Another Beginning

I DO NOT own either TWILIGHT or HARRY POTTER otherwise they would not have taken the twists and turns they did! and Harry would have saved Severus and ended up with him! as for Twilight well I would not have changed anything apart from the fact that Rosalie have a child! making it one of the vampires special powers or something.

Sorry for starting a new Twilight story but this idea refused to leave my mind until i had it typed up! it just another story to add to the pile! :P

So Onwards! enjoy

Chapter 1

"You're a stupid Mudblood Potter" sneered Lucius wand at the ready.

"Lucciusssss" hissed Voldemort "No one touches him but me!" when he noticed Lucius was ready to raise his wand to cast a curse.

The wand lowered, he nearly lifted it up again when he noticed Harry's smirk at how afraid he was of disobeying Voldemort.

"What's the matter Malfoy? Afraid" sneered Harry despite the fact he was bound and suffering the after affects of the Cruciatus curse. Everyone was surprised at how much Harry had changed but it shouldn't have really he had lost all his friends. Everyone that mattered to him were gone, his parents, Cedric, Sirius, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, and Ginny. Molly, Arthur and Neville were all in beside Frank and Alice Longbottom. The Cruciatus curse had been held on for too long and they were permanently damaged.

New people had joined the Order still fighting to bring down Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Dumbledore could be very persuasive when he wanted to be so the Order had all but doubled in members since Harry first saw it in his fifth year. Not that it mattered how many Order members there was, only one person could defeat Voldemort and that boy had the weight of the world on his shoulders. That said boy was in the middle of the circle of Death Eaters and facing certain death.

"Well well Potter, it's been a while" sneered the snake faced man.

"Yes, two years" said Harry on his knees five feet away from Voldemort and the rest of his cronies.

"Been counting the days Potter" hissed Voldemort smirking at the boy practically bowing before him.

"You could say that" said Harry impassively he was going to end this once and for all. If it failed he had nothing to loose - he had already lost everything to the snake faced bastard.

"How touching" sneered Lucius Malfoy.

"Shall we get this over with Voldemort? Going to fight me like a man or kill me on the floor like everyone else like a coward you are" snarled Harry.

"I made that mistake once Potter and I'm not likely to make it again" said Voldemort smirking very much amused as well as pissed off at how casual Potter was being in his presence. He was used to people cowering in fear in his very presence.


"Sssseverussss you're late" hissed Voldemort.

"Forgive me my lord, the old fool refused to let me leave" said Severus sounding disgusted at the mere thought.

"I have a present for you," hissed Voldemort gesturing to Harry.

"Well well Potter it looks like you've used your last life" sneered Severus. If Harry hadn't been looking him in the eye he would not have seen the flash of panic in the man's eye. It was all the proof Harry needed to know that the man was truly on his side.

"I knew you were a traitor I dont know why Dumbledore ever trusted you" snarled Harry his green eyes flashing in anger.

Severus smirked "That old fool believes in second chances, which will be his downfall" playing his part perfectly. He wasnt using if Harry was acting out his part or if he truly thought he was a traitor to the Order.

"I knew it, you disgusting coward of a Death Eater" spat Harry.

"Crucio!" snarled Severus.

Harry knew what buttons to press, calling the man a coward was sure to get a reaction he needed the man to get. So something good had come out of the viewing of the pensive after all.

He hadn't realized just how powerful Severus Snape was until that Crucio was placed on him. It was almost as powerful as Voldemort's and that was saying something. Maybe it was because the man hated him too, he couldn't see hate having anything to do with it because they all hated him here, and the Crucio's were all different.

"Fuck, damn you Snape" groaned Harry panting trying to sit himself up after falling to the floor. His head was in bad shape, he could feel blood oozing from three different wounds as the curses had come fast and furious earlier.

"Join you're place Sseverussss there will be plenty of time for that" hissed Voldemort. He finally had Harry Potter within his grasp he wasnt about to let him escape once again.

"Yes My Lord" said Severus bowing softly before joining his place in the circle that was currently around Harry Potter. His mind was already working over drive of ways he could save the foolish boy from his folly once again. He had to get to Dumbledore, hopefully he would know what to do.

Harry was nineteen years old and had graduated from Hogwarts at seventeen and had been training in private for two years. The first time he was allowed out to see Diagon alley he had been captured. His shadows (members of the Order) hadn't even had a chance to get to him. No doubt some of the Death Eaters had been captured and killed, the Order had gotten very over protective of him when they had been told from Dumbledore that only Harry could kill him.

Severus wasnt apart of Harry's training he had asked not to be just in case Voldemort ever found out about him. He didn't want to put the teen in any danger, and refused to spend time with him just in case he got too close to the boy he was already coming to think of as a son. He couldn't have been any more proud of him as if he was his own.

So he didn't know exactly what Harry was able to do or if there was anything he could do. Severus was capable of wandless magic; he silently released the bonds holding Harry. He let out a soundless sigh when Harry remained still, Harry had felt Severus' magic coming towards him, he remained still deciding to wait until the most opportune moment.

Harry began unnoticeably gathering his magic, ready to use it he couldn't gather too much otherwise Voldemort would know for sure. He couldn't let him know, not while he had his wand pointed at him or he would just deflect it back.

However an unknown spy pointed his wand at Voldemort and tried to hit him with the killing curse. Harry knew this was his moment standing up he used all his magic and forced it out at Voldemort suddenly Severus was flinging curses left right and centre at the other Death Eaters deflecting all spells that were aimed at Harry.

"Get out of here" snapped Severus he wouldn't leave Harry behind. He would only leave once Harry had gotten out of there safely. Draco was back to back with Severus stunning everyone he could.

Just as Harry was apparating one of the Death Eaters managed to get him with the cutting curse. Throwing him off track he apparated into a clearing he had never seen before and fell unconscious.


"What the hell" mumbled Emmett.

"You can smell that too" said Edward.

The five Cullen children bolted for the smell of a dying human worry churning in their gut. What worried them more was the fact that it just appeared there - it had never happened to them before.

"We need to get him to the hospital" said Jasper keeping his distance.

"He will die on the way!" said Alice spacing out and blinking before any of the vampires noticed her vision.

"What do we do?" asked Edward, "There is no way Carlisle will get back in time"

"There's only one thing we can do," said Alice.

"No! I'm not moving again I say we let the boy die and clean up the evidence!" said Rosalie. The blood under the Cullen's snow filled garden was drenched in blood.

"How can you be so cruel? What if it had been me lying there?" asked Emmett looking shocked at his mate.

"It's not though is it!" snapped Rosalie feeling guilty but unable to admit it the boy looked fourteen or fifteen if he was lucky. She didn't wish anyone dead but she didn't want to have to move again. She just wanted to remain in one place for longer than a few years.

"We need to decide quickly, he only has minutes left" said Alice too many things were undecided about the boy's future so she didn't know the changes that Harry could bring to their family.

Edward looked down at the teen; he didn't have the heart to let him die when he could change that. He thinks of himself as a monster but he couldn't be much of one when he was willing to save a dying teen that was now in his arms.

Edward made the decision on his own, biting down he knew he wasnt going to be able to go to school for the next week until the red eyes disappeared. Venom pooled in his mouth as he bit down on the jugular vein and allowed his venom to inject into the teens blood stream.

"Let's just hope the wolves never find out" said Rosalie, which had been her main concern.

"Here's hoping" said Edward lifting the teen as if he was weightless he took the boy up to his room.

He carefully cut the weird robe thing he had on and his clothes underneath, and then began washing the blood soaked teen. Fascinated by every single one of the boys scars, there was a lot of them, was the teen abused? By the looks of things his answer was yes.

Once he was cleaned, Alice appeared out of nowhere with some clothes that would fit the boy. They were brand new the labels still attached to them, they were rich for lack of better terms so it was no skin of their noses that she had bought them.

"Thanks" smiled Edward with her help they dressed the unconscious good looking teen in the clothes. Grimacing in guilt when they heard the moans of pain, they had no idea that Harry had been through worse pains in his life and it was not hurting as bad as the Crucio curse hurt.

"There" said Alice grinning excitedly.

Carefully they got him onto the couch and covered him up, there was no need for it but still they did it. Sighing softly Edward left the room with Alice trailing after him; it was going to be a long week that was for sure.

They had some explaining to do when Carlisle and Esme got back as well.


"Where is he?" asked Draco once Severus and him apparated as well.

"The Death Eater got him with a cutting curse, he may have landed anywhere" said Severus looking worried.

"Lets tell the Order Severus then we can look for him" said Draco running in the direction of the entrance of Hogwarts.

Severus himself ran as well they had to get to Dumbledore Harry didn't have long if the cutting curse hit him. He was probably somewhere unconscious and dying, if someone on the other side found him first they were done for.

Dumbledore and the others all met him at the entrance hall, just then the Minister entered Hogwarts and had Draco and Severus arrested for being Death Eaters still being in their Death Eater attires it was no use protesting. They wouldn't have protested either because they were too proud of it. One thing that didn't surprise Severus was that Dumbledore didn't speak up for them.

Severus only had one last thing to say before they Portkey'd him away. "Find Potter he's alive he apparated out but got hit with a cutting curse" he just hoped they heeded his word because he didn't think he could live with himself if Harry was dead. He had sworn to protect the young man and if Dumbledore didn't get to him then he had let Lily down. Lily had meant the world to him so letting him down was like stabbing his heart with a sword.

There we go! will Harry be alright around human blood? will he go back to England to get his things before returning to america? or will he remain in England? will he save Severus and Draco or will they serve 15 years in Azkaban? R&R please take care! bye for now x