even for." Neun said honestly, turning to find the Student President standing there with a smile that creeped her out. It also begged the question what she was doing there. Did she patrol the bathrooms or something?

The Student President boldy entered the stall with her, showing no respect for personal space, and placed a hand on the controls. "These cause a mechanical arm to extend and squirt water into the appropriate orifice after you're done. This one is for the anus, after you go poop. This one is for your vagina, in case you want to clean up some of the blood, and this one is for the urethra after you go pee."

Neun blanched in the manner and way that the Student President just listed that off. It was like she was utterly immune to any effect from talking about embarrassing things. Then she seemed to be implying all sorts of dirty things with her whole manner of speech. Neun found herself being backed against the stall wall as the Student President seemed to inch closer with a serious look.

"I've heard that they can also make for a nice experience. Would you like me to operate it for you?"

Neun's eyes went big, and she began inching towards the exit of the stall. A distance that suddenly seemed rather far away. "No, that's alright." She made a dash for the door. She'd just find an unoccupied stall on a different level, preferably one far away from creepy girls with long dark hair.

Behind her Shizuku smiled, laughing internally. Oh this would be an entertaining one to tease.

Author's Notes:

Everyone has insecurities, particularly in the teenage years. I've simply made a point of having Neun suffer from this as should be appropriate under the circumstances. In case you can't read between the lines that means she tends to see herself as less attractive and otherwise then she is.

As currently setup Akane POV is meant to emphasize that repressed bundle of hormones aspect to the character. My personal view as will be executed with this particular series is that Kampfer Akane differs in personality in the same way Alcohol can render such changes, by lowering inhibitions. Yes, I'm the one intentionally putting [content removed] in.

This concept is based off the intro of the Anime series, where the initial reaction is more consistent with the kind of commentary you'd expect from a female then a male a respectable amount in. Something that ironically would explain many of the quirks in Natsuru's behavior. However I cannot in good faith declare this character was ever the canon Natsuru, and hence one of the reasons why she is Neun instead of Natsuru. Figuring out Neu-n was based on a combination of the canon character and how I would expect such a project to be run, hence the emphasis on efficiency leading to this mentality where common luxuries are seen as major extravagance.